Salon Booking Software: How to Increase Your Beauty Salon Sale?

Struggling hard to increase Salon sales? Use Salon booking software! Living in the tech-oriented world, do you know how the solution is keeping booking and marketing at bay?

If it is about making customers stunning or handling day-to-day operations, Salonist Salon Scheduling software keeps everything managed. Positively, the customers can schedule their appointments simply without calling or visiting in person.

Consequently, it boosts conversion rate and sales. In addition to this, there are other factors that assure of integrating the booking solution to Salon. And, this is what we are revealing in this article!

Table of Contents

  • How Salon Booking Software Is Beneficial For Your Salon Success
  • Appointment and schedule management
  • Synchronized Calendar
  • Loyalty Program
  • Payroll management
  • Selling Gift and Retail Gifts
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer Management
  • Concluding Remarks

How Salon Booking Software is Beneficial for Your Salon Success

Appointment and schedule management

When it comes to the Salon business, the organization is tough but is necessary.  To streamline the tasks, Salon software helps! It keeps the appointments managed. The system enables the customers to book themselves considering their convenience.

They can schedule their Salon appointments outside the business hour, irrespective of the time. After checking the empty slots and the availability of the stylist, they can book. In addition, the software notifies staff and the customers regarding the future appointments so that the customers visit on time. This practice reduces no-shows and eliminates the chances of double bookings. With these benefits, the software also:

Synchronized Calendar

The Salon booking software tends to synchronize the appointment booking page with the calendar. By doing so, the customers can check the calendar from the booking page and hence, pick the suitable time of booking. However, it makes it easy to book several salon services, and pay for or order products simply from the smartphone.

With the Salon software, the schedules can be made week by week for improved walk-ins and staff management. However, you can simply find out your wellness business’s slow hours and days and accordingly allocate off days.  What more? It sends out the notifications regarding new schedules, accepting or rejecting is totally your call.

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Loyalty Program

It is said that retaining the existing customers is easier than capturing new ones. One of the promising approaches to do so is by including a loyalty program in your Salon. Significantly, for instilling the customers to visit you again, you need to motivate them. Believingly, loyalty programs are said to enhance revenue. Either you can set up a discount-based or point-based program. 

When you will include the approach that customers prefer, it results in an increase in customer revisits.  With the loyalty program from Salon booking software, the customers can leverage the services despite the branch without getting registered. 

Payroll management

For many Salons, commission calculation is the complicated one in payroll management. While choosing the salon software, find out if you can reduce these hassles. The reliable solution will examine and capture the hours the staff members are working in a day, hence, you do not have to pay for those hours that are wasted. From here, you can have an idea about the bonuses, increments, incentives, etc. for deserving stylists.

Additionally, it allows you to fix commissions according to targets completed. Usually, these are those commissions that the staff gains when they fulfill defined sales. The Salon solution must keep a track of the sales completed by either technician or stylist who insists the customers buy products. Accordingly, the staff will give more attention to the customers they are attending for a better rapport. This, thereby, results in higher revenue and sales. 

Selling Gift and Retail Gifts

Urging to boost customer loyalty for your brand, then, sell gift cards online from the Salon booking software. When the customer will purchase a gift card from you, then, they are likely to spread word-of-mouth and hence, enhance, enhance revenue.  

Since the time of COVID-19, the customers do not prefer to visit salons in person to purchase anything. Hence, you can sell them online for higher sales. When you display your Salon products on your site, then, there will not be any confusion, and customers will purchase conveniently. Moreover, social media handles or additional marketing practices can be followed for making customers aware of your offerings. 

Inventory Management

Salon Software automates the inventory management process. The solution tracks all bookings and transactions and notifies when the quantity of used products is more than usual days. This way, there will be no product wastage, however, it enhances staff accountability and transparency; handles resources in the best possible way. In addition to this, it:

  • Assist you in keeping the proper amount of inventory by differentiating mostly used products. Simply, you have to order new products according to the past study.
  • Track the inventory in the overall buying process.
  • Let you include an accounting interface for updating the conventional 
  • ledger in real-time.
  • From the past monitoring, it predicts a fall and rise in demand.
  • Provide access to inventory online despite the location you are at.

Reporting & Analytics

For improving the business revenue, knowing the Salon insights is essential. With regular report generation, there are chances that you can grow your beauty and wellness business. The software enables you to access customer information efficiently and safely. Also, you can calculate product sales, track tax, examine staff performance, boost customer retention rate, measure the hours the staff has served customers, etc. After having an idea of the right reporting, you can cut overhead and cost, ensuring profits. 

Customer Management

Usually, the software has a centralized database with comprehensive details of customers. From their names to email IDs, contact numbers, past services, purchased products, transaction history, birthday, payment details, and the social media channels they are most active on. 

Then Salon Software can extract the profile of the customers and list them according to their demographic and psychographic characteristics. It saves the database in a highly safe cloud or third-party server; however, making accessing the data easy anytime and from anywhere. Therefore, ensure cyber security. The right customer database manages everything perfectly for Customer Relationship Management.  The information you have can be used to:

  • Attract the customer on social media channels personally.
  • Keeping a follow-up from customers and giving additional tips.
  • Ask for opinions via email or SMS.
  • Interact with customers while rescheduling an appointment or when the product is not available.
  • Call to notify about appointment confirmation.
  • Offer an effective and seamless checkout process.

Concluding Remarks

Your salon works in a digital space. The salon booking software takes off the heavy burden from your shoulders so that you can pay better attention to the delivery of the service. Its effective features are what make it a must-have for your Salon. In addition to better customer service, it confirms higher sales and boosts revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick the right software considering your Salon needs, budget, and niche in mind!

Zin Lang Liu

Zin Lang Liu is associated with Salonist, a smart salon software for all types of beauty wellness industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software.

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