Cloud Telephony: Modern Way of Marketing Business

Cloud Telephony: Modern Way of Marketing Business

As small businesses and large enterprises embrace innovative cloud technology, there is more than one way in which it is making an impact.

Besides cloud-based apps and storage solutions, cloud telephony is coming ahead as a key differentiator.

The potential of this technology is huge and it can actually transform the way you connect with your customers and drive your marketing initiatives in the future. Regardless of the niche, size, and scale of your organization, a cloud-based system can serve as a valuable asset.

Not modernizing the conventional phone systems and moving them to the cloud means that you will miss out on the opportunities to achieve higher efficiency and faster growth. The best part is that switching to cloud telephony is easy as a breeze and you can do it without any additional infrastructure.

Apart from the efficiency, affordability, and scalability that these solutions offer, the major advantage that you cannot ignore relates to business marketing.

Let us see why you must absolutely consider embracing this technology to take your marketing initiative to the next level.

Supports Remote Operations

As the competition in the market gets tougher than ever, businesses cannot afford to confine their marketing initiatives with factors like location and time. Cloud telephony supports remote operations extensively by enabling the sales agents to take customer calls anytime and even from their own devices.

While businesses operate from multiple locations today, the scenario has completely changed with almost all of them having to switch to the remote model amid the COVID situation. The technology has surely emerged as the emergency rescue strategy to grow even amid the crisis and lockdown.

Customer support, which was once managed from the office telephone, is now possible from anywhere, that too without any compromise on the quality of customer experiences.

Enables Seamless Customer Support

Marketing goes much beyond promoting your products, services and brands. In the current competitive landscape, excelling on the customer support front is critical. Customers are the reason you are there and you must go the extra mile to make them happy and satisfied.

Customer support is all about being available with the right solutions when they need to connect but fielding their calls can be overwhelming.

You have to handle those coming from multiple locations, having different issues, and expecting perfect solutions within seconds. Your customer support team has to be there, whenever the customers connect and wherever they are. These concerns can be easily addressed by cloud telephony solutions by making call management infinitely easy.

Your agents can leverage them to receive and handle multiple calls in parallel, record them to analyze issues, track call time, and route them to the suitable departments and representatives.

Facilitates Personalization of Caller Interactions

With a cloud telephony system in place, you can customize the call flows to make the marketing strategies more targeted. For example, you can make greetings language-specific while targeting potential customers from different geographical locations.

Similarly, you can even customize them according to special occasions, seasons, and timing. Since there is a software to handle everything, your representatives need to do nothing. Rather, setting up and customizing the system is a matter of a few clicks and they can handle it with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface as well.

Offers Detailed Call Analytics

Knowing your customers and their expectations are the key to success for business marketing. At the same time, you can go the extra mile by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your agents.

This is exactly what the cloud telephony system empowers you with as you can use it to get detailed call analytics. It offers access to accurate and complete information on every single call and SMS that you send or receive.

This data is highly useful for the companies as it lets them analyze patterns relating to issues such as common, customer queries, call volumes, average query resolution time, number of missed calls, and more. This goes a long way in streamlining the customer response rates and improving the response quality as well.

Propels Business Expansion Plans

Every organisation has expansion in mind but scaling up is only possible if you have happy customers. Embracing cloud telephony is a smart move that gets you one step closer to your expansion targets. They help you enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

Most amazingly, these solutions offer a host of features at a much lower cost than the conventional system, which means that you can scale up quickly and easily without worrying about the financial implications. The major advantage is that additional infrastructure is not needed for scaling.

Cloud telephony enables your team to add, delete or modify the users with just a few clicks. With lesser work and spare time, they can increase the call volume and extend the business reach.

Gives You the Opportunity to Focus in Your Core Business

Another reason that makes a cloud telephony system a business essential is that it cuts the burden of hiring, training and retaining a huge team on a function that is an auxiliary, yet important function, that is your customer support. Most businesses consider the customer support team’s role to be a supportive one, but this is something that you cannot afford to ignore as well.

Once you have it sorted out with cloud tech, you can focus on the core functions such as product development and marketing.  Obviously, this is an indirect way in which this technology can propel your marketing initiatives by giving you more time for focusing on them.

Enhances Your Brand Image

Branding is one of the vital aspects of marketing because it is all about establishing long-term credibility, trust, and loyalty for your business. Cloud telephony helps in this context as well. It automates customer communications, allowing them to connect with the right agents and relevant departments by only pressing different keys.

With such a smooth system for interaction, they perceive your business as a professional organization that goes above and beyond to serve the customers.

Moreover, local area codes indicate that your firm has a local presence. So you have the opportunity to connect to the customers globally with a local presence, even if you operate from just one office. By delivering personalized interactions and excellent call management support, you can enhance your brand’s image manifold. This opens the potential for positive word of mouth for the business as well.

Wrapping Up

Considering the immense benefits that your business can avail by investing in this technology, you should do it sooner rather than later. And it is not going to be a choice for the businesses in the current scenario when remote work is the key to survival. The only way you can be available to your customers and keep up with your marketing strategy is by moving your phone system to the cloud.

One thing that you should bear in mind while exploring cloud telephony services is to choose a provider you can trust. Look for one that offers holistic and feature-rich solutions that have you covered from start to end. Prioritize factors such as availability, support, and affordability as well.

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