10 Best Speech Therapy Apps in 2024

Speech Therapy Apps

2024 was a roller-coaster ride! Apart from the pandemic, there were deadly bushfires and severe earthquakes that wracked the world economy and politics.

But looking at the bad things only is simply unfair. 2024 also gave us the chance to reflect on our life choices, and the opportunity to organize our lives a little more.

The popularity of Zoom, WhatsApp Video Calling, and Google Meet-like apps have made speech therapy more accessible to people across the globe. Technology has broken the boundaries and given people with speech disfluencies access to speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and speech therapists.

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These apps have proven that anyone, anywhere can access therapy without spending big bucks. Here are the top 10 speech therapy apps you can try in 2024.

1. Stamurai – The Speech Therapy App for People Who Stutter

Stamurai is a holistic speech therapy app. It has speech exercises, breathing exercise guides, and meditation guides. Learning and practicing stuttering exercises at home with this app is easy.

It is one app that features guided therapy that users can customize for their unique needs. Users can track their progress too using the analytics feature of Stamurai.

Users can participate in group video sessions and become part of the Stamurai Community that supports all active members who stutter.

Stamurai is available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Splingo – The App Helping Toddlers Develop Listening and Language Skills

The Splingo app universe features high-quality interactive games, animated videos, language assessment, word descriptions, and English grammar for toddlers.

The different categories are ideal for toddler who needs a little encouragement, motivation, and lots of fun while learning.

Splingo was developed in coordination with speech-language therapists for kids between the ages of 18 months and 4 years.

Currently, Splingo is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

3. Articulation Station – Kids’ App For Learning and Pronouncing Different Sounds

Articulation Station is a highly lauded speech therapy app for children. It enables children to practice over 22 sounds at three different levels – words, sentences, and stories.

The app uses engaging games, rotating sentences, and flashcards to help children learn the pronunciation of the initial, medial, and last parts of different words.

It is currently available only for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users.

4. LAMP Words for Life – The Speech Therapy App for Children with Autism

LAMP meets the communication needs of children who are within the autism spectrum. Many children with autism face difficulties in expressing themselves.

The therapy app utilizes a therapeutic approach for leveraging motor plans for vocabulary access. The app caters to children who have just begun developing verbal skills with a symbol-based approach.

However, older children can also benefit from this app. It does not put an age limit on the users.

LAMP Words for Life is available for iPad right now.

5. Speech Tutor – Teaches School-aged Kids to Pronounce Specific Sounds

The Speech Tutor is a parent-friendly and SLP-guided app that is ideal for elementary school children.

Speech Tutor uses multiple articulation decks and two articulation screeners.

It uses 2D movies to display how specific sounds are made. The app allows the users to see the frontal and side view of the movements of the articulators. When the user (kid) picks a sound, they can watch an animated version of how the sound is produced.

Kids can easily learn to produce new sounds and identify the ones they need to work on.

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6. Keyword Understanding – Receptive Language App for Children

Auditory processing difficulties, repetitive language disorder, reduced attention spans and autism spectrum disorders are very common. However, finding therapy isn’t.

Keyword Understanding is an auditory processing and receptive language app. It has multiple levels.

Several speech therapists and SLPs use this app to help students with language delays and autism spectrum disorder.

7. Apraxia Therapy – An App for People with Apraxia

Apraxia of speech is a speech sound disorder. This app helps people of all ages speak again with videos for assistance.

The Apraxia Therapy app helps the users speak consistently and correctly. The users can repeat what they see on the screen or hear on the app.

The video demonstrates one’s mouth movements. Apraxia Therapy is available at three different speech levels.

This app is perfect for the survivor of a brain injury or cerebral stroke, their family member or caregiver, and SLPs.

You can find it on the Google Play store for your Android phone.

8. Naming Therapy – An App for Stroke Patients

Sometimes, adults acquire speech problems due to traumatic brain injury or even cerebral strokes. The Naming Therapy app for Android Phones helps people overcome the lack of expressive language, something stroke victims face often.

It can be incredibly frustrating to not be able to express oneself. The Naming Therapy app helps stroke patients remember words, and names, and express their thoughts through speech therapy.

9. Advanced Naming Therapy – The Next Level Speech Therapy App for Aphasia

Thousands of adults are dealing with aphasia following a cerebral stroke. Advanced Naming Therapy is the next-gen of the Naming Therapy app.

It has four engaging activities. It improves one’s expressive language skills through thought organization, mental flexibility, and attention to detail.

It is perfect for individuals and their caregivers. It allows users to create sentences; the app also generates words, describes preset photos, and compares over 200 pairs of listed items using verbal reasoning.

It is available on the Google Play store for all Android users.

10. Otsimo – the Speech Therapy SLP

Otsimo|Speech therapy is ideal for children with any speech impediment. Children with autism, stuttering, articulation, and delayed speaking skills can use this app.

This app utilizes voice and speech recognition to understand what the users are saying. The Machine Language (ML) based app can help via speech games.

Concerned parents, speech therapists, and SLPs have come together to create and improve Otsimo.

You can get it for your Android device at the Google Play store.

Wrapping Things Up

You can choose to download and use one, or multiple of these apps listed here depending on your speech therapy necessities.

Each person’s speech therapy requirement is different. Most of these apps have a limited and free trial version. If you like the trial, you can go ahead and subscribe to the complete range of exercises and features of the app.

In most cases, the annual subscription to these apps costs significantly less than the cost of in-person speech therapy or a visit to an SLP.

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