Affiliate Marketing: Five Tips for Newbies to Follow

Affiliate Marketing

What if there was a way to make reliable passive income without even having to think about it? What if you could leverage the power of established brands to make you money while you’re sleeping? All of that is possible for a successful affiliate marketer.

If you can learn to effectively convert an audience into paying customers, you’ve got real potential for financial freedom.

In this guide, I’ll discuss some of the biggest principles you should understand to get started. Let’s get into it!

1. Choose a Solid Niche

Before you do anything else, you need to figure out which specific industry you’re going to focus on. It is my highest recommendation that you pick something you’re familiar with because that’s where you’ll be most effective. If you pick something you know nothing about, people are going to recognize it.

That said, you also need to find a profitable industry. You may be super passionate about basket weaving, but that’s not going to make nearly as much money as something like VPNs or web hosts.

2. Always Create Valuable Content

In my writing, I always emphasize the importance of working to provide value before anything else. If you’re always creating valuable, in-depth content for your audience they will take your recommendations and make you money.

Conversely, those producing poor-quality content will be disregarded. The money they spend on advertising will be wasted, and their poor engagement will punish their domain in search rankings.

Spend time researching your topics. Understand your audience, and figure out exactly the information they need. Provide that knowledge on a well-formatted, professional website and you have a recipe for success.

3. Promote Many Different Merchant’s Products

You should never be only promoting the products of a select few merchants. If you do, you’re going to be stuck with their conversion rates and your success will be entirely dependent on theirs. Imagine if the one affiliate you spent so much time promoting went bankrupt or simply tanked in quality. You would be in hot water!

You want to offer a great multitude of quality products that all enjoy high conversion rates. This way, your affiliate marketing business will be fully independent and flexible. If you have a lot of affiliate partnerships, you have a lot of opportunities.

4. Vet Prospective Affiliate Programs

You must always vet the authenticity, reputability, conversion rate, terms and conditions, and overall quality of any affiliate program that you’re considering joining. Good affiliate programs will set you up for success, and even a single bad one will weigh down your whole operation.

Ideally, this will be easy enough if you’re knowledgeable in your niche and you already know the companies involved. If you don’t, take the time to read real reviews for a company to determine its trustworthiness. If they don’t treat their customers well, they won’t treat their affiliates well either.

5. Always Be Honest with Your Audience

Believe it or not, a lot of large-scale affiliate hosts deceive their audience regularly. Why do they do it? Money, simply put. Those companies would rather squeeze extra sales out of their customers than build trust and long-term relationships.

When I started my first website, I picked a particular web host based on the recommendation of a popular affiliate. As it turns out, they lied about the product and made it sound much better than it was. When I realized the truth, my relationship with that affiliate’s website was destroyed and they will never make any money from me because of it.

Remember that anecdote when recommending your affiliate products. Do not sell rotten products. Only recommend products and merchants that you would use. With integrity, you will build solid, long-lasting relationships.


Success in affiliate marketing comes down to working both smart and hard. You’ll need to regularly provide quality, informative content to your audience – always working to keep it up to date.

Building your affiliate marketing business will take work in the beginning, but if you work at it the reward will be more than worth it. I know you can do it!

Samuel Szuchan

Samuel Szuchan is the founder of, where he’s equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed in their online ventures. His extensive experience with affiliate marketing derives from his previous eCommerce ventures and current educational pursuits.


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