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YouTube Advertising in 2023 for Beginners

YouTube video ads can be really helpful for growing your brand, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This infographic from One Productions offers a crash course in YouTube advertising 101 for 2023.

Did you know that one billion users spend an average of 40 minutes per day on YouTube? What’s more, 96% of consumers say that find videos help them make buying decisions. YouTube presents an invaluable advertising and marketing opportunity to businesses of all types and the past few years have seen a surge in the number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) advertising on the beloved video platform.

It’s no secret that video content is a powerful way to convert customers. If your business is not already advertising on YouTube, it should certainly be one of your top marketing goals for 2023. YouTube is a great way to advertise your products and services because it’s mobile-first, youth-friendly, and low-cost.

If you’re ready to advertise on YouTube for the first time, then this beginner’s guide is for you. It clearly lays out the basics of YouTube advertising jargon by outlining ad types and targeting options. It also includes a number of tips on how to optimize your campaigns so that they perform more effectively for you.

For more tips and tricks about video advertising on YouTube, take a look at the infographic below.

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