How to Use Trending Topics to Attract Inbound Links and Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Trending Topics

Getting links and targeted traffic is what every website owner desires. Given that more readers will visit your content and produce more revenue for you if you have more links and traffic.

The sweet spot for gaining links and traffic is trending subjects. Trending topics increase user engagement significantly, and you probably already know that increased engagement translates into more traffic.

You can use it to your advantage to gain links and visitors if you can identify the topics that are currently trending and being discussed and searched for online. Here are some ways you can use trending topics to attract inbound links and targeted traffic to your site.

Identify Market Trends

Knowing what people are searching for, and what the market trend is can be extremely valuable when developing a content strategy. The things you see in the market will serve as the foundation for your upcoming launch.

Market trends can be significantly impacted by seasonal and local patterns. A function in Google Patterns called “explore” illustrates how the time of year and regional trends can significantly alter the goods and services you provide.

You can easily determine which trend is generating the most attention by adjusting the geographical location with the drop-down menu. You can change the services you are providing if you live in the same area. In fact, one of the top ways to get traffic to your website in 2024 is to identify market trends and experiment with them.

Make Engaging and Shareable Content

shareable content

The appeal of producing material on popular subjects is that there’s a low risk of high potential payoff. It may take some trial and error to get the hang of it, but there isn’t much of an investment. The standard content type is blog posts, but there are other alternatives as well.

The goal is for your audience to be able to quickly recognize the material, understand your main points, and know what action you want them to do. In general, you should create content marketing pieces specifically for links that are tailored to a specific audience. Additionally, including images, videos, and other media in your article will increase engagement and increase the likelihood that it’ll be shared.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engine

You mustn’t overlook search engine optimization, one of the most important components of digital marketing. Getting your brand to the top of the search engine results pages is the main objective of posting content on a website (SERPs). This increases the possibility that your website will receive high-quality backlinks while also boosting traffic.

Therefore, even if it’s a trending topic, you still need to use relevant keywords, make sure your meta descriptions and titles are SEO-friendly, and adhere to all other recommended SEO practices to make sure your website is optimized for search engines. Find the top-ranked SEO companies in Australia to help you if you’re unsure of SEO or any of its other components.

Produce Regionally-specific Content and Marketing Initiatives

By filtering your content depending on geography, you can go even further with its planning and discovery. Always keep in mind that some searches could be popular in one country but not in another. You can produce content specifically for visitors from a given location and use geo-marketing to increase conversions by discovering which search terms are common in that area of the world.

By selecting a different filter in Google Trends, you can even compare the same search phrase across other geographic areas. For instance, if you check up on ice hockey gear in the US and Australia, you’ll find that it’s getting very popular in Australia.

Examine Your Competition

Examining your competition should be your top focus, especially those who are doing well or have recently earned popularity. In the same industry as yours, some people are already doing well.

You should take notes on their strategies because they are your direct rivals. Google Trends provides results that you can use to evaluate your competition.

Brands that are operating effectively are included in the list of “related inquiries”. Using the comparison tool, you can determine how many searches they receive and which keywords are producing the best results for them.

It’s a terrific approach to provide new content, expand your audience, and engage site visitors to use trending topics, but this strategy only works if the themes make sense.

Always consider whether your brand should produce content centered on this. Not everything that’s popular necessarily relates to your brand or audience. But if you can pull it off, the rewards may be well worth the effort.

By Mike Johnston

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