Common Smartphone Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Common Smartphone Tips

It is the era of smartphones, it has very advanced features like front and back cameras. One more advanced feature in smartphones is a fingerprint scanner to quickly unlock your device. Smartphones also help to stay healthy by using technology like heart rate monitors etc.

While there are so many features and advancements in technology smartphones have become very popular among people. There are so many new things that are not being used by most smartphone users. To make smartphones more useful we have listed some of the best smartphones tips and tricks.

Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Smartphones

Most smartphone users face the issue of draining the battery very fast and they don’t understand how to limit the battery usage. Try out the below tips to use smartphones smoothly and increase battery life.

  • Disable Background Data: To increase the battery life and network speed disable the background data for the application not used very often. Many applications run in the background even when you are not using it. By disabling the data usage in the background you can save the battery and internet usage.
  • Disable Application Notification:  So many application sends the notification even when there is no need. You can disable the application notification which you do not require. By doing so you can save battery and increase smartphone usability.
  • Use Premium App: If you like to play games you should use the premium version of the application which can save you battery and data as well.
  • Dim Screen Brightness: To save more battery and increase the life of the smartphone battery always dim the screen brightness. Most of the batteries are used by the screen brightness, if the screen brightness is high the battery will drain very fast.
  • Decrease the Screen Time Out: Always keep the screen time out very short in order to save the battery life. As short the screen time out, the screen will go off in a short time and save power.

Useful Tips to Make Better Use of Smartphones

There are so many features of smartphones which are not been used by most smartphone users and they do not know how to make these features useful for them. Here are the few most important tips:

  • Weather Forecast Use: As we are in the technology era and have access to the latest technology, we can use them in our daily life and make life easier. The weather forecast is important to know about the weather conditions in your area. So, keep the weather forecast on the lock screen so that it is easier to see the weather conditions without going inside the mobile app.
  • Screenshot: It is most important if you want to capture some good movement from the video or somewhere else from the internet on the smartphone you can use a screenshot option to capture the movement. You can use the shortcut keys for the screenshot to capture it easily.
  • Reverse Lookup: The ability to find out who just called you is possible using reverse phone lookup technology. If someone said something threatening or is prank calling you then you would be able to learn more about the person based on their phone number.

Tips to Use Camera on Smartphone

The camera is one of the best things among smartphone users. We have listed a few camera tricks to use the camera smoothly on your smartphone.

  • Take Photo Using Volume Button: If you want to capture the valuable movement on your smartphone you can snap a photo on your smartphone camera using the volume button.
  • Use Fingerprint Scanner to Snap Photo: In the current time Fingerprint sensor is in the trend among smartphone users. You can not only unlock the device quickly you can also capture the photo easily using the Fingerprint sensor.
  • Use the Camera as a Scanner: Now we get a high-quality camera in the smartphone so you can make use of the camera as a scanner. By using some of the best document scanner apps you can make all your documents digital.
  • Use Camera Filter: When you capture photos using a smartphone camera you can use a filter to edit your photo for better-enhanced quality.
  • Panorama 360 Degree Photo: The smartphone camera can be used to take a 360-degree photo which is also known as the panorama feature. You can capture the whole picture of something by moving the camera.

Smartphone Tips for the People Who Travel Frequently

Almost all smartphones come with GPS features. While traveling to a new place you can use the GPS and make your traveling a bit smoother.

  • Download Movies & Music: If you travel via flight you should download the movies & music using Wi-Fi so that you can watch it later in the flight. You can make your travel smooth by storing the movies and music in the smartphone’s storage.
  • Google Translator: It is one of the best things while traveling. You can translate into so many languages. Even you can speak in your language and by using translate you can hear it back in the language you want.
  • Use Internet Calling & Massaging: While traveling to another country you have a problem with calling using the primary carrier. So stay aware of the extra charges you can use the internet for calling and messaging. You can use Skype and Google Voice for calling. There are so many other apps to use for calling & messaging.

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