How to Find the Same Files on Mac

Apple’s Mac is a superb laptop series that offers a wide variety of products, ranging from those designed for moderate home needs to those designed for high-end professional use.

However, storage problems are extremely typical with Mac computers, and this is true regardless of whether you use the device for personal or professional purposes. You might pay a significant amount of money to acquire the most advanced model of the product; yet, sooner or later, you might run into issues with the product’s storage capacity.

The fact that we carelessly save far too many images on our Mac is one of the primary contributors to the existence of such issues. This results in the buildup of undesirable photos, particularly duplicates, which in turn leads to problems with inadequate storage capacity. When you store images, duplicates and other photos with a similar composition can quickly accumulate and become difficult to manage.

If you are also dealing with these sorts of issues, read on for an explanation of how to erase images off a Mac. You can either manually find and remove duplicate files or use duplicate file finder software.

Because of this, you will be able to free up some more gigabytes on your storage for use with other crucial data. However, before we go into detail about how to remove pictures from a Mac, have a look at the best ways to get rid of duplicate images on a Mac, which are provided in the next section.

How Can You Get Rid of Photos on Your Mac Quickly? 

When it comes to how to erase images off your Mac, you have more than one option to choose from. For the sake of convenience, we shall outline the method for both of them below.

In addition, by the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will be familiar with the process of restoring or recovering images that have been erased on a Mac.

How Do I Delete Photos Using the Photos App That Comes Built-In to My Mac?

To begin, allow us to walk you through the process of erasing images from your Mac with the assistance of the images software that comes pre-installed on your computer.

The Photos app, like any other photo viewer or manager, gives you the ability to delete photos with just a few clicks and is incredibly user-friendly in this regard. For information on how to delete photos using the Photos app, go to the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the Photos application on your Apple computer.

Step 2:  You can pick the photographs that you want to delete by hitting shift and an arrow key together, or you can click the Command key and select each image individually.

Step 3: When you right-click on any of the selected images, a drop-down menu will show. From that menu, select the option to Delete the image.

Step 4: To continue, select Yes from the confirmation menu on the device, if it presents itself.

The Trash area of the Photos app will now contain all of the images that you manually choose and then destroy using the app. If necessary, you can either restore or recover these photographs from the Trash, or you can delete them completely on your Mac by using the Empty the Trash command.

How Do You Delete Photos From Your Mac by Choosing to Delete the Entire Album?

Deleting albums is yet another efficient method for addressing the question of how to delete images on a Mac.

On a Mac, the built-in Photos software enables you to quickly and simply remove individual photos from within an album, should you so desire. The procedure to erase the entire album is incredibly user-friendly and useful. The following is what you are need to do:

Step 1: Start the Photos application that comes preinstalled on your Mac.

Step 2: You can delete an album from your Mac by selecting it from the menu on the left and then right-clicking on it.

Step 3: The Delete album option will become available in a pull-down menu, which you must pick in order to remove the album.

Step 4: If you want to delete the album, the system will ask for your confirmation first. To remove, select the option to delete by clicking the Yes button.

Anyone can remove images on their Mac based on the albums they are in with the assistance of these straightforward procedures that have been offered above. If, on the other hand, you’d rather get rid of all of the photographs, the following strategy will help you do so quickly and easily.

How Do I Delete All of the Images on My Mac Using the Photos Application?

It is possible that you will be required to remove all of the photographs in order to completely format the Mac or sell it. The following instructions will guide you through the process of permanently deleting images from your Mac:

Step 1: Launch the Photos application on your Mac.

Step 2: On the main screen of the application, press the Command and A keys.

Step 3: You can delete any image by using the right mouse button to select it, and then clicking the Delete option from the context menu that appears.

This will make it very simple to erase photographs from your Mac. However, because they need the user to manually pick which photographs to delete, the methods described above are unable to delete duplicates automatically.

It is an extremely challenging task to manually select duplicates. Therefore, read on for another approach to eliminate duplicates in an automated fashion.

Problem Solved: How to Identify and Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac

It is our sincere hope that the procedures outlined above have been of use to you in understanding how to delete images on a Mac. The procedures that we detailed in the preceding parts of this write-up are quite straightforward and easy to carry out.

To erase the photographs, you can use any combination of these methods—one, two, or all of them.

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