6 Tips to Find The Best Video Explainer Software

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Explainer videos are short animated videos that aim to explain a product or service.

You can situate the explainer videos on the landing page or home page of your website or on specific pages which get high traffic.

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used by businesses for marketing or sales purposes.

It can be used to highlight the nature and value of your product or service idea in a simple, practical, understandable, and compelling manner. 

Animated videos enable organizations to harness both the visual and auditory senses of the target audience. You can find animated explainer video on the main web page embedded with the motive to explain wide-ranging and complex ideas into a viewer-friendly package. Animated videos have a solid call to action (CTA), as the target audience can easily convey to the audience what they need to do after watching the video.

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Explainer videos have the potential to increase conversion rates by 20%. Studies reveal that 90% of users report that explainer videos make it easy to understand what the product does and the value it provides. It enables businesses to clearly and effectively convey their value proposition.

But the real question is, how do you get started with the project of making an explainer video? It is pretty simple. You can use explainer video software to create these videos. These tools even guide the user through the creation process to produce engaging content. Here are six tips that will help you to choose the best video explainer software for your business.

Intuitive and Easy Platform

The primary feature that you should look for in video explainer software is the ease-of-use. Software that has a friendly interface and comes with an intuitive design is easy to use. It will enable you to quickly search for a particular activity, view, or report across the entire software platform.

You need to check if the explainer video software is convenient to operate and navigate. A clear and understandable navigation system is a key component that you should look for in software. It should have easy-to-use templates so that you don’t spend a lot of time learning the software dynamics. 


A video explainer software should enable you to edit your template, add new scenes, customize the colors and text, and upload your pictures and video, as per your requirements. Before choosing an explainer video, you need to perform critical operations like creating your video script and recording your voice-over.

Choose software that offers a wide range of templates, graphics libraries, animated charts, and other features, which will help you to create a compelling video. Look for software with an all-in-one tool to create intros, logo animations, promo videos, music visualizations, and more efficiently.

According to your requirements, you should customize your video by importing images, audio, and fonts, to make the right impact among your target audience.

Cloud-Based Software

A cloud-based video creation software enables you to create animated presentations with your team. You can upload your work on the cloud service, and the other team members can pick up the operation, collaborate, and add features to the video in real-time.

Separate groups concerned with script, music, visuals can combine their work and streamline the workflow in real-time. Cloud-based tools enable the team members to adjust scenes, modify the text, and create great animated content. It will also allow you to address existing issues within your video production workflow.


Cost is an important parameter while choosing video explainer software. It comes in various pricing models. Determine your budget to choose a suitable software that integrates the required features to develop your video.

Depending on the type of explainer video you are creating, be it 3D explainer videos, 2D explainer videos, animated explainer videos, or whiteboard explainer videos, choose a suitable pricing plan which incorporates features that cater to the needs of your video. 

Free Trial

Before you commit yourself to a particular video explainer software, you should ask your vendor for a free trial version to check if it is suitable for your video needs. It will help you determine if the software can support your project and its right features, template, video footages, and other features. 

Consider Multiple Options

You should shop around and consider multiple options before you settle down for a particular software. Outline each option’s pros and cons and how it supports the creation, editing, and sharing of the explainer videos.

Choose software with a simple, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, features a vast collection of explainer video templates, and a unique pricing structure.

To Conclude:

An explainer video breaks down complex concepts into simpler counterparts. You can develop such videos to explain the product or service features to your customers. Explainer videos can boost your business significantly. To choose the right software for creating the videos, you need to look for the above-mentioned features.

The software should have an easy-to-use interface, templates, video footages, and other features that will help you to make a compelling video.


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