Why Translation is Important for Your Business Website?

In this world of globalization, enticing global customers is more important than before. A large number of internet users browse your website as the first point of contact with your business.

Therefore, it is very important to make your content appealing and understandable for the customers. In this way, you can not only increase your sales but also build a long-term relationship with the customers.

Companies usually pay attention to creating a user-friendly interface for their website, but there is no use of a user-friendly interface if personalization is not taken into account. Personalization helps in enhancing customer experience.

It deals with tailoring the product advertisement and product specifications according to the requirements of customers. One of the most important things to consider in personalization is language.

Translating your website into a customer’s native language is a very difficult task especially when we know that 88 % of the customers won’t come to your website after an unpleasant experience.

As the world has become more digital so multilingual websites have the potential to transform your business and sustain fierce competition. Let’s have a look at how translation is important for our business website.

Reaching the Wide Audience

The translated website helps to expand your reach to a wider audience. Statistics show that 25% of internet users are native English speakers so to cater other 75% of potential customers, the businessman should be sensitive to their needs. By translating your website, you are providing new options for customers that were not targeted before.

This will increase your sales and profits. The probability of reaching new customers is very high with a multilingual website because there are many languages spoken around the globe. For example, Spanish is widely spoken in the USA, so to go global and local, you need to translate your website into the Spanish language.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

As we are moving towards economically perilous times because of the pandemic, so global businesses need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Due to the global recession and mitigating spending patterns, businesses need to be creative to pass this crucial time. A translated website will do this and can boost your cross-border sales.

Improving Conversion and Reducing Bounce Rates

As per the study by CSA,  Can’t Read Won’t Buy has suggested that 72.1% of consumers tend to spend time on a website that is in their native language. If you translate your website into different languages, then a foreign consumer who is visiting your site will not leave the site immediately because the site is in their native language.

The low bounce rate will have a good impact on the conversion rate. They will feel confident if they understand all the steps in the purchasing process. Moreover, this is also stated by the CSA that 72.4% of consumers are more likely to buy products from your website if it is in their native language.

Ranking in Search Engines

The success of a business website depends upon its ability to appear in the search engine result pages (SERP) and rank high.

A high rank on search engine pages makes your website easily accessible to the audience. As a result, your traffic is increased, sales are improved and revenue is increased. You should be aware of the fact that to rank high on a global level, you need to translate your website into multiple languages.

After the translation of the website, you need to present on SERP so that you are optimized for global SEO. Your website should be properly translated with proper URLs and metadata. When you are done with all this, your website will be available in all search engines and rank you high on the result pages.

Cost-Effective Marketing

As we know, a website is the first point of customer interaction, so it can help in marketing your business. You can easily market your products and services to reach your potential customers cost-effectively.

As per the marketing advisory from DemandMetric, content marketing will cost 62% less than other traditional types of marketing and can generate 3 times more leads. If you translate your website and come up with a multilingual marketing strategy, it will help to attract more audiences and improve your sales and revenue.

Customer-Centric Approach

As personalization is important for securing customers and enhancing sales, in the same way accurately translated websites are the focal point of the customer-centric approach. When the quality content is provided in the customer’s native language on the website then they will feel acknowledged and appreciated. This is also the best option for beating your competitors.

Improving Brand Image

At present, businesses need to work as per customers’ requirements. They need to flex themselves to impress customers. A website translated in multiple languages shows that you are operating your global business well with a degree of elaborateness, sophistication, and complexity. Customers will look at all these things, appreciate your professionalism and help you to take your business to the next level.

 Wrapping Up

Today consumer behavior is changing in the global digital landscape because their preferences change with time. By translating your website into customers’ native languages according to their regional and linguistic nuances, you can leave a strong impact and stand ahead of competitors.

Simply put, overcoming the language barrier is important for global business expansion. Although the translation of the website is a tedious task, it will reap you many benefits. The hard work, time, and money you spend on the translation of websites are worth it.

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