What are the Best Accessories for your Smartphone?

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Most people nowadays have a smartphone, whether it is an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel, or perhaps another type of smartphone.

Either way, having just a smartphone without any accessories is lame because you’re missing out on important upgrades that should go with the phone. You spent all that money getting a smartphone, you should invest a bit more to make the most out of your device.

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Istik is a great website to purchase phone accessories if you’re interested after reading this article. They sell phone cases, headphones, screen protectors, slim covers, wallets and pouches and more.

Check out these essential accessories that you should have for your smartphone.

Phone Case

Having a phone case on your smartphone is important for one main reason: to protect your investment. You spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying a smartphone, why would you want to put it at risk of breaking from a fall or hit?

Buying a durable phone case is not expensive. Good ones will run you around $20-$30, although if you want really good protection you may pay $50+. Although it’s not necessary to spend that much on the phone case, as long as it does the job of protecting your phone, isn’t too bulky, and is stylish.

You can find tons of cute and trendy phone cases online within a reasonable price range. Phones cases aren’t too complicated to make so there is a lot of competition which means the prices are competitive too. There’s no monopoly on phone cases luckily and if you don’t have much money to spend you can easily pick one up from your local mall or random stores around your city.

Another benefit of using phone cases is that it makes it less likely that your phone will slip out of your hands while using it. Typically the material used to make a phone case will have some texture to it, unlike a smooth metal phone.

There’s many times when people will let their phone slip out of their hands and smash on the ground, land on your face, or even worse – land in the toilet while you’re using it.

There are literally thousands of different phone cases for you to choose from in every color and design. Some sites will allow you to create your own custom phone case as well, by uploading a custom image or designing the case yourself on their website.

You could print an image of your dog on your phone case or your hedgehog, whatever you wish for it to be. You could even custom print formulas for you to remember for your class if you want to be able to check them out at any time and always remember them!

Screen Protector

When buying a phone case you should also consider purchasing a screen protector. These are super helpful in keeping your phone for a long time. In the case that you scratch your screen or drop your phone and crack it, all you have to do is remove the screen protector and put a new one on!

That way you don’t have to pay $100+ dollars to get a brand new glass screen. Although sometimes you can go to a private phone repair shop and some will give you a very good price on repairing your screen. It’s all about doing your research and finding the right one.

When installing a screen protector you have to make sure to do it right though. The screen protector needs to be perfectly aligned with your phone screen so that it appears and feels natural, as if there is no screen protector there in the first place.

Take it slow and line up the screen protector. Once you slowly place it down, you need to flat it out and make sure that there are no bubbles under the screen. This can look awkward and block vision of your screen, so be careful when doing this process.


You need headphones if you’re going to buy a smartphone. Headphones will allow you to listen to music, watch videos, and talk to people while on the go.

Having a smartphone means you can store music on it. If you’re on the bus or walking the dog it is nice to be able to plug your headphones in and listen to some music without others overhearing it.  Playing music on your phone in public is frowned up if you’re on transit, and lots of people on the street probably don’t want to hear the music you are listening to.

When deciding on headphones you can choose between a few different options. You can go with the standard wired, ear-bud headphones if you’re looking for something light and inexpensive. You can get wireless headphones like Apple Airpods if you have the money, as they offer very good sound quality and are extremely portable.

If you want to learn more about headphones and make an informed decision then you should do some research online before buying. Head over to Headphones By You’s company blog for more information about headphones.

You can also purchase over the ear headphones if you want to experience the best sound quality and noise cancellation effect. With these headphones your ears are completely covered and you can block off the outside world’s sounds and listen to your music with superior bass and sound quality. These are generally the most expensive headphones when looking for the highest quality sound, but are bulkier and less portable than other types of headphones like earbuds.

It’s also helpful that you can be hands free and talking with someone when wearing headphones.


If you don’t have any of these smartphone accessories then consider getting them soon. These are the staples of phone accessories. You are just missing out on improving your phone’s functionality and ability to make the most of itself if you don’t have all these accessories. Once you have these ones you can think about other cool accessories to go with your phone like a special camera lens or a bottle opener.

You can find a lot of quirky and interesting phone accessories online, depending on if you have an Android, iPhone, or whatever type of smartphone. Do your research and come up with a budget for all your accessories then you can think of what is worth purchasing now and what should wait until you’ve got a larger budget.

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