5 Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Rankings Your Business Should Use

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In the competitive digital marketing world, it is going to be quite tough to rank a business website on the first page of Google search.

For this aim, you need to use professional search engine optimization (SEO) services based on the latest Google updates, advanced SEO techniques, and digital market strategies.

You need to adopt the best SEO techniques, which should be relevant to promote your business website online, generate traffic, and give good results for ROI (Return On Investment).

You can achieve the intended goal for online business by following some significant SEO strategies and website optimization techniques through On-Page and Off-Page SEO activities. Let’s take a look at five advanced SEO techniques, that can help you improve the ranking of your business website on Google search:

1. Use Relevant Keywords

It is the very first step towards advanced SEO of your business website. You should use relevant keywords for online visibility and search results of your business website on Google. Hence, you should use effective keywords while writing content for the website or its service pages and make good optimization of them to rank higher on Google search. In a nutshell, the selection of potential keywords is the key to success for a website and its content optimization over the web.

You should target the right keywords that belong to your website or business type. For this objective, you should search keywords on “Google AdWords Keyword Planner”. It will help you analyze the search volume of keywords and their probability as well.

It will give you aid to find useful keywords for your website and get to know what type of keywords are being targeted by the competitors too. That’s not all, you will also get information on secondary keywords and supporting keywords on Keyword Planner that can help to push the ranking of the website and its pages on search results.

By following adequate steps towards keyword search and SEO optimization activity, you can win half of the battle towards business website ranking and search results on Google.

2. Page Loading Speed

The ranking of your business website also depends on the loading speed of it and its pages too. The website ranks higher which has speedy loading and online customers do like to visit the portal time again too. Besides, it will help you reduce the bounce rate of your website if it loads quickly.

Google also promotes websites having good loading speeds along with right page linking. Hence, it is recommended to work on the page loading speed of the website which will lead to a chance to increase traffic on it.

To improve your business website’s loading speed online, you need to remove its technical bugs first. After that, you need to check the current loading speed of the website through relevant Google Drive page speed checking tools. For instance, you can use the “PageSpeed Insights” tool, which helps to access your website’s loading speed.

This tool will score website loading speed between 0 to 100 ratings. If your website’s loading speed is 80 and above, you may consider it good on standard parameters. Besides, the tool will also help you identify the loopholes or technical flaws in the website that reduce its loading speed.

Hence, you can make necessary changes in the website structure and its pages’ internal linking to enhance its loading speed.

3. Use Short Meta Description

Meta descriptions also play a significant role in increasing business website ranking and catching its pages soon on Google search results. By using relevant meta tags or descriptions, you can do relevant advertising of the website and its service pages.

You should craft a readable, compelling, and informative meta-description for clear identification of the website and its service pages. It is recommended to create short meta descriptions for website or service pages. Make sure, you keep the length of the description between 150 to 155 words.

Also, you should put relevant keywords in the meta description that belongs to the meaning of the service page.

A well-written short meta description will help you improve the click-through rate of the web page as well. Thus, it will increase the chance of customers’ clicking on the page by influencing its informative meta description. Moreover, it may boost traffic on your website which might turn into leads ahead.

4. SEO Responsiveness

In this digital world, it is required to make every website and mobile app fully responsive enabling users to access them on digital devices of any screen size like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. However, every developer needs to make their client’s business website completely responsive without fail.

You are advised to develop a business website, which is SEO responsive too. It means, your website should be made responsive and allow online customers to access it on their mobile phones and other digital devices in full-screen size along with original colors and fonts.

Apart from responsiveness, your website should be an SEO-friendly tool that enables professionals to do its optimization as per standard SEO strategies. Hence, there is a great significance of SEO responsiveness of a website to increase its ranking on Google search results.

5. Internal Linking of Pages

To increase your website’s ranking online, you need to link its pages correctly. It can be done by giving Google links to follow along with descriptive anchor texts to the service pages of the site. Thus, it will indicate to Google which pages of your site are significant and need to be accessed to get the desired results.

By having good internal linking of pages, you can maintain a good structuring of the website that will also lead to the loading speed of the portal. A website having good internal linking of pages will have faster searching on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  Also, it will navigate online customers to reach the intended service page on your website without any hassle.

Thus, above are the five advanced SEO techniques, which can help you improve the ranking of your business website on Google search results. Hence, you need to apply those SEO practices for good optimization, traffic, ranking, and prospective leads of your online business.

For this objective, you need to get in touch with trusted SEO agencies in the industry. In this way, you can trust the best SEO agency in Malaysia, which is ruling in the industry to serve cutting-edge digital marketing and SEO services for online businesses worldwide.

However, it is recommended to deal with reputed and authorized SEO agencies in Malaysia to get reliable, effective, and affordable SEO services for the intended results.


To improve your online presence or ranking of your business website, it is significant to adopt trending SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies. Hence, it will result in you in form of increased ranking, traffic, backlinks, and leads for your online business site.

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