Ethernet vs Wi-fi for Gaming, Streaming, and Everything Else

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If you were brought up in the 20th Century, you have no idea about how life was in former times when there was no access to Wi-Fi and before everybody had a mobile phone.

We all had an ‘Ethernet cable’ running from our modems to our personal computers and the family shared internet time on that machine. You will never comprehend the battles of siblings keeping a timetable of one another’s time spent over the personal computer.

It was the ceaseless fight that never ended. Not everyone can use the computer or the internet at the same time.

Wi-Fi has brought comfort in our lives that we can’t envision returning to the cabled PCs again. It generally turns out to be extraordinary for gaming, streaming, and all the other things. Nonetheless, there can be times when it merely does not seem so amazing.

There are a few explanations behind that occurrence but that is a conversation for some other day. As I was stating, if you were born in the modern world of today you might be under the assumption that wires do not exist any longer.

You probably heard the adage that “Old is Gold.” Well so are Ethernet links and network access suppliers (Internet Service Providers) realize their value. It does not make a difference which internet service you have bought, be it AT&T Internet, Wave Internet, or Frontier Internet, you will be supplied with an Ethernet cable alongside your modem.

This is because there are still a few motivations to utilize these links on gadgets that are compatible with them. For example, your laptop, gaming consoles, etc. Ethernet cables allow direct and faster internet access which is especially great for streaming and gaming.

How about we do a speedy examination of both Ethernet and Wi-Fi to perceive the reasons behind why and when you should utilize either one for gaming, streaming, etc?

Speed and Stability

In the game of speed and strength, Ethernet wins without fail. A Wi-Fi network utilizes radio signals that can be influenced by disruptions like partitions, and entryways prompting reduced signal strength. Nevertheless, an Ethernet link has no issues like that. When connected you will get a steady speed however long you are connected.

The latency or ping is likewise lower on a wired connection prompting a much smoother streaming and gaming experience. Ethernet connectors also offer more transmission capacity than a Wi-Fi organization, hence making them extraordinary for bigger information or data transfer.

Even though Ethernet networks can create a network of unsightly wires, they do not wind up being as shaky as a Wi-Fi network.


Obviously, about adaptability, there is no match for our trusty Wi-Fi switches. As long as we are in range, we can have a connection on all our compact gadgets. It is ideal for keen home gadgets also.

Ethernet, then again, is a fixed connection. It would not bode well to carry a link from one room then onto the next exchanging the connection between devices. Therefore, it would just be helpful with fixed devices.


Hypothetically speaking, Ethernet connections are safer than Wi-Fi networks. It is said that since Wi-Fi utilizes radio signs it is simpler to hack them than a hard-wired connection.

In any case, all things being equal, it doesn’t make a difference if your network is wired or not, when online, you are exposed to digital attacks so it is essential to keep your router software and firewall refreshed and passwords secure.

On top of this, it is critical to have anti-virus software installed on all your devices and use them through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When to Use Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

Wi-Fi is incredible and that is for sure. Our lives have improved because of this development. Nevertheless, as examined above it is prone to physical blockages causing disintegrated or lost signals, unlike Ethernet cables.

Even though it is sufficient for the vast majority of our online exercises, however, about hefty downloads/transfers, web-based gaming, and streaming, it can frequently let us down.

The advantages of Ethernet are often ignored by most web clients because of the bothersome wires, yet genuine internet gamers will depend on it for a consistent gaming experience. The web speed is normally higher, ping is consistently lower, what more could you request, huh?

In any case, nowadays it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to wire every one of your devices because numerous makers have quit making Ethernet ports in their devices as an expense-cutting measure. So, for such devices, you don’t have an option. However, for the ones you do, take a stab at utilizing an Ethernet link to see the distinction.


Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet have their advantages and disadvantages and as I would like to think, it is ideal to have a mix of both in your home to have an ideal web experience.

Ethernet can be utilized for all your viable fixed devices, similar to your gaming console, smart TV, personal computer, or your streaming device.

This will guarantee solid connection by limiting dropouts in the connection with these devices giving you serenity while contending on the web with your companions in a round of Counter-Strike or marathon watching your #1 show.

Then again, Wi-Fi can help you keep all your versatile gadgets like your cell phones, PCs, and tablets associated with the web offering you adaptability and simplicity without overburdening the network.

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