Do You Need Virtualizor Server Management Services? With Top 4 FAQs

Virtualizor Server Management Services

Do you run a web hosting company in one of the nooks and crannies of the world? Do you sell shared server hosting and now want to shift to VPS?

Then, we can help you achieve this goal by providing an excellent solution, i.e., Virtualizor Server Management Services.

With a Virtualizor at your disposal, you can leverage it as a VPS Management Panel that supports various Virtualization techniques like XEN HVM, OpenVZ, Xen Paravirtualization, and Linux-KVM virtualization. 

Now tell us, do you know what the primary benefit of Virtualizor Server Management Services is? When your client signs up to use your virtual private server hosting, this cloud-based control panel will maintain a WHMCS Module to automate the VPS creation.

It will improve the VPS-using experience of your customers, boost your sales, and thus, help in the growth of your company. Remember, it doesn’t matter which Virtualization technique you rely on; the Virtualizor control panel will always be on the top that helps pass commands to the “main server.” 

Since that’s complete, now it’s time to discuss the constituents of Virtualizor Server Management Services. So, let’s see that:

What is Virtualizor?

In simple words, you can understand Virtualizor as a robust cloud-based VPS Control Panel that web hosting companies deploy to manage VPS on servers.

Although you will find many organizations using KVM for virtualization, the Virtualizor supports LXC, Xen, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Proxmox, and many more in addition to KVM. 

What is WHMCS Module?

Just to let you know, modules are part of the WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution that tells the software how to interact with third-party services and Application Programming Interfaces. Some common examples of APIs are web servers and payment gateways. 

Should you opt for Virtualizor Server Management Service? 

Yes, if you are a VPS server hosting seller and looking for an assistant to perform initial Virtualizor installation or Virtualizor WHMCS integration.

Once you have availed of Virtualizor Server Management Service, it would be easy to create or delete VPS automatically whenever you accept or cancel an order.

What are the additional features you can enjoy with Virtualizor Server Management Service?

  • Virtualizor WHMCS Install 
  • Inbuilt SSH VNC Server 
  • Multiple Virtualization Platforms and Support 
  • Automatic and Manual System to Import Virtual Machine 
  • Migration of Nodes and Virtual Machines in Cloud 
  • Free OS Templates 
  • Security Updates and Patches 
  • Backup Restore Containers 
  • Clustering Support Vector Machine

What are some frequently asked questions about Virtualizor Server Management?

1. What is Virtualizor WHMCS Integration?

As discussed earlier, WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. You can integrate Virtualizor with WHMCS to automate the Virtual Machine creation when accepting your customers’ orders. With this system, you can get an online control panel that you can use for VPS consumers and server admin.

For instance, the server administrators can take full advantage of the flexibility to manage the virtual machine and the server from their control panel. On the other side, VPS customers can enjoy the flexibility of starting, stopping, restarting, and managing their VMs using their separate control panel.

2. Who needs Virtualizor?

You know well that the support services offered through Virtualizor server management comprise virtualization solutions like Xen PV, Xen HVM, Xen Server, Open VZ, LXC, and many more. So, Virtualizor is one of the most suitable control panels for organizations that want to shift straight from shared server hosting to VPS hosting.

3. What do you mean by readymade OS templates?

The first thing you need to understand here is that templates are nothing but the current format of a specific document or file. And it is pretty easy to download the readymade OS templates manually that Virtualizor offers to its users. Besides, it is easy to use and offers clustering support that you can implement without hassle.

Do you know what the optimal advantage of the clustering support feature is? It helps users manage the slave servers from the “main server” when they have too many Virtualization servers.

4. What benefits administrators and customers can reap using Virtualizor Server Management?

By leveraging the Virtualizor server management service, the customers and admins can see different graphs to deal with any issue associated with VPS server hosting.

On a Closing Note!

We hope you learned plenty of things in this write-up ranging from Virtualizor and WHMCS module to features and FAQs related to Virtualizor Server Management.

So, if you liked this content piece and want to avail of Virtualizor Server Management Service, confer with the best Virtualizor service provider out there.

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