8 Facts You Should Know Before Buying Refurbished iPad

Buying Refurbished iPad

The term refurbished means the pre-owned electronic devices, which have been retested and repaired by the manufacturer.

Apple sells its all refurb products in its store and on several online platforms.

These devices include refurbished iPad, refurbished MacBook, refurbished iPhones, refurbished Mac PC, and used accessories (batteries, connecting cable, keyboard, etc.)

Buying refurbished iPads is the best way to save money. The reconditioned pads are just as good as new and allow you to save up to 15%. Before we go any further with pre-owned iPads, let us discuss the key functions of the iPad.

The iPad is very similar to an android tablet that is used for web browsing, sending emails, playing games, and more. It is very portable and can be used by people of all ages. It is so convenient to use that you can easily put on your legs to watch videos or enjoy photos.

There are many models of iPad, for example, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad 10.2, iPad 10.5, iPad Mini, iPad 9.7, each of them has its unique features, you can buy any of them as per your need.

If your budget is low then it is best to go for a refurbished iPad instead of splashing out on the brand new models. The reconditioned iPads not only look new but they also work very efficiently. Here are some facts which you should know before buying them -:

#1. What are Refurbished iPads?

The refurbished iPads are the second-hand products that are reconditioned by Apple before selling in the market. The buyers return the iPad due to malfunction or other technical issues, then these products go through rigorous test cycles and quality assurance checks. And sold again in the market in good working condition and on great discounts.

Always buy it from the Apple store or reputable third party dealer, who buys the products directly from the manufacturer.

#2. Does It Work the Same as a New Product?

Many people think that the performance of refurb iPads is not so good, but this is not true, they work the same as brand new products.

They are 100% functional and all elements in them work like a new. These pre-owned iPads come with a new screen, a new outer shell, new cables, a new charger, and new batteries.

But other accessories, like Airpods, Apple pencil, keyboard, etc are not included in the iPad box, you need to spend extra bucks to purchase them.

#3. Are they Fully Tested?

Apple sells refurbished iPads at cheap rates, this doesn’t mean that they are faulty products. They are fully tested so that they can meet the standards of the new iPad. They are free from blemishes and other technical defects.

These devices are tested by Apple’s in house technical team from top to bottom. Apple replaces all the defective parts and updates the software of the returned gadgets.

#4. Does Apple Clean the Refurbished iPads?

The pre-owned iPads have been used by the previous owners for a short period. Apple cleans all the parts of the iPad thoroughly to make the product dust-free and shiny. The screen is polished properly and dirt is cleaned from all ports of a gadget. Apart from the external parts, all the internal components are also cleaned, so that dirt does not affect their functioning.

#5. Do They Come with a Warranty?

All the refurbished Apple’s products including the iPad come with a 1-year warranty i.e the same as a brand new gadget. So, there is no risk of buying the second hand Apple device. If the product is damaged or does not work properly under warranty, Apple will repair it for free. You can also extend the warranty period with Apple care+.

#6. Does the Refurbished iPad Look Brand New?

The appearance of the refurb iPad is the same as the brand new iPad. The manufacturer repairs the dents and scratches from the outer body and replaces the screen of the used iPad. The outer shell of refurbished iPads is so luminous that you won’t even recognize that they have been used before.

Also, Apple cleans pre-owned gadgets before selling them to clean bacteria and germs.

But if you want to save more money due to any reason then you can also buy a grade B or C iPad. Refurbished products are divided into three categories.

  • Grade A – These are the best quality of refurbished products. Their screen and outer body are in perfect condition.
  • Grade B – The cosmetic condition of grade B devices is a bit poorer than grade A products. Their screen is in good condition but you will find light scuffing and scratches on its body.
  • Grade C – These products may have dents, scuffs, and scratches on the outer surface. They look like a used second-hand product but functions properly.

Grade C is best for those whose top priority is device functionality rather than looks. They are the cheapest of all refurbished products.

#7. Do Refurbished iPads have a Reinstalled Operating System?

Yes, they come with the most up to date operating system. All the data is erased from the hard drive and then Apple will reinstall its operating system in the device. While using the iPad you will experience the same interface as in the new one. Also, you will be able to set everything up as new such as a screen password, iCloud account, etc.

#8. Are Refurbished iPads Cheaper than a New One?

The refurbished are much cheaper than their new counterparts. You can save up to 15%-20% on Grade A iPad, whereas 20%-40% on Grade B and C iPads.

In Final Words!

The Apple refurbished devices have gone through the highest standard of product checks, they are fully functional and more reliable than brand new models. In addition to this Apple provides a 12 months warranty on all pre-owned gadgets. Therefore if you are planning to buy a refurbished iPad, go for it without any hassle.

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