Practical Ways to Improve Your Web Design

Improve Your Web Design

Visitors will love your website if it looks well organized and clearly states what you are doing.

The first five seconds of visiting the website will determine whether someone wants to have a deep look into it or simply navigate away from it. For a better-looking and user-friendly website, you can look for web development services in Phoenix.

Your website will not simply succeed by having limited aspects such as the design and context. The design should nourish the users’ experience and suitably complement the content. Web development services in Phoenix will ensure your casual website visitors are turned into prospective clients for your business.

Studies show that visitors are likely to read only 15 to 25 percent of words on a page. If your website is cluttered and doesn’t have a concise message, your visitors won’t be spending more of their time.

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Below are ways to improve your website, increase conversions, and give your visitors the urge to visit again:

Use a Responsive Design

In recent years, many have started to use mobile phones to access the internet. This has let web designers create and enhance mobile-friendly or responsive designs. Google also began to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. A responsive website will give you more advantages.

Easy and Consistent Navigation

Navigation is an important factor to consider while designing your website. It should provide easy, fast, and consistent tools of navigating different pages of the website.

The design elements should be consistent throughout the webpage – the fonts, colors, column numbers, and grid styles should all be consistent.

Using mixed up elements in a webpage will confuse the reader. They might not get your message clearly, so move on to the next website and you will be losing business to your competitors.

Include Social Share Buttons

Your website should feature share and follow buttons at the end of every blog article. This will allow readers and visitors to easily share blogs across different social media platforms. This will help promote brand awareness. It will encourage people who might not know about the existence of your website to desire to learn more about your business.

Utilize White Space

White spacer refers to the blank spaces of the webpage that are between texts and images. Using these spaces well could be beneficial to your website by improving readability. Avoid too much cluttering since it could cause a distraction to the readers. They might exit without implementing your desired call to action. Use the white space to streamline your website and improve your bounce rate. Consider reviewing each page of the website individually and create enough white space for each. You might consider grouping the web content to enable the reader to easily distinguish the content.

Use Unique Images

The choice of photos and images you use on your website should be of high quality. Pictures are a great way to pass important information to the reader and it proves authenticity. You need to take the time to upgrade the pictures every other time. If you cannot use real photos for one reason or the other, then you can pick the most suitable photos to use.

Try to avoid blurry or low-resolution photos on your website. This may portray the lack of professionalism and may ruin the chances of attracting valuable customers

Use Infographics

Big text blocks are known to overwhelm website visitors. Use infographics to relay information when you don’t have enough space to use. Infographics help in keeping your webpage more precise, informative and captivating at the same time. A well-done infographic will attract a visitor to your website while transmitting the same information as several paragraphs that might have made them navigate away.

Include FAQs

Create a page on your website that is devoted to answering the most commonly asked questions. For the visitors who have burning questions, they will open this page the instant they land on your website. If you answer these questions well, they will be motivated to look through the website with the hope of getting more solutions to their problems.

This page should be updated regularly as more questions arise concerning the brand. The FAQ will improve search engine rankings and in streamlining site navigation.

Add a Contacts Page

Your contacts page is one of the most important pages on your website. It will give information on how website visitors can reach you. If they cannot easily access these contacts they will move to the competitor website and you could lose potential business. Your contact page should contain more than just general information.

Explain more to the visitor why they need to contact you and the help you can give them at a personal level. Include contact channels like email addresses, phone contacts, postal address, and the physical location of your company.


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