Top 6 High-Tech Audio Visual Solutions for Corporate Event Staging

High-Tech Audio Visual Solutions

A corporate event is more than just a simple party. It’s a way to present your company’s products, services, and core values to both clients and employees.

A single well-organized event could propel your brand by showcasing it in the best possible light, and you’d get to talk to a multitude of potential clients and then attract them to your business.

However, knowing you need to organize a good corporate event and doing it are two different things.

If you want to make a good first impression and present your brand in the right light, you need the correct audiovisual equipment and the perfect setup that can highlight whatever it is you want to present to your clients and employees.

To help you, we’ve written down a list of things that can help you organize the kind of corporate event you need. Here it is.

Consider Whether You Want to Film the Event

Get this decision out of the way first. If you plan to film the entire event, the entire setup might need to change because you’ll need to arrange things in a way that will make it easy for the camera crew to have a full view of the room where the event is held.

Make a video production equipment checklist: you’ll need a camera, a mic, a set of spare batteries, and good video editing software at the very least. Bear in mind that these events can last for quite a long time, and there’s usually no need to film every single minute of it.

You’ll most likely need only a few highlights if you want to make a promotional video, but if you want to film a speaking guest lecturer, you’ll need a cameraman to tail them through the event.

Figure Out What Type of Mics You’ll Need

Depending on how your event is organized, you might want to consider getting several different types of microphones. Not everyone will need microphones, of course – only those who intend to speak at the reception.

The easiest solution is to get a handheld mike that can easily rest on a stand when not being used, but sometimes this solution is impractical because people tend to fumble with handheld mics if they aren’t used to them.

Type of Mics

The most practical idea is to get every speaker’s lavaliers. Those are small mics that can be attached to clothing so the person won’t have to worry about carrying anything. However, if you plan to allow people from the public to speak and ask questions, you might want to secure at least one handheld mike as well.

Get The Right A/V Equipment

Good audio-visual equipment is a must. But don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything at all. You can simply opt for quality audio-visual equipment rental instead of making unnecessary purchases, just make sure to find the company that can offer all of the services you need.

If you don’t have any experience with audio-visual equipment, you can also hire specialists to manage it for you. A good specialist will help you capture exactly the kind of atmosphere you wish to accomplish, and they’ll tailor their approach based on the type of event you want to make.

Right AV Equipment

In general, we’d always recommend hiring A/V specialists for anyone who lacks experience. The equipment can be tough to manage if you don’t know what you’re doing, and if you’re intent on having everything run smoothly, then an expert can help you make that happen.

Go for a Dark Background

Do you plan to have a visual presentation running during your event? Consider choosing a dark background with light letters to make it easier to read. This is a particularly good idea if the room is expected to have dimmer lighting or be shed in complete darkness.

A light background can be jarring and make everyone’s eyes hurt, so your guests will end up squinting or looking away from the screen to avoid hurting their eyes. It’s also a good idea to keep the slideshows in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Tweak Your Audio

What’s the point of a presentation that no one can hear? The very minimum you need to make your event a success are good speakers – and this is something you really shouldn’t skimp on.

Again, you don’t have to buy a huge set of speakers necessarily, you can merely rent out good equipment. Bear in mind that you’ll need to test it before the actual event to avoid any mishaps – check what the sound is like and tweak it lightly until it’s perfect for your event.

Consider the Flow of the Teleprompters

Speakers can get nervous, forget their lines, and make awkward pauses no matter how experienced they are. Luckily, teleprompters can help jolt their memory, but you need to set them up in a way that will follow the natural pace of the speaker. If the text flows too fast or too slow, the teleprompter will only end up confusing everyone.

Presenting your company in a positive light is branding 101 – and corporate events can help you do this. As long as you invest in the right kind of high-tech audiovisual solutions, you’re bound to make something memorable that will open up new business opportunities and impress a multitude of potential clients.

Just take a look at this list and you’ll know exactly what you need to make the kind of event that can do this for you.

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