Top 7 Best Time Trackers

Sitting in the work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. doesn’t mean working productively. To do the job effectively is to explore every possible opportunity that is provided to the maximum identify and solve problems.

The best time trackers will help everyone work effectively and remain informed of time and money. Time tracking software is fitting for a person or company who wants to optimize the management of their enterprise.

With the aim of you to decide on the service that is more suitable for you, we offer an overview of the best attendance tracking solutions. You can see more lists like these at You can use their list maker to come up with lists to share online and with your friends.


ezClocker is a simple and easy-to-use application. Good for people who have employees who work from home. It helps you in Employee Time Tracking.


  • Clock In/Out Anywhere
  • GPS Verification
  • Online Scheduling

Employee Time Tracking Options

  • Web
  • Mobile App
  • Kiosk App



The first of our top seven employee monitoring software primarily specializes in controlling the activity of remote employees. This software program gives you access to a 14-day trial period for you can be trained in all the features of the software.

  • Complete report on work time spent on each task
  • Prompts for work tasks if a user “got lost” in time;
  • Monitoring open sites and apps
  • Screenshots of display in use
  • The simple payment process procedure
  • Login to the dashboard for clients, where they can watch the tasks they have finished and the time spent on it



Time tracker for those working online – offers time monitoring, and billing in one click and monitors the work of employees both in the office or remotely.

TMetric is free to use with up to 5 work positions under your company account. However, the free plan is very limited in functionality. There is a Professional plan for budgeting, billing, and customer management. The most functional is the Business plan, it allows large companies to check employees and workforce management options not available to other plans.

Like most of the other solutions, TMetric provides a table of plans with a comparison of the specified features available.

The main ones include:

  • Time tracking – offline and online
  •  Adding work time for done tasks
  • General project reports and detailed reports;
  • Unlimited number of projects, managing access to project information, decomposing big tasks to smaller, project estimates, billing for each project and worker;
  •  Track employee activity
  •  Integration with other services



Very popular in time trackers, which was founded back in 2006. Harvest now provides work logging and payroll services to thousands of clients around the world, from sole entrepreneurs, and small businesses, to big companies.

The Harvest tool provides free for individual use and a paid plan for the team with several projects. With it, you can :

  •  Track time and money
  • Stay informed of your employee’s time
  • Shrink all project information to a table with diagrams.
  • Manage a payroll system
  • Make an individual schedule for each team member.
  • Harvest can be used on mobile with the app, on desktop, and on web via different integrations



This is a classic time tracker, allowing you to monitor daily activity from different platforms: desktop apps, websites, and smartphone apps.

Toggl has three types of plans: starter, premium, and enterprise. No free plan but you can get 30 day trial period Depending on the plan you choose, you will be getting a list of the basic functions for your time management, among them:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Online and offline time tracker, Pomodoro method, Reminders;
  • Create and run reports
  • Creating multiple numbers of projects, templates for projects, and project management panels;
  • User groups, team role management, team control panel ;
  • Integration with other services.

Hubstaff Hubstaff Hubstaff


This soft was designed by a team of remote employees to manage their time more efficiently

  •  Time tracking is available on smartphones, personal computers, websites, and offline ;
  • GPS tracking, time-tracking automation through geographic monitoring and performance monitoring;
  • Online schedule for the team
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Progressive Task Management
  • Simple payroll.

Hubstaff is one platform for full-time control of your remote team.



Monitask provides employee monitoring software to increase productivity, efficiency, and accountability across your remote members.

If а you want to know what your remote employees are doing while working for you Monitask is an easy-to-use employee monitoring software designed for remote workgroups, which includes automatic schedules and screenshots of employee’s desktops as examples of work done. Monitoring screenshots is completely transparent to employees, and they are shown when it starts and when it stops.

Features include:

  • Screenshots monitoring
  • Automatic schedules – accurate schedules up to a minute
  • Interactive dashboard see, who is currently working and what is working
  • Detailed reports

In the web version, you can browse timecards, and apps used, compile reports, and more. Online settings provide comprehensive control of software features. You will have the ability to set individual rates tariffs for each user There are Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop apps to track your time. Monitask has a very simple interface and very affordable pricing and even a free version for personal usage.



This a very good alternative if you looking to an effective time tracking solution

  • Monitoring team member activities, reporting and reporting;
  •  Project management, time spent on each project;
  • Creating accounts, depending on time worked and the cost of the work ;
  • Register work hours, vacations, weekends, and overtime hours conveniently for you.
    The program can be used on any platform.
    Paid versions include project management apps, budgeting, employee screenshots, and more.

So What to Choose?

If you never had the experience of time tracking and employee activity monitoring we recommend trying these listed pieces of software. Depending on the specifics of your activity, type of workplace, and the way you cooperate with employees and customers, you can choose a time tracker that is right for you and will be able to better optimize your workflow.

However, we are sure: that the right time tracker is already half of your success because it will teach you how to manage your time correctly, which means that for you it will be the best time tracker.


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