Top 10 Email Marketing Tips That Drive 3X Conversion

Email Marketing Tips

No matter how quick & innovative ways come in marketing they can’t beat the efficiency of email marketing. Rumor has it, that email marketing is dead.

Then how come a survey was done by litmus in 2020, 80% of marketers said they would rather give up social media marketing than email. Doesn’t it impel you to try top email marketing tips that drive 3X conversion?

Most professionals & business persons still rely on emails for communication and sharing data. And, even without a Gmail ID, you can’t access any application, browser, or social media account. Therefore, the users of email marketing are surging drastically and are estimated to reach beyond 4.6 billion by 2025 from 4 billion in 2021.

Nevertheless, email marketing is quite sophisticated. From building an email list to planning out an email marketing funnel and writing email copy that converts needs expertise to generate Massive ROI. If you don’t want to flunk your email marketing strategy and waste your marketing budget.

It’s better to enroll in a digital marketing course in Jaipur or from the top institutes in any city that provide extensive knowledge & training to their students.

Email marketing is not only about sending out emails. There is a lot of work behind it that makes it competent to drive conversions & build strong relationships with customers. And, that’s why we’re about to share with you effective email marketing tips to increase sales & retain customers. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips That Drive 3X Conversion

78% of marketing experts stand by the fact that email marketing is important for a company’s success revealed through a study done by Litmus in 2020.

Whether you’re planning to improve your email marketing strategy or this is the first time you have decided to leverage email marketing for your business growth.

These proven email marketing tips & tricks will help you to generate sales & build loyal customers.

1. Segment Your Audience

On your way to creating an email marketing strategy. Don’t forget to segment your audience to make your email strategy super powerful. Segmenting your audience will help you to create a more precise email marketing strategy based on their interest, needs, and desires.

For instance, if you have 10,000 subscribers all of them don’t necessarily have the same interest and needs. And, if you create an email marketing strategy for all it will fail to engage users and drive normal to bad results.

You can use email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, to get a response, send blue to segment your audience and schedule emails, and more.

2. Create An Email Strategy

Plan out your email strategy based on your audience. Consider their needs, interests, and desires and think about what offers, benefits, and emotions will help to engage them. Make sure you plan everything out according to your end goal.

Drip & time-based marketing are considered to be email marketing best practices and are used for achieving different purposes. In drip marketing, you open loops according to the user’s response to your email and provide better offers to sweep the user in. It’s best for generating sales.

And, time-based marketing is perfect for nurturing your users with information and is best for building engagement. The best thing is, that you can automate these strategies through email marketing automation tools to make your work easier & effective.

3. Arouse Curiosity With the Subject Line

Subject lines determine your email marketing conversions more than the copy itself. It’s astonishing but true that 47% of users open the email based on the subject line and 67% of users mark emails as spam only based on the subject line.

So, if you want to increase your email’s open rate make the subject line personalized and feature emotional triggers to arouse curiosity. Tiny but this is one of the most impactful email marketing tips that drive 3X conversions.

4. Make Your Emails Mobile Responsive

A great portion of your audience opens emails through mobile. Despite that, according to the super office, 1 out of 5 email templates are not optimized for mobile. If you don’t want to lose your considerable mobile-using audience go for making your emails mobile-friendly and generating more conversions.

If you don’t believe me, consider a search done by MailChimp in 2019 which uncovered that mobile-responsive email marketing can significantly increase conversions by 15%.

Make Your Emails Mobile Responsive

5. Include Videos In Content

Not everyone is text savvy. And, if you want to pass on important information to your audience. Make it fun & interesting by featuring it in a video. And, see your click-through rate increase. Even data says, solely a word video in the subject line can increase the click-through rate by 300%.

Include Videos In Content

6. Make It All About Them

Alone a personalized subject line won’t add items to your cart or build engagement. Your email copy should be all about your audience. Talk about the benefits they will get by opting for your products & services. And, instead of targeting everyone with a passive voice, use “you” to make them feel special.

7. Keep Email Copy Short & Sweet

Long email copies are great for intimidating users but this is not what you want. Right! So, use your copywriting skills to make your email’s copy engaging in less powerful words.

Email Copy Short & Sweet

8. Craft Contextual Call To Action

In email marketing, you’re allowed to make your call to action a little descriptive & engaging. So, craft a call to action that is easy to understand for users and make them take the next move.

Craft Contextual Call To Action

9. Make the Subject Line & Copy Natural

Using all caps in your subject lines, exclamations, bold, and italics in your subject line can put your emails in spam folders. People are less likely to trust emails in spam. So, make your content as natural as possible.

10. Leverage A/B Testing

Doing the same things will drive the same results. And, if you’re willing to improve your email marketing results. Instead of relying on what you have been doing, try out new ideas and test them to find out how effective they are. If it delivers good results you win and if not even great you get a new idea that doesn’t work well.

Leverage AB Testing


89% of marketers use email marketing as a primary method for generating leads & drive sales. You can also use email marketing strategies for generating more sales & retaining your customers with 10 proven email marketing tips that drive 3X conversions.

People say practice brings perfection but in email marketing trial and error does. So, allow yourself to fail to discover infallible ideas of what works best or not through A/B testing for your future email campaigns.

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