Advantages of Mobile Phone

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone has become one of our necessary things which helps us in many ways.

Mobile phone functions have changed after the introduction of the smartphone. The mobile phone is not limited to calling and receiving a call.

Now, we can play games and watch movies for entertainment and many more that help in our day-to-day life that’s why we can say that the advantages of mobile phones make them an important element in our life. The Advantages of a mobile phone are listed below in detail which will help you understand the thing more clearly:

1. Connect to the World

Connect to the World

One of the advantages of mobile phones is anyone can connect to his/ her family and friends. Nowadays, you can talk face to face with the help of your phone while sitting far from each other with a single click.

Reach out to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and make new friends. In short, we can say that with a mobile phone in your pocket, you can connect to any people as long as you want them to stay connected.

2. Entertainment

From the most popular Nokia snake game to the newest games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clan, and many more fun games are there which will entertain you a lot and never get bored.

In games like PUBG, you can play with your friends and an unknown player too which improves our coordination with our people.

You can also watch movies on your mobile phone or play cartoons for the kids, learn new things such as craftwork find the recipes for different food, etc. There is almost no limit on entertainment you can watch any Movie and play any game of your choice.

3. Safety

Mobile phone features grew in such a way that the downside of using a mobile phone is nowhere near the advantages of using a Mobile phone. Let’s take an example of a condition where you were going on a field trip and your car broke down then you can call your family and friends for help!

The Mobile phone has GPS (Global Positioning System) Which helps in Finding a restaurant for food and a hall for a Movie, as a student you can find the address of the Hostel or pathway to reach your Hostel or find the location of the Examination Hall which is most important for any students. You can also find your lost phone with the help of GPS.


4. Alarm and Remainder

In our busy schedule, we find it very difficult to memorize every detail of our work such as the time and date of meeting with the client Submission date of the project reports, and many more things.

All that problem is solved by having a mobile phone in your pocket because you can keep a log or set a reminder in your phone of every meeting date and time to keep the Boss’s schedule in check, project submission date, etc.

As a student, you can also set reminders for your classes and Exam dates and set the Alarm to wake up early in the morning for studies. As a parent, you can set a reminder for Parent-teacher meetings and keep a log of your expenses, etc.

5. Data Transfer

In the current era, we all have some Data that we categorize in the following terms Official Data and Personal Data.

Official Data:

Information on Client requirements, project reports, and schedule of meetings, are the Official data. Official data is very much confidential therefore we can not use means of data transfer which has no security but our phone is more than any normal Pen drive and with the help of our phone, we can send to others in an instant via the internet. Since our phones are more secure, So we should always Choose the Best phones for our needs because we use our phones as Data.

Storage and Transfer device. We can record or store the information of Client requirements and Transfer it to the Boss and other team members for further processing and work or keep the project on our phone and during the presentation, we can transfer to the other device for presentation.

Personal Data:

Personal Data refers to the Picture of the trip, family, friends, Party so on. Personal Data does not need to transfer as frequently as Official data, therefore, we can use Pen drives as well as Our phones.

The Final Thought:

With all that said and done, there are many advantages of phones but there are also some disadvantages. As we are the users, we are responsible for the Advantages and disadvantages of the Mobile phone.

If we use the Mobile phone for good deeds there will be advantages of a mobile phone and if we use a mobile phone in the wrong ways there will be a disadvantage of a mobile phone. Now, use our technology for good deeds, not another way around.

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