5 Useful Tech Gadgets to Help Keep Your Health in Line

Useful Tech Gadgets

While leading our busy lives and trying to adhere to schedules and achieve our goals, we might find ourselves neglecting the most crucial aspect, which is our health.

Thankfully, the advancements in tech have made it possible for some truly fascinating gadgets to help us maintain our health and wellbeing.

Read on to discover some handy wellness gadgets that are bound to make your life easier.

The Smart Water Bottle

We all know how essential drinking enough water is for our health, and yet many fall short when it comes to reaching the recommended daily intake. That’s where the smart water bottle comes in handy.

This futuristic piece of tech can truly transform your water drinking habits. Not only will it track your water intake and remind you to take a sip whenever necessary but it also has some other cool features. 

Depending on the model, a smart water bottle may feature a power bank for phone charging as well as Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to play any sounds from your phone or another device with Bluetooth capabilities.

The Smart Pillow

The Smart Pillow

Life’s challenges, especially intense workdays, can lead to an abundance of stress, which is detrimental to our wellness. One of the effective ways to avoid work burnout is getting sufficient quality sleep, and there is a gadget, called the smart pillow, which can help you with that.

Apart from being comfy, these revolutionary pillows have smart features designed to ensure more quality sleep. Most of the models come with built-in speakers which allow you to play any sounds you find relaxing, be that your fave songs or an audiobook. 

Furthermore, these pillows are designed to help you stop snoring. This anti-snoring feature differs across models, as some will vibrate to encourage you to turn, while other pillows actually inflate, making your head move.

By adjusting your sleeping position, you will be able to breathe more easily as your airways will be less compressed, thus reducing or completely stopping the snoring. There is a variety of different smart pillows of high quality and a range of capabilities on the market, so you have the option to choose the one that suits your sleeping habits the most.

The Body Massager

A quality massage can do wonders after a long, busy day, so having unlimited access to them is quite beneficial. Getting a relaxing handheld massager can be a great option, as it enables you to de-stress and alleviate all of your body’s pains and aches whenever you please.

These proficient “masseuses” come with various head attachments and modes, allowing you to adjust your massager and use it on any part of your body. For example, a bullet head allows you to massage small muscles in your feet and hands, while a fork head comes in extremely handy for the neck area.  

The Air Purifier

The air purifier is another awesome smart tech product that is beneficial for your wellbeing. As its name suggests, this gadget was made to improve the quality of the air in the room by filtering out dust particles and other pollutants.

This can be a golden solution for people suffering from allergies, although breathing in cleaner air is valuable for enhancing anybody’s health. 

You can choose between a basic and a smart air purifier. The latter has built-in WiFi, allowing you to connect it to your phone, enabling you access to quite a few neat features.

Owing to the built-in smart sensors, you can turn on the automatic mode, which means that the device can adjust the air purification settings automatically.

Various Kinds of Smart Wristbands

smart wristbands

The classic smartwatches and Fitbits come with a series of practical features that can help you stay on top of your fitness goals with their step- and calorie-tracking capabilities.

Furthermore, they can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, allowing you to monitor your overall health. Up until recently, these devices couldn’t measure blood pressure but that has changed as the first blood pressure smartwatch was released in 2020. 

These smart gadgets can also be helpful to keep our mental health on track, as some models can monitor stress levels. There are also other kinds of newly released smart wristbands with different capabilities, such as mood tracking.

This simple device has two buttons, one indicating a cheerful mood and the other for when you’re feeling low, allowing you to gain an insight into your mental health without spending hours keeping an elaborate diary. 

In conclusion

As you’ve seen, the market is booming with a variety of off-the-chain tech that can be of great aid when trying to be more mindful of your health.

Although by no means is any wellness gadget able to replace actual health care professionals, it can help improve your quality of life. 

By Mike Johnston

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