Ten Ways the Graphic Design Industry Has Changed Over the Years

Graphic Design Industry

The graphic design industry has changed a lot over the past few years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the huge role it plays in our lives. A lot of different areas of business, ranging from packaging design, logos, and even website themes use graphic design. Businesses are turning to graphic design companies to help them create eye-popping promotions.

Businesses must create a brand identity, and this identity is always comprised of values, and mission, and provides products or services with a perceived value. All of this is communicated through images, starting with the logo and transitioning throughout all marketing materials. Graphic design follows a business everywhere they go – from social media to physical packaging.

Graphic Design Company

Today’s business world is becoming much more competitive, so brands are always looking for ways to get a step ahead of their competitors. Branding is the process through which we achieve this.

The graphic design industry has a large part to play in branding. With that in mind, let’s look at how this industry has changed over the years.

#1: Technology Continues to Evolve

Technology continues to evolve at a record pace and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Graphic designers have access to programs like Photoshop and Illustrator so that they can create more sophisticated designs.

This has led to some of the best designs. As technology continues to evolve, we’ll see even more artists working their way into the industry. With so many options available, businesses will have access to more designers than ever. They will be able to choose the ones that fit their unique niche.

Technology Continues to Evolve

#2: The Use of Environmental Graphics has Increased

We’ve seen the trend of using environmental graphics grow in recent years. Businesses are using them to set the mood in their physical locations. The idea is to provide customers with a specific mindset as they enter a physical location. People want to experience augmented reality, so I expect the demand for environmental graphics to continue to grow.

#3: Development of Typeface

Letters and words were all that were used for business marketing in the past. However, the graphic design industry has joined the field and changed the scenario completely. Now we see a combination of both old and new in the form of unique typeface designs. The typeface is an inevitable result of the innovation of graphic design experts. There are so many unique typefaces used today that it has become a staple of the entire industry.

#4: Logo Design is Completely Disrupted

Logo design has always been one of the essential services that a graphic design company would have to offer. Companies used to charge a fortune for logo design, but the internet has completely disrupted that. The reason is that small business has access to the market so that they can create logos at a fraction of the cost. It’s not like companies are losing quality either. Talented freelancers load the internet.

Logo Design is Completely Disrupted

#5: Motion Design

Motion graphics is probably the fastest-growing method in graphic design. It all started with title sequences in films and the popularity of animations. It’s no surprise that businesses are seeking this type of design. We see it become as popular as typography!

#6: Internet Technology is in the Constant State of Flux

The internet continues to expand and change at such a rapid pace that businesses are having a tough time keeping up. We see speed evolve and web designs becoming more innovative. So, what we’re starting to experience is a battle between intricate designs and minimalist ones.

Some industries are powered by minimalism, so simple web designs, yet functional are going to win out. Other sectors are powered by fancy designs with all those flashy buttons. Graphic design companies must understand each unique industry and adapt their practices.

#7: Mobile Development is the Frontrunner

Mobile technology has become a fundamental piece of the online market, so graphic designers have to keep this in mind. Designs must be created with the mindset that they are going to be first seen on mobile. This is a significant change from the past when plans were almost guaranteed to be seen on a billboard.

#8: Muted Color Palettes

We have seen some of the boldest colors in graphic design used in recent years. It’s moved away from traditional colors into more exotic palettes like electric yellow and toxic green. However, all those vivid colors are starting to distract consumers from important messages, so businesses are moving back to the basics.

#9: Data is Shaping the Future

Companies have become much more data-centric, so the graphic design industry is following suit. Analyzing data can show you exactly what types of designs are well-received by a specific industry. This allows designers to tweak designs to meet the demands of the market.

Graphic design companies are going to be able to offer better, more specialized services for every industry so you will need to follow suit. Consumer demand changes so rapidly that you must stay up-to-date. Even a graphic design company needs to make data part of its standard process.

#10: There are More Fonts Available than Ever

The two most popular fonts used to be Arial and Times New Roman. However, the market has become overly saturated with them, so they are losing popularity. Businesses are looking to stand out, and they can’t correctly do that by using the same fonts as everyone else.

So, the graphic design industry is now putting its creativity to use by creating unique fonts that are used to create catchy headers and logos. Graphic Design in CT is experienced in that, as well as many other graphic design services.


Now that we have looked at the top two ways that graphic design has changed over the years, it’s essential to understand the key takeaway. A common trend we see is that markets are always in a constant state of change.

Designs that work today might not work tomorrow, so a graphic design company needs to keep track of popular trends.

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