When is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

Is your iPhone starting to frustrate you? It’s probably time to say goodbye. If it freezes every time you scroll through social media or slows down whenever you open an app, you probably would want to go to the nearest Apple store to buy a new one.

While this may be your natural urge, you should know that buying something without planning or budgeting isn’t always a practical choice.

The tech market is filled with so many options and dealers, so it has become a lot easier for everyone to come across a good deal. For big purchases such as a smartphone, you should know that timing your purchases could save you a lot of cash.

No one hates getting discounts and promos, especially more frugal consumers or those who are perhaps saving up for other essential purchases. Knowing when good deals are offered will allow you to enjoy your new device without looking at all kinds of credit card alternatives just to buy one. To help you become a smart shopper, the guide below to will help you know the best time to upgrade your phone.

#1 Black Friday and Other Seasonal Sales

Instead of lining up for hours and fighting through crowds at your favorite clothing store, you can use that extra time, money, and energy, to line up and spend on a new phone if it’s something you need.

Various retailers go on sale during Black Friday, and tech companies are no exception. If you have enough patience to wait for November, you’ll have tons of opportunities to close on a good deal.

When shopping during sales, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Aside from dealing with limited options, the prices of your desired devices will still vary depending on their age. Even with a discount, you can expect newer models to be pricier.

Apart from Black Friday, it’s also good to wait on other seasonal sales. Aside from the Holidays, you can also find great deals during Cyber Monday, midyear sales, and other non-peak seasons of the year. If you’re set on making an upgrade, know when the next sale is and mark your calendar.

#2 Competing Releases and Carrier Deals

It’s no secret that the smartphone industry is a very competitive one. Whenever a major unit comes out, you can expect rival companies to adjust their sales and marketing strategies.

One common tendency is to reduce the prices of their old smartphones upon the launch of a competitor’s new model. You may be enticed by the specs of LG’s latest smartphone, but there’s a good chance that dealers are selling Huawei and Samsung phones at incredibly affordable rates.

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At the same, you should also check up on your cellular service providers. Carriers tend to provide awesome discounts on older devices the moment tech companies start taking pre-orders for their new phones.

Once you compare their mobile packages with the standard retail price of the included device, you’ll discover that opting for a plan is much cheaper than buying from the shop.

#3 Pre-Sale Periods

If you want the be one of the first few owners of a company’s latest smartphone, pre-ordering the device is your best bet. Similar to purchasing a condominium unit, buying a gadget during its pre-sale period will mean cheaper rates.

To entice tech enthusiasts and brand loyalists, providers may offer discounted prices during the pre-sale period of a new major device. Since the price of phones and laptops tends to increase significantly whenever they reach the shelves, capitalizing on this period can greatly minimize your expenses.

Once Samsung or Apple publicly announces their new phone, you should place an order within the first few weeks. Apart from helping you save more money, you’ll immediately receive your phone upon launch and enjoy other early bird freebies.

#4 When the Next Model Comes Out

If you don’t mind having an older phone, you should wait for the next-gen version of your desired model to come out. Stores make it a point to clear out their inventory upon the announcement of a model, so they tend to go on sale a month or two before the new unit’s release.

For example, if you want the Galaxy S20 but its price tag is above your budget, you can either wait for the newer model to come out next year or buy its immediate predecessor.

At the same time, you should also consider looking at refurbished gadgets. Most people think that refurbished phones, laptops, and tablets are second-hand or defective, but this isn’t the case.

Apart from having the best prices on the web, refurbished smartphones work just as well as brand-new ones, and most dealers are generous enough to offer free customization services.

When to Sell Your Old Phone

If you’re set on switching devices soon, selling your old phone is undoubtedly an excellent way to do so, because it will also boost your budget for your upgrade. Similar to purchasing a new model, there’s also a perfect time for you to sell your old unit, and taking advantage of that time will allow you to get the best price possible.

In most cases, the best time to sell is a few weeks before your preferred phone developer makes a big announcement. If you make the mistake of selling your phone upon the release of a new model, you can expect its value to go down significantly.  This is especially true for tech giants such as Apple and Samsung.

To help you sell your device at the highest price possible, take note of when your developer usually makes this announcement. This will let you know how many months you have left to get the most out of your device.

Final Takeaways

With these tips in mind, it’ll be easier for you to find the right phone at the right time. As you start canvassing for choices, it’s crucial to set some time aside for reflection. Given that a new phone requires you to shell out a hefty amount of your savings, making hasty and impulsive decisions can lead to regret.

Once you’ve collected a decent amount of options, comparing factors such as price, device capability, and compatibility with other gadgets will help you narrow your choices down.

If you’re planning to shop online, always remember to stay vigilant. Given that the web presents many opportunities for fraudsters, knowing how to avoid scams and spot fake deals will keep your finances and personal information safe.


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