Top 6 MacBook Temperature Monitor Apps

MacBook Temperature Monitor Apps

When we use a system for a longer period it starts facing heating problems. When we play games, run videos, use applications or do other tasks we use some amount of CPU and due to the excess consumption of CPU, it can cause a heating issue.

After a long time of Mac usage, the issue is common and faced by many users. That is why it is quite important to keep an eye on the MacBook’s temperature to prevent severe damage.

The MacBook Temperature Monitor app is the best utility that helps you monitor your CPU usage and let you know if your Mac temperature is rising. In this article, we have listed the 6 best MacBook Temperature monitor apps that can help you maintain the Mac temperature and longevity of your device. So, without any further delay let’s come to the point and know about the best MacBook Temperature monitor apps.

Best 6 MacBook Temperature Monitor Apps

1. Fanny

If you are looking for a temperature monitoring app for MacBook then you must consider Fanny at the top position. It is a great utility with a notification widget which comes in a cool and compact design. It tracks the usage of CPU and GPU in your Mac without creating any disturbance in your work.

With this free utility, you can get information like current speed, target speed, number of fans and many others. You will get insights into system fans and GPU and CPU usage and keep an eye on Mac temperature.


  • It supports dark mode
  • Launches visual and audio alerts when your Mac overheats
  • Provides information on minimum speed, maximum speed, temperature, number of fans, etc.
  • Free notification widget with a compact design

2. Temp Monitor

Temp Monitor is one of the reliable apps which you must use to monitor the temperature of your Mac. It is a great app that is loaded with many extreme features. It will check all the processes and apps running on your Mac and consuming a high amount of CPU.

It also has the feature of fan control which you can use at the time of overheating to cool down your Mac device.

Whenever your Mac temperature is rising and there is a risk of severe damage it alerts you about that. It displays all the available sensors on the Mac. Also, it supports multiple languages which is a plus point for those users who have problems with native languages.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Includes a fan control feature
  • Check the details of the sensors
  • Alerts you when Mac temperature is rising

3. TG Pro

TG Pro is the best MacBook temperature monitoring app that offers you all the information related to your Mac’s health in detail. Using this tool you can check GPU, CPU, hard drive temperature, hardware details as well as battery health. Apart from this, it also helps in managing the speed of the fans.

It keeps a closer eye on the temperature of your Mac and when it extends to the limit it boosts the fan speed. This is the best tool that performs hardware diagnostics and helps in boosting your Mac life.


  • It supports exporting data in CSV file formats
  • Manage fan speed
  • Display hardware details in brief
  • Check battery health
  • Performs hardware diagnostics

4. XRG

Next, in the list of best MacBook temperature monitoring apps comes XRG which has the capability of monitoring temperature efficiently. This tool keeps an eye on running apps and processes on Mac to boost its life span. It performs various actions like monitoring CPU activity, memory usage, battery status, etc.

XRG is an open-source Mac temperature monitor app that is suitable for both advanced as well as for beginners. Apart from checking GPU and CPU activity it also provides information like weather forecasts.


  • It can monitor machine performance
  • Check battery status
  • It is an open-source hardware monitor
  • Offers information like weather forecasts, stock market data, etc.

5. Smart Utility

Next on the list is Smart Utility which is also one of the best apps to monitor your MacBook’s temperature. Smart stands for Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology.

Apart from monitoring Mac temperature, it can also let you know the other glitches or hardware-related issues.

This utility is loaded with multiple features like it allows scanning in the background, printing driver reports, etc. It displays information in the menu bar. This is the best utility you can use for monitoring MacBook temperature.


  • It supports scanning in the background
  • Let you know about techy glitches
  • Save drive reports for later viewing
  • Print drive reports

6. iStatistica

iStatistica is one of the leading names in the MacBook temperature monitoring apps. Apart from monitoring temperature this utility also lets the users know the apps and processes that are running on your Mac and can check how they are affecting your device. Its notification centre widget lets you track memory, disk usage, CPU and network activity.

One of the specialities of iStatistica is that it displays information in multiple languages such as  German, Spanish, French, etc. Also, it is available in both light and dark themes so you can choose according to your preferences.


  • Real-time CPU monitoring
  • It provides detailed information on your Mac’s CPU, GPU sensors
  • It supports a light and dark theme
  • Supports multiple languages


When you face any problem with your machine you might feel like replacing it as you think that the problem is caused due to the older device. But actually, the reason may be others and you can extend your Mac life by using some of the apps.

If you are dealing with a high temperature for a longer period and are fed up with heating the Mac then you must have a temperature monitoring app in your MacBook that can let you know whenever the temperature rises and the causes of rising temp.

To help you out we have listed the 6 best temperature monitoring apps for MacBook that keep your Mac protected and prevent severe damage that can cause due to the heating problem.

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