6 Must-Have Productivity Apps and Tools for Busy Parents

Productivity Apps

Forced to juggle between your family, professional life, household maintenance, and the smaller aspects of everyday living, being a parent is an incredibly busy and demanding job.

For that reason, it comes as no surprise that any parent might need some help to make their hectic lives a bit simpler to manage. Thankfully, technology might have the perfect solution to these issues.

Here are some of the best productivity tools and applications to help any busy parent manage their lives more efficiently:

1. Temi

In case you have a larger budget, Temi can be a great investment for any parent with a busy schedule. Even though it slightly resembles a vacuum cleaner, Temi is a personal robot for the home equipped with a computer, an advanced AI, as well as cameras and sensors that can easily connect to IoT-enabled devices.

As this personal robot is voice-controlled and hands-free, parents can easily navigate everyday tasks, check in with their family members, or even keep in touch with their loved ones, thus making Temi a helpful gadget to use during pregnancy and parenthood alike.

2. TytoHome

While children might be known for their frequent ailments, many parents don’t have enough time and patience to spend the entire day waiting at the doctor’s office for minor health issues. Thankfully, TytoHome has been created to combat this exact issue.

Coming with a telemedicine kit and a corresponding application, this gadget allows you to perform a medical exam on your child that’s guided by a doctor in real time. Then, you will be able to receive an appropriate diagnosis, a treatment plan, and even a prescription if necessary, all without even needing to leave your home.

3. Mumli

Although an incredibly beautiful period of life, motherhood can also be stressful and difficult to manage, which is especially true for new mothers who might be turning to special websites, forums, and other online resources for information and support during this period.

This is exactly where the beneficial Mumli app comes in. Apart from providing an easily accessible space for storing all your collected resources, this social media-like application also has an extensive knowledge base of its own and provides the opportunity to create personal profiles, share lovely memories, follow other users, and connect with like-minded moms, allowing you to be a part of a caring and supportive community of mothers.

4. Medisafe

Managing medicine and treatments for the entire household can be quite a demanding task that seems nearly impossible to achieve for many busy parents. Thankfully, a useful application such as Medisafe might be able to help.

Being safe and easy to use, this app simplifies medicine management by sending you notifications to remind you to take necessary medicine, and even alert you when any of your prescriptions are running low.

As Medisafe has a feature that allows you to manage the medication of your family members as well, it truly makes this responsibility easier to handle for any busy parent.

5. Famisafe

Even though technology might have been a great blessing that has made our lives incomparably simpler, it can also be a curse. Children nowadays tend to spend too much time using smart devices and staring at screens, which could hurt their health and development.

The Famisafe parental control application aims to put an end to this issue. This monitoring app makes a parent’s life easier by giving you the option to track the online activity of your kids, including social media, posts, and emails, protect them from potential dangers on the internet, and even blackout screens when necessary.

6. Figure8

From instrument and language classes to dance and sports practices, after-school activities can be quite beneficial for any child. However, such a high number of daily responsibilities can also be quite hectic to manage for any busy parent.

This carpooling application allows parents to create communities only with people they know, without the fear of any random drivers joining in, and find a solution to their commuting issues. The application then informs parents every time their child is picked up and dropped off, letting them know their kids are perfectly safe and sound.

In Conclusion

While parenthood might come with several problems and difficulties that technology simply can’t solve, it can make our lives a bit simpler and easier to manage.

With the helpful tools and applications mentioned above, any parent can boost productivity and efficiency, thus turning parenting into a more streamlined experience.

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