Best Camera Applications 2019

These days when we tend to buy a phone, most often our priority is the camera. Even for promotions and advertisements the first object of promotion is camera. The quality that it upholds is all that matter. But today, besides the original camera applications, there are many more such applications which tend to beautify your photos and give a professional touch to them.

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Some of Such Recommendable Applications Are:

Camera FV-5:

Camera FV-5

These days DSLR is a possession that everyone craves for and many even have the same. But those who don’t have the device can install this application to get all the DSLR manual photography control in the Android device itself. It gives you control over light metering focus, shutter speed, white balance and so on. The application an come at a free cost. You can also opt for subscription to get the desired features any time.

Camera Zoom FX:

Camera Zoom FX

The interface that this application provides is one of the most reliable and flexible. It comes with multiple shot modes. These modes include burst, time, voice activated and a steady shot helper. You can also include effects on your photos to make the layout more interesting such as colour transformations, tilt, shift and many more. There are hardware button controls, many settings for ISO, HDR, brightness and saturation. If you keep updating this app from time to time, you will get new features.

Google Camera Port:

Google Camera Port

This application encompasses al the new features that Google tends to include in android photography for better user experience. The application lets you take ultimate sharp pictures with excellent focusing with your current hardware. It includes many features such as HDR+, video stabilization as well as photosphere, lens blur and the cool slow-motion video effects.

Camera MX:

Camera MX

The application gives you a complete control over various features like resolution and clear visualization. Its features include live shots, GIF and ‘Shoot The Past’ feature option whereby you can select the perfect moment for the photo even after taking the picture. Even if there are few missing DSLR features, the application is considered as one of the best camera app that comes absolutely at no cost.

Candy Camera:

Candy Camera

The application is best for beautifying your photos and giving them an overall different look. It mainly helps take a better selfie with the help of lot of clicking filters and beauty options that includes makeup tools, face slimming effects, stickers, etc. You also have the option of making customized collage of photos. The app is not meant for professional photography but is found to be a handy one in every second person’s phone.



This application is popular for its collection of funny stickers and other live image editing tools. In addition to such stickers and tools, it comes with features such as variety of shot modes and the related settings for enhancing the layout of the photo. There is even an exclusive selfie camera mode to bring out a glowing skin tone an da great visual ambience that will addict you to your selfies taken by the app. It is a light-weight application that does not take much of the space and is free for use.

Footej Camera:

Footej Camera

This is yet another application with a somewhat different kind of name in order to embark upon its specialities. It has a variety of shot modes and settings on free tier. It provides manual ISO control., focus settings, shutter speed controls and the ability to set focus and exposure from different points of the image. Thought the app comes at no cost, you can go for a premium one to add more tweaks and options which include reducing the burst mode, photo histogram and shot interval.

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