The Importance of an Effective Homepage Web Design – Statistics and Trends

Are you looking for the most recent web design trends and statistics? With over 100 million sites on the internet, it is essential that yours is well-designed and provides a great user experience for your customers.

This post will review the most recent website design industry data. With all these facts and statistics, you can create a website that generates results for your company.

Here are the following Statistics and Trends for An Effective Homepage Web Design:

1. Attractive and well-designed websites are preferred by 59% of users over basic ones:

It is a prevalent misperception that if a site does its function, it is unimportant how it looks. While this is largely correct, Adobe realized that many online users care about the appearance of a website. As per Adobe, given fifteen min, online surfers would rather browse a gorgeous Homepage Web Design than a basic one.

(Source: Adobe)

2. 74% of visitors are more inclined to return to mobile-friendly websites:

Businesses need to make their sites mobile-friendly to attract more visitors. Smartphones account for most web users’ online time (155 minutes per day). If this is not enough to convince you that you need a mobile-friendly website, try this: 74% of internet visitors are more likely to return to sites with a mobile-friendly website design.

Furthermore, 80% prefer to do business with a firm that has a mobile-friendly Home Website Design or, at the absolute least, an application that answers their inquiries.

(Source: Web FX)

3. Web Design Statistics for On-Page:

  • Consumers value photos/images (40%), colour (39%), and videos (21%).
  • When visiting a new website, 22% of visitors opt for eye-catching colours.
  • However, 21% will abandon a site due to outlandish colours.
  • 46% of people prefer to see blue on a website, while only 23% prefer yellow in website design.
  • Although whitespace is a crucial aspect of online design, just 8% of participants notice it the first time they visit a website. Similarly, despite the significance of typography, just 18% of customers look at font styles on a website for the first time while viewing its pages.
  • 38% of people who visit a Milwaukee Web Design for the first time glance at the website layout or navigational links.
  • As per 88.5% of website designers, flat design is the most popular online design trend. It is a straightforward design with two-dimensional components and vibrant colours.
  • A Smaller Business Trends survey shows that 70% of small company websites lack a homepage call-to-action (CTA).
  • 51% of individuals say that “thorough contact information” is the most critical factor lacking from many corporate websites.

High-quality photographs, colours, and videos are the top visual components that customers love in website design. 70% of small company websites, however, need a primary call-to-action.

The facts provided above can assist you in determining which design components your site visitors appreciate and which aspects, such as Google Fonts, you can do without.

Although your design may wow visitors, you need a call to action to turn those visitors into prospects or customers.

4. Approximately 50% of internet users believe that website design is important in forming an opinion about a brand:

Without question, your website’s layout greatly influences how people view your business.

Based on a PR Newswire survey, over half of the users believe that a company’s homepage is significant in creating an opinion about it. A well-designed website may work wonders for your business.

(Source: PR Newswire)

5. Web design basics and facts – 51% of users consider “thorough contact details” as the most significant aspect lacking from a firm’s site:

  • In web design, images capture visitors’ attention for 5.94 seconds, while written content captures their attention for 5.59 seconds.
  • In 15 minutes, 59% of people prefer to browse beautiful and well-designed websites to simple and plain ones.
  • If the appearance or content of a page is unpleasant, or more a third (38%) of users will quit it.
  • As per website design stats, 65% of marketers say visual assets are essential for brand communication.
  • As according to to web design data, 70% of users glance at bulleted lists, whereas 55% look at non-bulleted lists.
  • The following are essential components to incorporate into small company homepage web designs:
  • 86% of visitors want to view the company’s offerings or services.
  • 64% would like to be able to reach the firm.
  • 52% are interested in reading the “About Us” section.

(Source: KoMarketing)

Web design basics

Approximately 50% of internet users believe that website design is important in forming an opinion about a brand.

The appearance of your website may influence how individuals perceive your organization. According to a PR Newswire poll, more than half of users stated web design was important in forming a company’s perception. A well-designed website may do wonders for your company.

(Source: PR Newswire)

When viewing websites, 39% of online visitors are drawn to colour over any other visual element.

Selecting a colour for your business identity should be a collaborative decision. Colour may have a major impact on users, and according to one research, site visitors are attracted to colour more than any other visual impact on your website. So, before choosing a colour scheme for your branding and website, do some colour psychology research.

(Source: PR Newswire2)

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Web design is like magic to many people. It enchants some content to appeal to website visitors.

Web design is similar to magic, but it also involves numbers. When you think about it, these Homepage Web Design stats and facts prove that web design is critical for your website and, thus, your business.

So, whether you are beginning a business or currently have one, consider these web design facts. Consequently, you may concentrate less on what needs to be corrected and more on building your company. The Milwaukee web design company is an expert in providing excellent services of website designing.

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