Why Should We Need a Password Manager

While choosing a quite new password, there is no room to be careless at all. Everyone wants his personal information & data secure and protected, which means it’s really risky to depend on weak passwords such as simple numerical sequences or a family member’s name. 

That sort of laziness is almost understandable but risky at the same time, too!!

The people who want to steal your data are pros at cracking passwords. Therefore, you need to be as diligent in safeguarding your accounts. Unless you desire to protect a hard copy list of your passwords consistently, you may wish to consider the password manager. 

Yes, it can assist you in handling all the login credentials and maintaining tight password security!

DualSafe Manager is a superb cloud-based web app with zero requirements for local installation. That means that you can conveniently use it on macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, or any other platform that efficiently supports the modern browser. 

Read on to explore the DualSafe Password Manager Review and why you should choose this tool to protect and manage your passwords;

DualSafe Password Manager – A Complete Overview

DualSafe Password Manager provides a paid tier and a free tier—but its entirely free pack has lots of incredible features that most people won’t even need more. Plus, you can smoothly access the service across multiple devices.

DualSafe Password Manager

Want to know the best part? The free personal plan that it offers enables privacy-minded users to detour and avoid the cloud hosting of the company rather than self-host. Sounds good, right?

Moreover, it does need one iOS or Android device to serve as the passkey for authentication, which should not be an issue for most people at all. With DualSafe Password Manager, your passwords sync effectively across all devices, & you can also access the passwords from any other browser if you want.

Incredible Featured Offered by DualSafe Password Manager

Store Unlimited Passwords 

Generate Strong Passwords

It can remember your account passwords and logins safely with unlimited passwords by FREE. You can conveniently access your online gaming, shopping, social, work, and banking accounts and avoid failures in login if you forget your passwords in the future.

Strong Password Generator

You can also generate complex, unique, and random Passwords & even One-Time Passwords. Yes, just no more data violations caused by extremely weak passwords. All your personal information and data are always protected on the Internet.

Dark Web Monitoring


Protect your data by monitoring data breaches. You’ll be highly informed about everything and have control of your digital life completely. Once there are credential leaks linked with the account, you will immediately know and take safety precautions.

Password Health

Check your password and show you the weak passwords. It will also give you some tips to improve your password. 

Get Started in Minutes

Sync Data Between

Last but not least, import your account passwords from CSV files, browsers, or other password managers & set up the password vault in just a few minutes. Group your passwords swiftly into different desired folders for easy access.

Why is DualSafe Password Manager Efficient for you?

Why Is DualSafe Password Manager

You can decide if DualSafe Password Manager is efficient and safe for you by keeping in mind the following benefits that it offers:

Top-notch Information Security

By using host-proof hosting, the DualSafe Password Manager saves your data efficiently. It ensures that the data is safe with high-end encryption. You can store endless passwords, bank accounts, notes, medical records, certificates, admin keys, and other sensitive information with great security, free of cost.

Intuitive, Simple, and Easy-to-use

DualSafe Password Manager is designed with efficiency and usability in mind. Any user can conveniently sign up & get started within a few seconds or minutes, irrespective of their technical expertise. Plus, it also assists you in making your passwords complicated but keeps the experience of users simple.

Free for Personal Use, Inexpensive for Enterprises

DualSafe is completely free for personal use with zero restrictions on the number or digits of passwords you can save. Also, their paid plans provide incredible features for password management for businesses without requiring any hidden fees or long-term commitments. 

Appealing to Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small businessDualSafe Password Manager helps you group all the passwords into various folders, simplify password sharing across the team, and organize users according to their teams. With different levels of privileges, you can share passwords safely with your colleagues & protect your critical business information in one place.

Unmatched Data Security & Privacy of DualSafe Password Manager

DualSafe Password Manager utilizes host-proof hosting to protect your data. It ensures that all the data is decrypted & encrypted with AES-256 encryption on the browser using the unique master password – so that only the encrypted information is sent to the servers.

All the passwords you store in their Vault remain private completely and can be accessed only with the master password. As this master password is not stored in the Vault anywhere, even DualSafe doesn’t have any access to your data, giving you air-tight privacy and security of your data.

When you need to have access to your passwords, all the encrypted information syncs back to the device, and at that point, you also need to decrypt it with the master secured password. DualSafe makes sure that it operates a zero-knowledge infrastructure. Therefore, the company never knows the password and can’t decrypt the data at all.

Our Takeaway

Having a strong and secure password makes it almost impossible for hackers to steal your personal information. When you utilize a single password just for one account, such criminals cannot break into all the accounts with only one stolen password.

A lot of online accounts include important personal details, such as a credit card number, phone number, birth date, home address, etc. These valuable details can be utilized to imitate you online.

All in all, everyone needs a secure password and a trustworthy password manager. Indeed, iTop DualSafe Password Manager is the most reliable and efficient tool to serve the purpose cost-effectively!!

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