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Guidelines About Story & Reel on Instagram

Story on Instagram

What Differs Instagram Reels from Instagram Stories

Length: Reels can be up to 90 seconds long, giving users the opportunity to share a “snippet” or brief thought. Despite the fact that each narrative is just 15 seconds long, accounts can post many 15-second clips throughout the day in order to convey a larger, more in-depth “Story” (hence the name).

Formate: Instagram Stories may also incorporate still photographs and posts from the Instagram feed, but Instagram Reels are exclusively available in video.

Hashtags and Captions: On Instagram Reels, you are able to include up to 30 hashtags as well as a complete caption, exactly as you would on an Instagram feed post.

There is no description and a 10 hashtag restriction per Story for Instagram Stories.

Engagement: Users may openly remark on Reels, just like they can on feed posts, which is fantastic for engagement. Direct messaging serves as the primary way of interaction on Instagram Stories.

Reels have a longer shelf life than InstagramAuto Likes on  Stories, which expire after 24 hours. As an alternative, they are kept in a separate Reels tab on your profile.

Drafts:Users can build and store draught Reels to post at a later time using draughts. If you enjoy batching your video material, this is fantastic news.

Video editing tools include the option to cut material, align or “stitch” films together for fluid transitions, and speed up or slow down clips in the Instagram Reels editor.

Focus on Audio: Much like its rival, TikTok, Instagram Reels heavily emphasises audio or music. Users of Instagram Reels can either record their own audio or choose a song from the library to use. Additionally, you may include someone else’s audio in your Reel, which is a functionality that many people will be familiar with from TikTok.

Reels may be found throughout the app in a variety of places, including: Search by topic or hashtag to find relevant Reels in the centralised Reels feed, which can be accessed via the main navigation menu, the Explore tab (public accounts only), individual users’ profiles when they make their first Reel, and through search.

Does Instagram Reels Work for Business?

In a word, yeah! Long answer: Absolutely!

Reach is the one major benefit of including Reels in your Instagram strategy.

Reels offer a great chance to increase awareness and reach because they can be found throughout the app. Smaller accounts have a great chance to reach a new audience and be “discovered” by people who would not have otherwise found you by featuring in the explore page.

In order to increase views, Instagram now favours Reels material and displays a “recommended Reels” preview in the main feed.

This is a terrific approach to build your account right now without having to use dubious methods like buying followers or taking part in engagement pods.

Reels allows you a fun new method to interact with and engage with your existing followers in addition to getting your content in front of fresh eyes. You will become a better content producer as a result of this format’s challenge to you to experiment with different formats and editing techniques.

What Kind of Content is Best for Instagram Reels Vs. Stories?

You may utilise both effectively as part of an Instagram Through Buy Instagram Followers or growth and engagement plan because Reels and Instagram Stories have fundamental variances from one another.

Top of funnel (ToFo) content is a terrific choice here to raise awareness of who you are, what you do, and what you can offer new audiences who may be seeing you in their Explore tab for the first time due to the tremendous reach Reels users are now seeing. Consider providing valuable information, quick suggestions, or a summary of your company.

Reels pro tip: Stay focused on your topic to get the proper followers back to your account.

On the other side, Instagram Stories are mostly viewed by those who already follow (and know) you, so connection- and trust-based material is fantastic here to maintain your relationship.

Additionally, promotional material is likely to perform better in Stories than in Reels because your audience is probably much friendlier and further along the customer journey (if you’ve been showing up and cultivating the connection).

The moral of the tale is that, as part of a well-rounded Instagram strategy, leverage both Instagram Reels (for exposure + growth) and Instagram Stories (for engagement, trust building, and sales).

Are you willing to give Instagram Reels a try?

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