Fully Managed Linux VPS in India: The Most Cost-Effective Hosting Option of 2024

Fully Managed Linux VPS

With Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, you’re allocated a specific amount of server resources – RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc.

These resources are yours alone to use. That’s why business websites that have grown too big for shared hosting should opt for VPS hosting.

Dedicated server hosting is way too expensive for small businesses. Plus, there are certain types of VPS hosting plans that are better than dedicated server hosting in all possible ways.

A fully managed, offshore Linux VPS outshines all other types of hosting options in the market. Here’s a complete guide to these hosting plans.

What is a Linux VPS?

Linux is an operating system (OS), released in 1991. In many ways, it resembles Unix – one of the oldest operating systems in history. Since the internet was developed on Unix, the ‘Unix-like’ Linux OS is ideal for building servers on the internet.

Plus, Linux is free to use. Unlike Windows, running a VPS server on a Linux OS doesn’t involve paying licensing fees. That’s why VPS providers prefer offering cost-effective Linux VPS plans to their customers.

What is a Fully Managed Linux VPS?

In a fully managed Linux VPS, your VPS provider will oversee all server management responsibilities. You, as the user, won’t have to worry about running an internet server in the most technically proficient manner. If you lack the technical know-how of Linux and how to run Linux servers, getting a fully managed VPS will mean –

  • No Server Maintenance Requirements: All configuration and maintenance tasks are overseen by the hosting provider. It’s part of their duty to ensure technical glitches don’t cause your website to experience downtime or crash. Managed Linux VPS hosting providers also monitor the website to ensure sudden spikes in web traffic don’t cause site crashes.
  • No Need for Manual Updates: Users don’t have to update their software or hardware to keep their websites running on the Linux VPS. All files are regularly checked for security gaps. Managed Linux VPS hosting providers also perform regular site backups. They also consistently eliminate malware, spyware, etc., from the server.
  • No Security Risks: If you’re a business owner and you notice suspicious traffic patterns on your website, what will you do? If you have an unmanaged server, your website may get uncorrupted before you have the time to act. On the contrary, a managed Linux VPS hosting provider deals with similar security threats every day. They offer 24/7 security assistance and customer support.

However, a fully managed Linux VPS hosting plan will cost more than unmanaged hosting plans. Plus, users won’t have much control over their servers.

They’ll have to accept their hosting provider’s software and hardware decisions. Still, it’s a better option than unmanaged VPS hosting. Here’s why.

Why Not Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting?

Business owners are advised not to get unmanaged Linux VPS hosting plans for various reasons. When you buy a VPS plan, you have complete root access to your server. Its maintenance, configurations, updates, etc., are all your responsibilities. With complete control of the server comes plenty of challenging responsibilities.

  • You will have to get familiar with the Linux interface. That means having a complete understanding of the Linux command line.
  • You will have to use terminal apps to connect with an SSH (secure shell). SSH lets server managers connect to the Linux VPS hosting through secure channels.
  • You will have to install a web-based control panel (e.g., cPanel/WHM) to interface with the network and run terminal commands.

All these technical tasks could take hours to complete, and you could still end up with a malfunctioning VPS. That’s why users prefer fully managed Linux VPS hosting plans. These providers install easy-to-use control panels on behalf of their clients. Business admins can use these c-panels to handle admin-level tasks, create databases, view site performance stats, etc.

Unmanaged hosting appears inexpensive on the surface but involves a multitude of hidden costs and requirements. On the other hand, a managed Linux VPS hosting provider will offer additional services like – security hardening, site performance optimization, conduct OS upgrades, etc., for fixed monthly payments.

Why Buy a Managed Linux VPS Hosting in India?

When you opt for offshore Linux VPS hosting, your website gets stored in data centers that are often continents away from your location.

Since India has the cheapest Internet services in the world (one gigabyte of data costs 0.26 U.S. dollars), it has become a hub for fully managed Linux VPS hosting providers. Businesses can save significant chunks of their monthly budgets by getting a high-quality, fully managed Linux VPS in India.

Plus, offshore web hosts allow their clients to host content on their websites that may be prohibited in their parent countries. These are the reasons why fully managed Linux VPS packs in India are the most cost-effective hosting option for businesses in 2024.


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