How to Repair OST File – A Complete Guide

Repair OST File

The OST is an offline folder file in Outlook email software. Offline folders allow users to work offline and also synchronize their changes with the Exchange server when they reconnect.

A user may easily repair OST files and perform tasks like reading or deleting current emails, storing draughts, composing new emails, and so on.

Working offline is advantageous in platforms with limited or intermittent connectivity. Furthermore, damage to the Exchange Server does not affect the OST File.

However, the OST file can become corrupted at any time. Before accessing the OST file, users must first fix it.

Reasons for OST File Corruption

The following reasons are given below why OST file corruption occurs:

  • Virus attacks and gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
  • Network issues like buffering, bad call quality, and no internet connection.
  • Power and Data storage device failure.
  • Oversize of OST file.

Previously, we discussed various reasons to repair OST files. Now we’ll tell you how to repair corrupted OST files manually.

Manual Methods to Repair Corrupted OST File

After the given reason, now we will discuss the manual methods to repair corrupted OST files, which are listed below:-

  • Repairing Outlook OST File
  • How To Fix Corrupt OST File By Using Manual Method
  • Repair Outlook OST File Using Professional Method

Method 1: Repairing Outlook OST File

For repairing Outlook OST files, we are going to apply Scanpst.exe known as the Outlook inbox repair tool. With the use of this tool, users can repair their corrupted OST and PST files. Before starting, the inbox repair tool, create a backup.

  1. Exit MS Outlook and pick one of the following file locations.
  2. Open the Scanpst.exe tool.
  3. Press on the Browse button, and choose the Outlook data file you want to repair.
  4. Next, click on the start button.
  5. Now, Tick makes a backup of the scanned file before repairing it from the checkbox.
  6. After that, hit on the repair button.
  7. After completion of the process, you may see the recovered Personal Folders or the Lost and Found folder which contains your missing folders and items.

Earlier, We discussed the method of repairing the Outlook OST file. If this method does not work for some users, they should use a different way to fix corrupt OST files.

Method 2: How To Fix Corrupt OST File By Using Manual Method

  1. First, press on the OST file folder, and choose Properties.
  2. When the dialogue box appears, click on the Clear Offline Items tab under this dialogue box.
  3. Select the OK button to proceed further.
  4. Next, on the Outlook ribbon, you have to select the Send/Receive option.
  5. Finally, click on Update Folder to save the changes.

As above methods of fixing corrupt OST files are discussed. If the user finds any difficulty in performing the manual methods, we have a professional method to repair Outlook OST files.

Limitations While Fix OST Files and Repairing OST Files

The following Limitations are given below while fixing the OST file and repairing the OST file:

  • It only fixes minor OST file corruption issues.
  • Fewer chances to recover data from the OST file.
  • It requires technical knowledge.
  • The repair process may be slow.
  • More possibility of human errors.

Recently, We discussed the limitations of fixing OST files and repairing OST files in simple steps. Now, we tell you about repairing the Outlook OST File by using third-party software.

Method 3: Repair Outlook OST File Using Professional Method

Here are various methods to repair OST files. It works competently and helps in avoiding corruption. And, if you are searching for a tool that works effectively for OST File repair, then third-party software is perfect. It is the best one-stop solution for accurately fixing corrupted OST files without data loss and with security.


In the final, as we tell you there are multiple techniques to repair OST files due to the oversize of the OST file.

To simplify the problem, we have introduced both manual and professional methods. As we discussed, the first manual methods with their limitations.

After that, we introduced an automated technique recommended by IT professionals. I hope your issue regarding how to repair the OST file is fixed now.

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