How to Choose the Best Taxi App Development Company for Your Rideshare Startup

Best Taxi App Development Company

Choosing one Taxi App Development Company from countless others is a painstaking task. However, you can streamline the entire process by filtering out the essential details for a complete overhaul. In this blog, see what approach is best suited for your startup to get quality rider and driver apps without hassle.


App development is a complex and innovative niche that has seeped into various industries. At the current pace, it is hard to imagine what kind of market the future entails regarding taxicabs. Sure, Uber has changed everything since its launch in 2014.

Still, the overall ride-hailing economy has seen continuous development from the get-go. Let’s understand how you can carve your niche in this highly competitive environment with a guaranteed return on investment.

The Case of Rider and Driver Apps

At their core, most taxi apps today connect a user to a driver and have spent months perfecting the entire workflow and navigation of the app. From UI/UX to custom-centric layout and final development, all have played quite an instrumental role in reaching key innovative steps.

Some of the main steps have been taken by modern taxi apps to help users find taxis and do much more for themselves. Let’s understand the two main interfaces of modern taxi apps and their essential features to help you easily find the right Taxi App Development Company.

Rider Apps

Built for your main customers, the rider app or passenger app is a user-friendly platform that offers booking and payment services for your customers. It is the primary responsibility of a Taxi App Development Company to create a feature-loaded rider app that offers multiple features and benefits for both the business and the customer. Some of the top features include:

Real-time tracking/ETA

Since running a taxi app business requires handling on-demand situations, a real-time tracking feature gives more breathing space for satisfaction. This kind of feature has seen multiple layers of development to reach a seamless visual design attractive enough to engage modern tech-driven users. Coupled with ETA status at the top, your taxi app can easily compete with top industry leaders if it has this feature natively developed by a professional Taxi App Development Company.

Tracing Ride by Family/Friends

Most startups form such a deep connection with the feature implementation phase that they understate the importance of app-based security in the real world. Having a well-designed and high-in-performance app can make a difference. Still, it cannot guarantee safety if you don’t have a live location-sharing feature in it.

Therefore, by adding a tracking feature, you can allow the rider to share their live location with their family and friends with just one tap. Moreover, you can also add an SOS button if the vehicle goes through any kind of accident.

Cash, Online, and Wallet Options

Suppose you bind your customers to make cash payments only. In that case, chances are your business cannot adapt to the modern user who no longer makes cash payments. This could affect your brand image, which should be the last thing on your mind.

Therefore, it’s best to offer multiple payment options and find a Taxi App Development Company that offers such features in their apps. Moreover, you can also check if the app has a local payment gateway integration feature for maximum usability.

Driver Apps

The driver is the heart of your taxi app business. Only by keeping the driver happy can you see a promising company’s future. Therefore, things like surge pricing, cancellation charges, and tip features can create a massive change in drivers’ overall registration rates.

However, it’s best to select a Taxi App Development Company that keeps the design of the driver app simple and focuses more on creating new opportunities for the driver. Some of the top features include:

Navigation using Google map and Waze

The first thing a driver does after accepting a ride request is to see the distance from its location to the pickup location. How do we make this happen? With the help of third-party APIs, you can use some of the top-level services to make your taxi app more user-friendly.

Here, Google Maps APIs act as a bridge, allowing two applications to form a connection seamlessly. Therefore, remember that your taxi app should have a quality navigation feature in the driver app, which can track down every kind of distance and calculate the time for it in seconds.

Internal text chat between Driver and Rider

Sometimes calling over the cell network doesn’t offer much assistance, so you must choose a Taxi App Development Company that offers VoIP-based calling features. An additional chat feature has been a cornerstone of communication as it promotes only quick implementation.

Therefore, your app should have at least some premade lines attached to the chat options to help the driver communicate with the rider without difficulties.

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Should You Build a New App or Use a Ready-made Clone App?

If you haven’t been told previously, now is the time to learn that most entrepreneurs opt for ready-made clone apps rather than developing a new one from scratch. However, some still prefer going towards the traditional approach, but that is when you are bringing something new to the table. A new idea or a concept that is far more creative than modern-day taxi apps.

New ideas need scalable apps that must be built from scratch. But following in the footsteps of popular companies today should be done smartly without going into any legal battles. Therefore, choosing a professional white-label firm with everything from driver to rider apps is always a good preference.

Most professionals advise you to create an MVP. Still, that approach is only applied to businesses that seek customer validation. Here, a taxi app is a recognized service that needs no validation. Hence, the best choice would be to skip the design and development phases with the help of clone apps and launch your business in just 1-2 weeks.


If you are someone who doesn’t stop until perfection, finding an appropriate rider and driver app could take most of your time. However, the right approach you should be following instead is to start with white-label firms with over a decade of experience in design and development.

Professionals always offer demos before urging you to invest in their clones. Keep your mind away from buying anything during the initial phase of the research, and test heavily on all the clones you can get your hands on.


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