Uses of Technologies in Affiliate Marketing

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World businesses are fast turning to digital modes. The online world is replacing traditional business practices.

There was a time when companies used to authorize dealerships to a physical entity concerning the geographical location.

The rules of the game are changing now. The online world is engulfing the whole marketing and selling patterns to the backbone. It is what we call affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the top trending businesses in 2024. And it will be so in years to come. This article is written by $6Essay cheapest writing service to give you a concept of how affiliate marketing runs employing technologies.

There do not exist any hard and fast rules to run an affiliate marketing business. One can turn a running or new blog into a source of income from affiliate marketing.

All it needs is to get itself attached to giant online shopping websites like Amazon and ShareASale. These are the actual technologies that provide a base for your affiliate marketing online website or blog.

There are many technologies providing affiliate marketing, running across different parts of the world. We will discuss some prominent names, which are as follows:

1. Awin

Awin is a new name for what formerly was known as Affiliate Window. It is a bigger network of merchants than that of ShareASale (discussed below). With its 13000 merchants, Awin is one of the largest affiliate networks. Back in 2017, Awin purchased ShareASale. However, both names are operational as separate entities with different merchants.

The Main Features of Awin are:

  • Awin keeps the policy of working with all types and sizes of advertisers or affiliate markers and publishers.
  • Awin is relatively more inclined towards European merchants. It is because the network hails from Germany. However, there are plenty of U.S. merchants as well in the merchant list.
  • With its vast merchants’ list of 13000, one can find physical and digital products in almost all niches.
  • The average commission rate one can receive on a sale depends upon the merchant you are associated with.
  • A minimum amount of $20 is eligible to be transferred to your accounts from Awin.
  • Unlike ShareASale, Awin charges a $5 sign-up fee. The amount is refundable if you are approved for affiliate marketing with it. Otherwise, if your application is rejected, you lose the paid amount as well.

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2. ShareASale

With its giant network of 4500 merchants, ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the online world. One is free to make contacts or links with any of these merchants. They all are available on the website of ShareASale.

The main features of ShareASale are:

  • You are free to sign up with all 4500 merchants to do business and earn commissions on sales.
  • ShareASale is a hub for both physical and digital products.
  • Your average commission rate per sale depends upon the merchant you choose to work with. Sometimes, merchants are offering a 10% sale price, and other merchants are offering less percentage.
  • A minimum amount of $50 is eligible to be transferred to your accounts from ShareASale.

3. Amazon Associates

None is unaware of the name Amazon. It is another top online shop in the world. This affiliate network is famous for its physical products. Making the experience with Amazon Associates more profitable is the fact that it gives commissions on everything that an online user, referred by you, purchases. The commission will be matured even if the product purchased is not liked with you.

Main features of Amazon Associates:

  • Amazon Associate has since 2017 been paying a flat rate of commission to its affiliate marketers.
  • This flat rate is measured in the form of a percentage of the amount of sale of products depending upon the category of product.
  • Commission rate ranges between one percent and 10 percent.
  • A minimum amount of $10 is eligible to be transferred to your accounts from Amazon Associates.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is also known as Commission Junction Affiliate. It work similarly to ShareASale where it acts as a giant hub of thousands of merchants. It also connects small as well as big merchants to its network.

Main features of CJ Affiliate

  • Like ShareASale, CJ affiliate is also a hub of physical and digital products.  
  • Like so many other affiliate networks CJ also offers a commission rate that depends upon the merchant you are associated with.
  • A minimum amount of $50 is eligible to be transferred to your accounts from CJ Affiliate. In check, this amount can be $100.

5. Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network offers its vast world of software and digital goods to affiliate marketers. It gives you access to thousands of software. The specific focus of Avangate on digital products is a destination for those who wish to promote their business through digital goods affiliate marketing.

Main features of Avangate Affiliate Network

  • It enables you to explore a range of merchants without signing it up.
  • Commission rate that the Avangate Affiliate Network offers depends upon the merchant you are associated with. However, this commission may shoot up to 85% of the sale prices.
  • This affiliate network offers greater commission than that of affiliate-networks offering physical products.
  • A minimum amount of $100 is eligible to be transferred to your accounts from Avangate Affiliate Network.

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