Buried Treasure: Useful Gadgets and Tools for Metal Detecting

Useful Gadgets

There are all sorts of interesting tools to use for metal detecting, whether you’re doing it as a hobby or professionally.

Here in this article, we look at different gadgets that make the job easier.

For those who love collecting metal detecting finds and filling up their treasure truck with items, or for people who look for metal on a professional level, there are all sorts of devices that you need to have for a fulfilling hunting experience.

When looking for treasure, it can be very difficult and rather disappointing if you only got a few basic tools to work with. You really need the best metal detector and equipment to get the job done. So that’s why we’re here – to provide you with the lowdown on effective metal detecting accessories. Let’s find out more!

Hunting Knives

A hunting knife is a must needed tool for taking up metal in the field. You can locate what you want with a waterproof metal detector, but then you also need to cut through any obstacles. These made with reinforced steel can even be used to dig small holes so that you can find your treasure close to the ground surface.

Hunting knives are also brilliant for recovering treasure that has been buried underneath rocks or roots, and your metal detecting spade may not be able to reach these areas. We thoroughly recommend opting for the highest grade reinforced stainless steel because not only will it last longer, but they will also be more durable to rust damage.

Rain Covers and Harnesses

Many metal detectors pay well over 4 pounds. A strap-on harness can significantly lighten the load for you, distributing all of the weight around your body. You can find some that are attached to the hip or shoulder, but we would always recommend those for chest mounting.

If you plan a long trip, a harness is definitely needed, and the rain cover is essential if your metal detector isn’t waterproof.

Rain Covers and Harnesses

To be honest, even waterproof models can get damaged if it is raining, so always have a cover on standby. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you’re going out into the field for long, this can be very useful to have. If you carry a few of these around working, you can greatly extend your search. Not every detector comes with a rechargeable battery, so do check the packaging before you buy it.

The batteries are very inexpensive and extremely easy to charge at home. Why miss the possibility to go on a treasure hunt for as long as you want? It’s nice to have such an option as well as not being pressed for time.

Finding Pouch

It is a great idea to have some sort of pouch where you can place everything you found. Going for a backpack is a great alternative; however, a finding pouch is a lot more accessible and can be nicely attached to your belt. If you’re going to use an underwater metal detector for diving deep below the water’s surface, make sure you purchase the one made of mesh.

Metal Detector Bag

It is vital to have a bag that can keep your expensive equipment safe, especially when you’re transporting it. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to damage your tools without one, even when you’re just driving a few miles down the road to look for metal.

Do check the size of the bag, as usual, they are not one-size-fits-all. Some may require you to disassemble your metal detector before you put it in, whereas others will store the whole thing. Go for a quality bag that is waterproof and strong enough to avoid any damage when transporting your device.

Metal Detector Bag
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A Pinpointer

This is a piece of equipment that every single metal detecting enthusiast should definitely own. A lot of detectors are provided with pinpoint functionality enabling someone to look at a target precisely. Notwithstanding, a pinpoint can help to locate things carefully. If you want to be accurate, you’ve really got to purchase one.

Good Quality Headphones

Many devices do not have fancy display screens, so some headphones can really help. Audio detection has long been used as an effective method, and if you have good quality headphones with a high-frequency response, you will be able to hear every faint signal to locate all the buried treasure.

Good Quality Headphones

High-quality headphones are also perfect for noisy environments. Many metal detectors tend to be quite loud.

Sand Shovel

These are extremely useful when you’re searching and hunting in a sandy area such as a beach. You can dig down easily and pull out any treasure buried below. They are very different from typical shovels because they feature small holes to filter sand out. Some findings can still remain in the scoop.

So Many Great Metal Detecting Gadgets

Now that you know about these gadgets, all you need is a place to search for metal. Look around for an area to practice; for instance, there are many farmers who allow metal detecting on their fields. Go ask one if you can have a scout around their land!

We hope you have as much fun during your metal detecting adventure as we’ve had while researching these core gadgets. All the best!

Are there any handheld metal detector gadgets that you feel we’ve missed out? We’d love to hear more from you in the comments section below.

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