Which are 7 Reasons why We Should Learn Angular

Learn Angular

Angular is a typescript-based web framework that Google developed. It is an open-source framework, i.e., its source code remains within the open-source public domain. The source code is easily modified and distributed freely. Frameworks are designed to make creating enterprise-level apps easier and more efficient.

Many software architecture patterns are utilized in software development and must go above the basic HTML/CSS. It is concerned with what is known as the View and Controller parts that comprise MVC. MVC patterns software. It allows UK app developers to create complex UI layouts with ease.

It is the only framework that allows you to use end-to-end tools, dependency injection, declarative templates, and other tools to address software problems. The most commonly used frameworks that are like this one is ReactJS as well as Vue.js. But what should be the need to learn Angular Js?

What is the difference Between AngularJS and Angular?

The framework was initially created in AngularJS and written in JavaScript. Later, the team at Google completed the entire writing using the typescript language developed by Microsoft. The result was known as the angular. It is known as AngularJS 1. x, while angular is called angular 4, 5, 7 and 8.

Most importantly, the main difference between JS is that it’s a typescript-based framework while AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework. It also supports desktop and mobile application development, whereas Angular Js is not.

Who is using the Angular framework?

We can ask ourselves, why is angular so popular? If it’s very demanding, who utilizes the, framework and to what extent do they use it? In the past few years, many companies in tech have started transitioning their enterprise applications to Angular, and it’s evolving faster than ever before. Many applications and websites use Angular, and a handful of these will be listed here.

  1. Google
  2. GitHub community forum
  3. Forbes
  4. BMW
  5. Nasdaq
  6. PayPal

The list still needs to be completed because we can’t keep track of it all, so many bank sites, community websites, government portals, bidding sites, and other sites use Angular as their principal platform, which has more user interactions every day. Important things to consider explain why you should learn Angular.

Why Learn Angular?

  1. Angular is a JavaScript-based framework developed to build web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. It is written entirely on Typescript, which Microsoft created. 
  2. It’s been 10 years since Angular was created, and many developers worldwide have mastered it; however, if newcomers are interested in learning, they could have a question. What is why I should be learning Angular, and what are its potential benefits when I master it? And they’re correct when we begin anything. It is important to be aware of why we are doing this. 
  3. When considering the marketplace, Angular requires many skills because many organizations have moved their projects into Angular and are now contemplating whether their product will be a business soon.
  4. If we examine the market trends, Angular is one of the most sought-after skills. If candidates possess this skill, then IT recruiters and companies are looking for these candidates since Angular is a well-known full-fledged framework for single-page apps (SPA).

7 Reasons why We Should Learn Angular

1. Framework

Angular can be described as a framework that is a full-blown Model View Controller-based system that allows UK app developers to be flexible during developing applications. Since it is an application framework, the client always requires their application to be built under it, and it’s the ideal choice to meet the demanding business requirements.

Angular is an advantage because it’s part of the framework in its entirety that is packed with capabilities like web services that are built on components such as unit-test, mobile-specific support forms, routing support for Material design and more, which is why it’s the most popular option to build significant enterprise-level applications.

2. Productivity

The Angular framework is written entirely in TypeScript that follows the concept of object-oriented programming, as do classes, objects, enums and others. This makes it easy to master TypeScript by UK app developers, and the tooling support ensures it is extremely robust compared to other frameworks and libraries.

Differently, as fully-fledged frameworks offer additional advantages like pre-configured forms routing configurations on the move, Angular Universal, Angular elements, and many other options, one could have a more robust architecture that includes a specific feature so that we don’t require external libraries to accomplish these capabilities.

3. Built-in routing supports

Today, most applications are split into smaller chunks to display distinct functions to redirect users to different hyperlinks throughout the application. As a framework, Angular comes with a routing mechanism that lets us load the required components of the application at the moment and display the portion of the application the user is looking to explore.

With an internal system for routing, we can divide the components into various routes and load them according to the user’s actions. Using the route guard, we can secure any routing links from misuse.

4. Support for a single-page application

The age of single-page apps has begun, and people no longer want to wait for a page to load. The Angular framework is ideal for single-page and enterprise applications, which render the elements dynamically and perform specific tasks efficiently.

Because it is a client-side rendering system, Angular is powerful because rendering is performed on the client side only, so it can reduce the number of network calls and improve the overall performance of the application.

There are various libraries and frameworks on the market, such as React and VueJs; Angular is a good choice over its rivals since it fulfills the need for single-page applications.

5. Cross-platform development

In addition to developing web applications, angular also supports cross-platform application development that can be used on different devices such as mobile, web and desktop. It is compatible with every platform, which is the greatest benefit since we don’t have to create a separate application to run on a different platform repeatedly. To create a mobile app, we can utilize Ionic, which is also difficult.

Angular allows cross-platform development of apps with the framework Ionic that runs on the internet and is used to create mobile-optimized UI and other components, as well as other tools that allow you to create strong cross-platform apps in no time.

6. Documentation

If you want to learn angular on your own, you can start with as the official document. The official documentation includes the diverse sections of the different concepts in chronological order so newcomers can have the entire package to complete their learning experience with no trouble.

7. Learn curve

As we have discussed, Angular has crisp documentation that enhances the learning experience and can follow the code standard, making it easy to master it in an hour and start developing for the forthcoming gigs.

Compared to other frameworks, Angular is the most popular option for learning because the market acceptance for it is huge. App developers UK are embracing learning Angular with ease as long as they have a basic understanding of Html, CSS, and of course, JavaScript.

Community help

If you read the official documentation but have problems or suggestions, the community members are always there to help you. The Angular community is larger and is growing. More people are learning through meetups, conferences, classes, podcasts, blogs, forums and articles.

We can count on assistance through any of these avenues and continue our learning journey. So far, we’ve explored the various aspects that answer the question of how anyone should learn Angular.


Angular is becoming popular with both new and experienced developers, and the team behind it is working tirelessly to improve it into a comfortable and efficient product.

In this article, we’ve examined the various aspects that highlight the main areas focused on and why we should learn about Angular. Let’s conclude this guide; hopefully, you will enjoy the learning experience of Angular.


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