How Do You Deal With the Common Issues With Your CCTV Camera?

CCTV Camera

You might know simple tricks to fix various electronic devices, but CCTV probably isn’t one of them. After all, people usually rely on professionals to keep their security cameras functional.

Is it possible to fix your CCTV all by yourself when it faces any issue? In case you’re wondering, you can indeed do so in certain cases.

Some issues with your security camera are simpler than you might have thought. So, you might want to try your hand in repairing it in such cases. Don’t know the fixes for the common security camera problems? In that case, we can help you with the tried and tested methods.

Regular Security Camera Problems and their Fixes

There is a wide range of issues that might show up in your CCTV. But, there’s also a variety of solutions available to you. So, you need to apply them according to the requirements. Otherwise, you can also simply reach out to an expert CCTV repair Dubai and get it fixed.

1. Issues with the Night Vision or LED Lights

CCTV cameras nowadays have more effectiveness than ever when it comes to nighttime functions. They come with night visions and infrared lights to capture crystal clear footage in the dark. But, these might often face issues while functioning. In such cases, your camera doesn’t necessarily need repair.

There is a wide range of customizations you can make to its settings. In some cases, the issues you face might occur due to a misconfiguration in them. So, you simply need to change these settings to fix the issue. Now, the methods for doing that depend on the camera that you’re using.

Here are some issues that you might come across in night-time functioning:

  • No images: Does your camera fail to record any images during nighttime? Provided that there’s no issue with the power, check whether you’ve enabled the infrared light. In case you haven’t, turn it on to receive images. If that doesn’t help much, configure the range of the camera. After all, you might have set it too high compared to the device’s capability.
  • Particles appearing as spots: Do you see moving spots throughout the footage? In case you’re wondering, those are nothing but particles in the air. Also, you don’t face this issue during the daytime because you use infrared lights only at night. You can fix this simply by using a visor with your security camera. Further, you must place the camera away from dusty areas to avoid this problem further.
  • Bad quality footage during the night: Do you get a lower image quality after dark? In case you didn’t know, your CCTV requires more power to function at night. After all, it has more work to do during that period. So, you need to ensure that it gets an adequate amount of power. Shortening the cables can usually help you achieve that.
  • Images appear blurry: This issue is yet another common one that you might come across. In such cases, you might have to replace the camera. After all, not all models are capable enough to show quality images during nighttime. Only the ones that have infrared cut filters are suitable for outdoor use at night.

2. Doesn’t Show any Images

Apart from the nighttime, your CCTV may often fail to show images in general. In such cases, you must make sure that it’s properly connected to the power source. Replace the power supply unit as soon as possible if there’s a fault in it. Also, try connecting the camera to a different port in the recorder device. This often does the trick in solving the issue with the image.

If that doesn’t work, there might be an issue with the input cable. So, use a different one and see if that fixes the problem. Can’t find a solution with the above-mentioned methods? Then, make sure whether the recording device is compatible with your camera.

3. Dark Images

Sometimes, the image might appear too dark on your screen. In such a case, you must consider changing the location of the camera. After all, users often face this issue due to bad positioning. Therefore, you must keep this aspect in mind when you’re installing the system.

You might also face this issue when you haven’t configured the brightness and contrast correctly. If that’s the case, then you must change them to the optimal setting. Also, the right configuration may differ from one user to another. Now, that depends mainly on the positioning and locations, among other aspects of the system.

4. Shows the Wrong Colours

Sometimes, your security camera might change the colour of the objects it records. In many cases, a bad location is a reason for this problem. So, you might have to place it in a better position. But before that, you must make sure whether a temporary error is causing this problem. After all, like other electronic devices, security cameras may face such errors as well.

So, how do you get rid of such issues in your CCTV? First, try switching it off for a while and then turn it on again. This works the same way as rebooting a laptop or restarting a router to fix problems. Moreover, in some cases, it is quite effective as well. So, you can try this method whenever you face issues with the colours. As an alternative, you can also try restarting the infra-red lights a few times.

5. Fails to Connect to Wi-Fi

Many security camera models launched recently feature wireless functioning. They are a good choice for you if you want to remove the clutter of cables. But, even though they have benefits, they have some drawbacks as well. As it happens, you might often fail to connect them to your Wi-Fi connection.

You can solve this problem yourself, in many cases, if you know the cause. Now, poor signal quality is one of the most common reasons behind it. If that’s the case, you must try positioning the router and the camera closer to each other. That often does the trick in improving the signal quality. Sometimes, you can also solve the issue by simply restarting your router. If that doesn’t work, you can also try restarting your security system.

Apart from that, you must also pay attention to the quality of the equipment that you’re using. After all, you might face the issue repeatedly unless you use suitable equipment with the system. Further, make sure all of the components have the same level of quality.

Lastly, the Most Important Step: Keep the Firmware up to Date

You can solve pretty much all of the above-mentioned issues without professional help. But, you can hope to do that only if you use the latest firmware on your CCTV. Moreover, you can solve a wide range of issues simply by fulfilling this crucial need.

After all, updates usually contain patches for all the recent bugs in the system. So, you must download and install them whenever they’re available. If you still can’t fix a problem with your CCTV, contact a professional without much delay.


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