How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Restaurant App?

Develop A Restaurant App

With the growing use of smartphones and the Internet, the only way to succeed and make your business competitive is to develop a restaurant app.

The new technologies emerging in restaurant app development have revolutionized the world, and the food industry is no exception.

So, why do restaurants prefer mobile apps when they have a luxurious and relaxing setting to serve their customers? Well, mobile phones and the Internet are ruling the globe and have become indispensable features for today’s users.

A well-designed business app will help your restaurant increase sales, increase loyalty, and give you an edge over your competitors. Thus restaurants and food industries are clamoring for an official mobile app that can help them bring their bacon home.

So, what’s next in restaurant mobile app development?

Of course, the price!

When a restaurant’s owners have determined that they would like to create an app for their business, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost. Let’s dig deep into the cost of creating a restaurant app, what factors affect the cost, how you can save some restaurant app development costs, and more.

Feature-stack That Determines the Cost of Your Restaurant App

Remember, the more features you add, the more it will cost you. We’ve looked at popular restaurant apps to show what features you must have if you decide to develop your brand-related application.

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant apps provide their customers with a complete menu that includes images and prices. Remember, when you add a menu option to an app for restaurants, you must make it easy to use.

We recommend you create menu categories and subcategories so that the user can easily find an appropriate menu location based on preferences.

Placing Orders Online

On average, customers at restaurants require about a few minutes to make their orders. But via a restaurant app solution, it takes forty-five seconds to order. This makes the process easier for both parties.


The menu of your restaurant should be customizable through the mobile app. This feature lets people with food allergies or other issues satisfy their requirements. When ordering a meal, the customer must choose the ingredients or even exclude them from them.


The mobile app for your restaurant that you plan to develop will provide customers with various payment options. Each customer could pick the most suitable one (PayPal, Android, or Apple Pay and bank online).

Online Reservations

Instead of calling and wondering if there’s a table available to enjoy the evening, users of the restaurant app can look over the floor plan online and then book the table they want. This feature provides customers with the flexibility to plan their night out. Additionally, it provides restaurant managers with an accurate view of their staff’s workload.


This feature can be beneficial when you run a restaurant chain. For instance, you have customers from another city who want to eat at one of your eateries. Geolocation will help them quickly locate your location.

Push Notifications

Why push notifications are important for the restaurant app development process? Well, they inform customers of the latest menu items or events, promotions, discounts, and promotions. However, Starbucks took it a step further.

When users of their restaurant app approach any Starbucks establishments, they receive alerts to encourage them to go to the location.

If you like this feature, keep in mind the principle to be observed: Push notifications should be specific, actionable, and prompt.

Loyalty Programs

They’re launched for two reasons. One reason is to increase customers’ frequency and the number of visits to restaurants. Another reason is to keep these customers, regular customers.

Rewards programs for loyalty are incentives for the number of money clients spend in your establishment or order in advance and making payments through your restaurant’s app.

The most popular method for creating your loyalty program is to build it with points and immediate rewards. Once customers have earned the specified amount of points, they can trade the points they have collected into rewards. In the case of immediate rewards, they will be delivered after completing certain tasks.

After receiving rewards and bonuses, Customers in your local area can trade them in for drinks, food, and access to favourite dishes or new jobs on the menu.

The benefits for customers are clear. You’ll be able to keep loyal customers for the rest of their lives. In addition, they’ll keep suggesting the dining establishment to their families, coworkers, and even their others.

Customer Feedback

With this feature on your restaurant app, your customers can share their opinions on your business, service, food, etc. These reviews will allow you to quickly discover what areas to focus on and how to improve your business.

Overall Cost of Restaurant Mobile App Development

Let’s make some calculations!

The cost of creating an app to book restaurants can be anywhere from $15000 up to $25,000+. However, this isn’t a universal price.

The price of developing restaurant apps is determined by various variables based on the requirements of your business, the app’s capabilities and feature sets, their complexity technology, and the team you choose to work with.

Finding the most accurate cost for developing your mobile app is somewhat difficult, but no rocket science. By gaining a true understanding of these elements, you can quickly determine the costs of developing the restaurant app.

The following are explained below:

  • Features: Basic, advanced, or complex ($15,000 to $50,000plus).
  • App design: Number of screens you’re choosing to design ($2,000 to $9000 or more).
  • Team Size: Includes an app designer, business analyst, quality assurance engineer, Designer of UI/UX, and more.
  • The location of the team of developers: The hourly price of the developer could be anywhere from $12 to $150 per hour depending on the place of work (India, UAE, USA, Europe).

These are estimates rough for developing the restaurant app since it will depend on the business requirements and the time frame for development.

Save Cost By Hiring an App Development Company 

Selecting a mobile app development company is more affordable than a freelancer. The majority of companies have flexible payment plans that meet the needs of all clients, from small-scale startups to corporations.

Furthermore, when you work with an agency, you pay a set price for your work and not for the tools or software they employ. A mobile app development company that develops apps uses the latest technologies to offer its customers the finest service they can get.

Its mission is to develop digital products. They are therefore equipped with modern technology in the market. As a customer, you get the advantage of having your application in a state of constant development.

A reputable restaurant mobile app development company is more inclined to create an ongoing relationship with its customers. Your project will be considered a top priority even after the development is finished. However, an independent developer may change their job, move away, or not be available to help you with your problems.

Your company will be motivated to efficiently work on your application during development and afterwards to help increase its portfolio. It is therefore recommended to choose a restaurant mobile app development company to develop long-term relationships.

Some Last Words

Developing an app for your restaurant is beneficial for enhancing your business growth and customer engagement. If you’ve decided to recruit a mobile app development company, we recommend going with a firm with good experience in app development.

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