Dropship Automation Software: How to Choose the Best Option

Dropship Automation Software

Today, most businesses are introducing e-commerce into their models. This is because a large number of people prefer buying products and services online.

While e-commerce-based business models existed many years ago, they’ve been made especially popular by the ongoing pandemic.

However, you need to be aware of the dynamics of e-commerce before jumping straight into it. Most businesses today use dropship automation software. These make it easier for e-commerce businesses to collaborate with dropshipping suppliers.

With such software, your company can save time, money, and effort. But it’s also important to know what factors to consider when choosing this software. Here’s what you need to know.

Does it Send Abandoned Cart Notices?

When customers are shopping online, many sites will keep trying to get their attention even when they’ve logged out or left the web page. With greater access to the internet with deals such as Cox bundle deals, online shopping is getting even more popular. Thus, most customers are familiar with such abandoned cart notices.

This is especially common in cases where such customers leave items in their shopping carts but don’t check out. In such circumstances, these platforms work hard to ensure consumers return and make a purchase so it’s profitable for the business.

These notices are also referred to as triggered emails. When choosing dropship software, make sure that the dropshipping platform offers this service.

Not only will this help in increasing sales and revenue, but it will also save you additional time and cost. This is because when customers keep receiving such notices, your business won’t need to put in extra effort to contact these consumers.

Has it Enabled Customer Service Management?

Customer service is important in business. Most customers judge the quality of a company through its customer service management. This factor also helps to improve communication with consumers. It allows businesses to know what needs to be improved and how this can be done.

A large number of drop shipping platforms have enabled customer service management tools. This can help you gain knowledge of customers’ order statuses and their responses. Moreover, it can also help streamline such conversations so you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of time on this.

Does it Have Tools for Reporting and Analytics?

Reporting and analytics can transform companies when used correctly. Analytics help businesses become more aware of their customers’ needs and wants. It helps keep track of trends and consumer behaviour that can help with business strategies that maximize profit. Reporting and analytics are especially useful with dropshipping software because such platforms are more likely to be extensive and expansive.

This means that the patterns, trends, and behaviours exhibited by customers might not be clear. This is why a large number of dropshipping platforms contain tools for reporting and analytics. This helps chart out trends and analytics clearly and concisely. For businesses, such a clear presentation means an increased ability to evaluate and ultimately implement.

Are There Tracking Features Available?

Tracking is one of the most important features of e-commerce and online businesses. A large number of customers want constant information regarding the status of their purchases. They will want to know when their shipment will arrive, whether it will be late, or if national holidays will affect the delivery process.

This is why such businesses prioritize tracking tools over many others. If you can’t give an answer to your customers on time, your business won’t be able to perform efficiently.

Thus, dropshipping software includes tracking tools that allow you to keep track of your customers’ order status. If the software doesn’t have this, steer clear of it.

Efficient dropshipping platforms share updates and tracking details with consumers. This can increase your communication and trust with customers.

Is There Sourcing Management Available?

Dropshipping companies are likely to purchase stock from a large number of suppliers. This means that it can get confusing for you to keep track of product details, delivery dates, and suppliers’ practices. This is why efficient dropshipping software contains options that allow sourcing management.

With this, companies can make well-documented lists of supplier profiles. These often contain information related to the delivery practices and services offered by a supplier. Sourcing management also builds trust with customers because they can be aware of what to expect in terms of delivery time and shipping.

Here is some top-rated dropshipping software that is used for e-commerce all around the world. They also contain most of the aforementioned features.


This software offers a wide range of features that include rapid onboarding, a modern interface, third-party integrations, and real-time API. You can also contact this company directly for queries related to pricing.


Oberlo is another software that has gained significant popularity over the last few years. It offers 24/7 customer service, large-scale data access, and custom web stores.

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