Reasons to Choose a Canon Wide Format Printer

buy canon wide format printer

Due to the pandemic, most of the working professionals are operating their business from their homes and they are looking for the best solution to set up their office in their homes.

Along with some basic furniture, you need to install a few gadgets and accessories in your office to run your business. Apart from computers, routers, other office accessories, there is a need for printers and scanners. In this case, you can choose a canon-wide format printer. 

Why would you Choose a Canon Wide Format Printer? 

These printers can provide high-class graphic presentations. You cannot achieve the best resolution of an image with a basic copier because such copiers do not have any microscopic ink droplets. In this case, buy canon wide format printers can help a lot because such printers can provide better clarity than your regular copiers. 

Why would you take a print of your presentation? You need to take a printout of your business presentation to impress your clients. If you do not have 100% clarity in your presentation, then you cannot represent quality work to the clients. In this case, you can use such canon printers to impress your clients. 

Apart from that, these wide-format printers can print different types of paper. For example, you need to take some printouts of the blueprints or layouts of your construction project and you cannot use your standard copier for the same. You cannot even place your large layout on these copiers because these printers are mainly designed to take print on A4 size papers. 

There are many benefits of having a canon-wide format printer in your office, and here, you can find some advantages of such canon printers. Best for home and office use which produces quality printouts. 

The historical backdrop of wide-design computerized printing is extremely short contrasted and that of the print business generally in light of the fact that wide organization advanced printing just arose toward the finish of the last century.

Wide-design advanced printing has developed quickly in the beyond 15 years and inkjet innovation was spearheaded together by HP and Canon. The principal wide configuration computerized printers were Electrostatic innovation, which pre-dates inkjet and was spearheaded by Xerox.

all around took care of and flatbed wide arrangement advanced printing alludes to a computerized printer, which is roll-taken care of or has a table where the substrate is stacked. Either the roll is taken care of through the printer, or the table moves under a print head exhibit.

UV dissolvable inks are then printed straightforwardly to the substrate through inkjets. Dissolvable based inks stick to a wide scope of substrates and have an astoundingly great climate, UV, and scraped area obstruction.

Utilizing the inkjet innovation-wide configuration printers is more efficient than other print strategies, for example, screen printing for generally short-run (low amount) print projects, contingent upon the size and kind of substrates.

Wide-design printers are utilized to deliver items for the POS area including standards, banners, career expo illustrations, backdrop, paintings, illuminated film, vehicle picture wraps, show sceneries, and some other huge configuration work of art or signage.

Most associations have a shading printer in their office. However, these printers can deliver extremely decent, quality prints, they don’t compare the quality and size of a wide-design printer. Enormous organization printers (LFPs) produce reports and illustrations at a print quality that is best in class.

They are planned explicitly to show exact detail in an alluring arrangement. Having an LFP in-house permits you to print top-notch pictures rapidly without sending them to a seller. This choice sets aside your time and cash while giving you more prominent control and adaptability with your activities.

Benefits of a Canon Wide Format Printer 

Benefits of a Canon Wide Format Printer
  • If you have a construction business, then you know how imaging is crucial for your business. A minor error in your drafts can destroy the construction schematics. In this case, using a canon wide format printer can save your business because you can use this printer to take print of your designs and drafts in colored format, and it will help you to communicate with your clients with 100% clarity. 
  • If you are a graphic designer, then you need to choose a printer that can increase your productivity. You need to print your designs in bulk, and you cannot wait for a hour to deliver your project. You can use a canon wide format printer in this regard. With this canon printer, you can take up to 15 large posters within an hour and you do not need to compromise with the printing quality. It can produce high quality pictures that will help you to reach more customers. 
  • For the primary presentation or any immediately printout of any letter or documents the printers are necessary. Apart from it you need printers for different regular copies and here the need of the printer machines is mandatory.  It is the final presentation of your business that can either increase your sales or ruin your business. So, do not take any risk and use a canon wide format printer to print your presentation with 100% clarity. You cannot give a presentation with some posters and flyers with blur images, and you must use a high-resolution printer to impress your client. 

The rundown of potential uses for a wide-design printer are practically perpetual, however, the absolute generally normal (yet not by any means the only) projects we see are:

  • Flags/Posters
  • Window Graphics
  • Tradeshow stall media
  • Bundling Mock-ups
  • Professional resources
  • Development Drawings/plans
  • Floor shows
  • Introductions
  • Enormous scope signs

You send reports or undertakings more than 24 inches wide to outside printers even only two or three times each year? Most print shops charge a premium for enormous organization print occupations.

Wide-design printers have become more reasonable, so putting resources into your own huge configuration printer to create archives nearby could altogether reduce expenses for your association.

Apart from the papers, you can use different types of materials in a canon-wide format printer. For example, you can print T-shirts and promotional merchandise with this printer.

Canon offers a long-term warranty on their printers, and you can easily install their printer in your workspace without any technical help. 

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