What Should be Your Priorities in the Mobile App Maintenance Plan

Mobile App Maintenance Plan

We all know the importance of mobile applications in our daily lives as the usage of mobile applications is increasing at an alarming rate along with it mobile application maintenance and support are also essential.

Developing and launching the application is not the only task of the mobile app developer but maintaining it regularly is the most important task to stay updated and attract more users to your application.

If you maintain your mobile application regularly with the latest changing trends you can build a long-term relationship with the user and your application won’t become outdated.

Why is Mobile App Maintenance Important?

The mobile app development process involves various main stages that act as the pillar of successful and functional mobile application development.

A mobile app maintenance plan is also important here because you can’t just develop and launch the application and leave it in the market as it is the application needs advancement and improvement in it to stay updated.

If you keep on updating and maintaining your website regularly you can easily look and identify the bugs or issues if any of them occur in your app and are affecting its performance.

Benefits of Maintaining Application

Here are some reasons which will show the benefits of maintaining and supporting applications.

  • Reduce uninstalls
  • Provide a better user experience
  • Stay in the competition
  • Can achieve financial benefits
  • Can maintain your brand image
  • Maintain long-term relationships with users
  • Stays updated with the trend

Priorities in Mobile App Maintenance

Here are some of the most important priorities of mobile application maintenance and support that you need to look for while maintaining the application.

An Updated Application

Maintaining and supporting applications will help and support the application run smoothly and provide a seamless user experience. An updated application will follow the latest trends and technologies in the market.

Users will like to use such an application and its performance because it can adjust the changing versions and features of Android and iOS platforms. Making the application adjustable with the changing conditions.

No More App Uninstalls

From the user’s point of view if an application has a good layout and design but its performance and function are slow compared to other applications then the rate of uninstalls can increase.

On the other hand, if the performance of an application is smooth and it provides a seamless user experience the users will be attracted to the application. To reduce such uninstalls you need to undergo mobile application maintenance and support.

Better User Experience

The users will be attracted to your application and will stay longer with it only if the application provides a better user experience to the app user. If the application has any issues or bugs then it can reduce the app performance as well as user experience.

To avoid such a problem you need to get a mobile app maintenance plan for your application to frequently update your application and also provide a better user experience without any bugs or glitches in the application.

Regular updating and maintaining will help you to provide a good and smooth user experience.

High ROI and Higher App Revenue

Every mobile app user has expectations and certain concerns with the application they have installed from the app store and are using. If the application is slow, crashes most of the time, has bugs, and doesn’t provide a positive experience to the user then it is essential to remove them as soon as possible.

By doing such things it can re-attract your lost users and can attract new ones. The more users get attracted to your app the more will be the ROI of your application.

Protect Your App from Cyber Attacks

With the increasing updates, a developer who is concerned with mobile application maintenance and support should also take care of the app security as it is also an important thing.

The rate of cyber-attacks has increased nowadays and the developer needs to update the application regularly so the chances of a cyber attack can decrease as the attackers will target the application that is not maintained or updated regularly.


If you want to host an application the best practice you can make is by having a web server for hosting your app. Web servers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud are the most widely used and leading web servers.

The hosting fees depend on the type of application you have developed with a lot of features, higher CPU, RAM, and disk space can improve the price of hosting.

Monitoring and User Engagement

Once you have deployed your application on an app store you should regularly monitor the performance of the applications. You can analyze what your users like and hate about your application.

You can also monitor how many users have installed your application, how many of them have uninstalled the application, and even the cause behind uninstalling the application.


A mobile app maintenance plan should also include a marketing strategy in it. Attracting the users to install the application, perform in-app purchases, and use the application must be planned earlier.

Maintaining mobile applications regularly will also improve your product marketing and can indirectly increase your app traffic value.


Every application once developed needs to be updated after some time. While updating an application it is crucial to check for the latest platform and technologies.

You can develop a marvellous application that needs minimal updates in it. Otherwise, a wise option is to develop an MVP application and update it regularly to get the best outcome.


Mobile application maintenance and support also involve license renewal. The cost of Maintaining an application will also include design, and technology integration which also require license fees.

The license price was relevant before but now it depends on the mobile software, vendors, and their development manner.


As mentioned earlier, maintaining a mobile application is very important to maintain the pace and its fame in the market for a long time. Just developing an application with a unique design and themes doesn’t make your app successful, you also need to maintain it regularly.

To focus on the main key points of the mobile app maintenance plan you can go through the blog which is mentioned above so you can concentrate on those points to maintain the application keenly.

I hope the blog will help you to prioritize the key points of mobile app maintenance.

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