The Ultimate Video Production Equipment Checklist

Video Production Equipment

If through your videos, you show your audience something that is productive as well as engaging, the audience is surely going to come back to you for more.

Making a good quality video is not as simple as it seems. However, you do not even need to know much of the technicalities in order to produce the content that will be appealing for your audience.

You need to step out in the production process in order to make money online. Following is the list video production equipment list for the fresher filmmaker. This simple beginner guide will help you with the basic video making tools and equipment. Use these tools to get a professional quality video.

The Video Camera: Best Video Production Tool

Choosing a camera depends on the type of movie you want to make as well as the affordability and where you propose to project the movie. A video camera is the most prominent element of any filmmaking equipment box. In order to capture best images & video production tool like camera play important role.

A DSLR can unquestionably be used for filmmaking. To get even a more- better image focusing while the zooming lens and steady equilibrium, increased voice pickups you would have to invest in an expensive video camera. You need to have a highly portable camera. You may choose from any of the below-mentioned cameras:

  • Action Camera
  • DSLR
  • Web Cam
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • CamCorder

The Sound Gear – A Microphone

The camera no doubt comes with incorporated microphones. However, it can be difficult to focus on the sounds when you cannot get close enough to the objects being recorded. That’s where a youtube mic comes into play. To get the high quality of audio with no miscellaneous noises, the microphones need to be used. In a professional recording, you cannot take the risk of creating mechanical issues. A microphone is one of the necessary video production equipment you need to have for better sound quality.

The audio quality has to go with and is required to complement the video. Following are the different types of microphones available for you to use, chose them according to the type of video you want to create:

  • The Short-gun Microphones
  • The Lapel Microphones
  • The Condenser Microphones
  • The USB Microphones

The Headphones: Video Production for Better Quality Sound

The headphones have a significant role to play. It is always important to wear a good quality earphone while recording the sound. To be alert with what the microphone is recording it is always recommended to wear headphone. The microphones being sensitive tools, they may catch some confusing voices so headphones help them to recognize them quickly. The headphones are the one of those video production equipment you need to produce good quality video.

The Tripod

A tripod is an essential piece of stabilizing equipment. It helps in making your movie more professional and stabilized. A small wobble can be visible on the camera. It improves the quality of your video. The tripods are generally an affordable choice ensuring the safety of your camera equipment. Using a tripod video production tool, you get a smooth coverage of your video.

Good Lighting

Lightly is all the way necessary to record a good quality video especially if you are to record in a dull room. The lightning can enhance the spirit and embellish your setup. The below mentioned are the categories of lighting equipment that you can use to amplify the quality of your video: Best quality lighting is very much important for video production.

  • The on-camera light
  • The umbrella light
  • The ring light
  • The softbox

The Gimbal Stabilizer

The gimbal is another type of stabilizer of your camera, no matter how you hold your camera there is always a risk of recording unsteady images.

Gimbals come in a variety of sizes and you just need to purchase the right type according to the size and type of your camera. When you are moving it helps to record your video steadily. A light weighted gimbal will be more expensive and steadier. This video production equipment is most important to make video stable.

Spare Batteries

You should never go to shoot without enough batteries in your equipment bag in unknown locations. It is always advisable to have a backup plan when the battery in your camera runs out. You do not want the camera battery to dwindle in halfway of the shooting process. They are handy and of great importance. This is also important for video production.

The Camera Bag

With all the equipment in your hand, you need to have something to hold all your tools and gears together at one place- a bag that is resilient and obviously hard wearing just so you could carry it along while going for a shoot.

The Video Editing Software

It’s absolutely necessary to have good video editing software. With the basic editing skills, the quality of your video can go beyond your imaginations. You don’t even need to be a technological expert for doing that. All you need to do is remove and modify all the sound pauses and add content in place of that. This can make your video of an extremely good standard.


With a good quality camera, it is necessary to have lenses depending on the style of your filmmaking. You can even get good results with manual focus primes with an adaptor. You can choose the lens you want. Following are some types of lenses that are available:

  • Wide angle lens
  • Clear protective lens
  • Polarizers
  • Zoom lens
  • Macros

Hard Drive

A poor storage device can make many problems for a movie maker. You can just offload the video into portable devices like a hard drive as trusting the memory cards installed in the camera can be a risky thing. It is always advisable to store the post-production footage into the hard drives for the safety and back up purpose.

The hard drives are handy and can easily be fit into the USB ports. In the above article, we have listed many of the essential equipment required in the production of a video. We may have even missed out a few ones. You can refer to this in order to choose the equipment for your video production.

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