05 Best PC Speakers in 2024

Best PC Speakers

If you are in the market for new PC speakers or just looking to upgrade your current system, there are plenty of options out there to consider this year and next.

In fact, with so many different companies and brands to choose from and so many new technologies on the market, picking the right set of speakers can seem like an overwhelming decision.

You could start by looking at our list of the five best PC speakers to look out for in 2024, each offering its unique style, features, and sound quality that may appeal to your taste or audio needs. Also, check out the Best coupon sites in USA to get exciting discounts on these PC speakers.

SoundLink Revolve+ by Bose

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is the ultimate all-rounder. With 16 hours of battery life, a 100-degree soundscape, and easy controls, this speaker will make you feel transported from the office desk to your favorite concert stage. But what’s more impressive than that? The portability.

For on-the-go professionals who spend long hours at work or commuting, there’s nothing better than a sleek and tiny speaker that can easily slip into your purse or bag without taking up any space. If a small form factor is something you’re after, we suggest Bose SoundLink Revolve+.

This compact device weighs just 1.2 pounds with its built-in handle – making it easy to toss around with minimal effort! It comes with a padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted to create the perfect length and a zipper pocket on the back of the case where you can store your smartphone.

Plus, it comes in three colors: charcoal, sapphire blue, and indigo (a light purple). We love this model’s versatility; it has everything an individual needs from a portable speaker system.

Edifier R2000DB

A great computer speaker has to do three things well: provide high-quality sound, offer versatility when used as both a standalone unit and a surround sound system, and do all this without taking up too much space.

The Edifier R2000DB meets these requirements and is sure to be a hit among audiophiles looking for the best of the best. This wireless surround sound system consists of five active speakers with 30 watts each—all powered by an amp of 120 watts.

The range is so wide that it’ll fill your living room with music as if you were at an outdoor concert, making it perfect for casual listening or hosting parties with friends. With its stylish design and quality construction, the Edifier R2000DB will look right at home on any bookshelf or table near your TV set.

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini

One of the first entries on our list is the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini. These speakers are pricey, but they make up for that price with fantastic sound quality and a slick design. These bookshelf-style speakers are made from wood with metal grills and have stands so you can set them up on any surface you, please.

As if that weren’t enough, these speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect them wirelessly to your favorite device! Sony HT-Z9F: If you’re looking for something more affordable, look no further than the Sony HT-Z9F.

They’ve got great reviews online and an insanely high ranking on Amazon – all at less than $200! The standout feature of this system is its dual subwoofers which help to deliver impressive bass performance even at low volumes.

Plus, it’s made right here in America, so you know it’s built tough. JBL L150: Our next speaker has good looks with its retro styling that would be perfect in any old-school bachelor pad.

Logitech Z625

Logitech is a brand that does well regarding audio equipment, so it’s not surprising that this speaker would make our list. Priced at around $200, the Logitech Z625 is extremely versatile and easy to use. It can also be turned up to 130 decibels without distortion, which is perfect for gamers who want crystal-clear sound without cranking their computer volume too high and risking hearing damage.

This speaker has made its way onto our list because of how much bang you get for your buck; at around $200, these speakers are the best possible speakers you can get with a budget of under $300. With an impressive frequency range and no distortion at high volumes, gamers have approved these speakers worldwide. The two main drawbacks to these speakers are their weight (at 25 pounds) and the inability to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wirelessly.

If those things don’t bother you, then the Logitech Z625 is worth looking into! JBL 2×15 Professional: These speakers come from one of the most famous names in the audio industry, JBL.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

When buying a pair of speakers for your computer, look for a product that is THX certified with multiple input jacks. Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System has all the necessary features. It is the winner of many awards and was voted number one by Stereophile. This speaker system is perfect if you have a large desk or plan on bringing your laptop somewhere to play music or games.

The sound from this speaker set will make you feel like you are in a movie theater. The speaker set includes three-foot-long subwoofers, two satellite speakers, and one control center with an FM tuner and an MP3 player compatible with Windows Media Player and iTunes.

It can even sync to the game’s audio if you are playing a game. It also features a headphone jack so you can enjoy your music privately while still being able to hear what’s going on around you. With their versatility and great sound quality, these speakers offer excellent value.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best pc speakers, then the ones listed above are a good place to start. They are only some of the best pc speakers you can purchase today.

While many consumers recognize the benefits of owning a high-quality pair of desktop speakers, they still don’t trust their ability to choose which speakers are worth investing in.

That’s why we did all the research for you and came up with a list of five recommended speakers that will ensure your desktop audio is crisp and clear without busting your budget.

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