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Why Displaying Live Social Feeds on Screen is the Next Big Thing for Events

Displaying Live Social Feeds

People usually attend events to get their mind off of their daily and monotonous life. Being event organisers and managers, you aim to meet their expectations of something exhilarating with your events to make your event successful and distinctive.

With new technologies and ideas created every day, everybody has something new to offer at their events. So what is that you can do to make your events more engaging and unique? We have a solution for you. The social media wall is the answer.

A social media wall is one of the best ways for you to increase your audience engagement and make them feel a sense of belonging towards your event. This feeling will also increase attendees’ trust in the event. They will feel connected to your event because of your attempt to involve them.

What exactly are Social Media Walls?

Social media walls are electronic display walls showing live social media feeds from different social media platforms. These platforms can be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and many more. It works with the help of a social media aggregator which pulls all the content using the particular hashtags and tags of the event. You have the liberty to choose the social media platforms from which your content will be derived. The aggregator pulls content constantly during the event and displays it on the wall, so you’re never short of content.

Why should you use Social Walls for your Events?

Being event organizers and managers you have quite a lot of expectations to meet, and social walls can help you with few of them.

  1. As I mentioned earlier, it helps with audience engagement for your event. It creates a sense of belonging in attendees of your events. People love to be seen, and social media walls help them feel recognized among a large group of people. It fulfills their purpose of being visible to the world.
  2. It helps in heightening the trust for the brand. Displaying everything on the social media walls showcases the transparency practiced by the brand. People prefer brands that are transpicuous regarding the reviews they receive. So what better way than publicly displaying them?
  3. It helps create recognition of your event. If you host events frequently, it will be considerable publicity through the attendees’ posts of your event. They might also consider spreading awareness about your event through word of mouth as well.
  4. It helps you to understand your audience better. With the help of live posts, you can analyze what your audience values the most and the areas you need to make improvements.
  5. If you’re hosting a large scale event, it might help you to be trending on social media as well. With everyone using your event hashtags and tags in their posts, there is a probable chance that your event starts trending on social media.
  6. Keeping all the above in mind, the most worthy reason for using social media walls can be the increase in your brand value. Now that people will be sharing their honest reviews of your event, more people will recognize your brand resulting in better brand value.

Things to Consider before Opting for Social Walls

Although social walls are not much of a hassle, there are things we would recommend you to consider.

  1. You should make sure that the majority of your audience is active on social media. Otherwise, you might lack content due to the inactivity of your attendees on social media platforms.
  2. Keeping in mind the technological and technical requirements of social media walls, make sure that your venue should be able to facilitate it. In case not, the additional technical setup might add up to your event expenses.
  3. You will want to consider a person to manage and filter the content posted and displayed on the social media wall. In the case of large events, it can be a huge responsibility as well, so choosing wisely is essential. You can also choose a provider who provides you with dedicated live support like Taggbox.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is, social media walls being feasible for the kind of event you’re hosting. You can choose social walls for almost all types of events. May it be conferences, product launches, government events or any other kind of events.


We can tell you that social media wall is a useful marketing tool. It not only enhances user engagement but creates better opportunities for you to amend your user experience with the help live social feed. Users appreciate it when their feedbacks are taken into consideration and acted upon.

Along with this, it is the best way to display live user-generated content for your event. It will connect you with your audience resulting in improved brand image and brand value. It will also provide you with social proof of your event. So think no more, choose to give your attendees a smashing and refreshing experience at your event. Choose social media walls for your event. You won’t regret it!

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