The 15 Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy in 2024

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2024 is still not over, and we’ve had some amazing tech gadgets for us to buy and invest in. Some of these can be described as a luxury while the rest simply provide quality of life changes.

One of the highlights has been the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 better known as the CES 2024. Some amazing technologies were unveiled as well as some great products for the future.

With all the developments that happen in the technological field, it can be quite difficult to maintain track of these technologies. But no need to fret, below are the top 15 coolest gadgets of 2024 so far.

To buy or to not buy remains the question, but with this list, you will probably get a fair idea of which technologies to invest in and which to look forward to.

1. The Steam Deck

The Steam tech has been rumored since May 2021, and now with the official announcement of it being released in December 2021, we can hardly wait to get our hands on this amazing gaming system.

The Steam Deck

Valve’s newest project will allow gamers to enjoy their Steam library on the go. This portable device is truly something to look forward to.

2. Oculus Quest 2

Virtual Reality headsets have been the next big thing for the past decade. But with the newest Quest 2 by Oculus, we can expect some major developments in the field of virtual reality.

This is a luxury item that will change the way we consume media. From escape room games to architectural projects, VR is still without a doubt one of the most exciting technologies.

3. Apple iPad Pro (2021

Nothing beats the utility and portability of an iPad. The iPad has been a go-to device for artists, analysts, and many more for years. This model, however, is even better.

The 2021 iPad has two variants of 11 or 12.9 Inches. Both are stunning not only in their visual output but the processing power has been updated to suit modern needs.

Apple Ipad Pro

4. Ampere Shower Power

Depending on your preference, this is a great device for improving quality of life and convincing, or is simply a unique luxury. These shower speakers are attached to a showerhead.

For those who like to listen to music, having to secure your external speakers from water damage is quite a challenging task at times. But with this device, you can seamlessly play your favorite playlist from your phone without worrying about any damage.

This device runs or is powered by your shower, that’s right! It’s a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by hydropower.

5. Zephyr PRO – Mouse

With most of working from home, computer accessories have become quite important. Now whether it’s for work or leisure, a mouse is a necessity. But the Zephyr Pro is a cut above the rest.

Not only is the mouse ergonomic, but it also reduces sweaty palms from long browsing or gaming sessions.

Zephyr PRO - Mouse

6. Anker Power Core – Power bank

Even with long-lasting batteries, we always fear the time when our phones are on the verge of running out of charge. Power banks have been quite useful in the past decade or so.

The Anker Power Core is a 10,000 mAh portable power bank that honestly helps a lot. Especially if you travel or visit a place where finding a charging spot is difficult.

7. Moorebot Scout

We have all heard of self-vacuuming robots, but imagine a robot that guards your house! Scout is the latest security protection gadget with a mounted surveillance camera unveiled by Moorebot. Definitely worth your time and investment amidst growing security concerns.

8. Tile Mate – Item Finder

We all hate it when we have to struggle to find our car keys. Well, no more should go through that horrific experience.

The Tile Mate is a really handy and small device that keeps track of all your items. Just attach the tracker with your keys and use the app to find your keys. Never lose small and important stuff again.

9. Razer Seiren – Mini

This extremely portable and affordable microphone is a perfect choice for a content creator or a streamer. It’s a great gadget that you should invest in, even if it’s for work from home.

This extremely portable and affordable microphone is a perfect choice for a content creator or a streamer. It’s a great gadget that you should invest in, even if it’s for work from home.

10. Amazon Smart Plug

Most of us have experienced that nagging feeling that we left some switch on with an appliance plugged in. This small plug allows you to cut power to such appliances through the Alexa app. Forget your worries and have a great by investing in this great gadget.

11. Samsung T7 – Portable SSD  

 Suppose you haven’t already invested in an SSD, this is a golden opportunity. There are some amazing products out there. But the Samsung T7 with a write speed of up to 1,000 Mbps and 2 TB storage is a great investment.

12. SONY FX3

A quite cheap and good quality product, this camera is great for amateur filmmakers, streamers, or small or low-budget projects. The camera is capable of UltraHD footage as well as 120 Frames per second.

13. HYPERX – Cloud Fight S

Headphones are quite important, and whether you like to game or use them for important work meetings, having good audio quality can never hurt anyone. These are some of the best peripherals by HyperX this year.

14. PhoneSoap – UV Sanitiser

With the ongoing pandemic, sanitation has become an important aspect of everyone’s lives. We routinely sanitize our hands, but how often do you clean your phones?

This gadget uses UV light to sanitize your phone and disinfect it. Not just your phones, this gadget lets you sanitize a wide range of gadgets.

15. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Alright, so the Kindle isn’t a new gadget, but it is by far one of the best investments you can make in 2021. Reading is quite beneficial, and Kindle allows hassle-free services.

This lightweight device allows you to read books on the go without actually carrying multiple books.


These are the 15 coolest tech gadgets that you should buy in 2024. Keeping up with technology can be quite rewarding and life-changing.  2024 is not over, and we will hopefully see some more great inventions in the coming months.

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