Must Read Blogs for HR Professionals

Technology is growing at a rapid pace around the world. And the growth of technology is fostering a change in work environments. From automation to mobile technology, the technical horizon is continuously expanding. While the process of growth is touching every field, why would it leave the HR department empty?

The truth is that there is a lot more to ground to cover in the HR department, which simply the masses do not know about, and so, where to get all the information from! Since time inception, writing has been regarded as one of the most influential mediums. A piece of content has the power to deliver and reach audiences worldwide at just one click.

This is the same case with all the HR blogs out there, and the confusion to choose sometimes lead readers to the wrong sites. In this blog below, we will list 6 hr blogs that are a must-read for everyone.

#1. ADP:

Human Resource Management is not a solitary field. It acts as a hub connecting seamlessly integrating different departments in the organization. While the HR task force is something to reckon with, ADP has brought forth the latest news regarding the sector on its website.

ADP is not limited to some of the best hr blogs in the country. It spans more than that. The website’s main aim is to teach the latest news and trends in the HR sector with a hint of inspiration. The website brings forward blogs that not only center around the HR field but also promise to deliver news of Human Capital Management. 

Another essential aspect that segregates ADP from the rest of the sites is its cloud-based solutions and services. The team has solutions ranging from payroll management to time and attendance, which is the minimal requirement in any company. With a client base of more than 6, 20,000 in over 125 nations, the satisfied customer base reveals the truth about the site.

#2. EvilHrLady:

Another name which secures the second spot on our list is Evil HR Lady. Well, before delving into the meat of the matter, let us just break the ice with this thought. There is a reason why the HR department is called Human Resources.

Well, the name itself suggests the job role of HR professionals. The entire department is facilitated in an organization to deal with the employees. They take care of their grievances, salary-related issues, leave, and attendance. While most HR-related work is now done online, it is the department’s core competence that separates it from the rest.

In this competitive market scenario, there are best human resource blogs online that are a must-read for HR-related information.  The Evil HR Lady is one such website that demystifies Human Resource Department. The blog promotes the latest recruitment trends in the market and helps candidates polish their resumes for landing a dream job. Always remember a good resume acts as an impressive pitch deck for the interviewer. It is the first piece of information that acts as a window to your qualification.

Therefore, knowing about the same will only make your stand out from your competition. The evil hr lady divulges all necessary details to build a good resume and, hence, increases your job chances. 

#3. Namely:

Did you know that over 50 million people work for startups and mid-size companies? As shocking this revelation, but till now, it is the truth about the current job market. As the situation starts to get worse due to the increasingly cutthroat competition, it is time now to take a look at talent acquisition blogs for getting better insight about the job scenario. Namely is one such platform which is reforming the way we used to look at the HR department. The site has inculcated the latest information and brings out path-breaking trends in the Human resource sector.

Two things set the site apart from the rest. Firstly, the website’s main aim is to provide a platform with all HR-related solutions for simplifying the complexity of work today. The platform aims to bring singularity by integrating talent acquisition to payroll under one platform.

Secondly, apart from churning out innovative solutions, namely also comes up with new blogs that pertain to the HR sector. The blogs address all the issues right from recruitment to performance problems and are one of the most trustworthy sources on the net for Human Resource related blogs.

#4. Technology Counter:

This is one of the most impressive things about Human Resources Blogs India is that it keeps pace with the latest technological trends. This alone is the most demarcating aspects of websites like Technology Counter. Don’t let the name fool you. The website has much more information that only a technological overview. As an HR-related online site, the company’s main job is to keep a tab on all struggles that the small and medium companies have gone through.

It is an already busted fact that technology is skyrocketing today. The technical trends are not only fast but diverse also. Small and medium businesses are the backbone of every developing nation. Technology counter was started with just one goal in mind: “to help SME’s propel ahead in the path of success with the help of perfect software.”

While the software provided by the company has everything amalgamated in it right from document management, payroll management, attendance, and leave management, the company also keeps bringing up blogs that focus and captures the latest trends in the HR sector.

The blogs are not only informative but also presents the dynamic shifts the sector has undergone till now. If you are someone who would love to keep updated with the latest trends, then Technology Counter shall be followed by you.

#5. Tiny Buddha:

It is yet another site that has grown tremendously in recent years. Tiny Buddha has one of the best hr blogs in India and shares stories, tips, and insights with readers worldwide. The website’s main aim is to not only provide information but also help you apply the same in a real-world context. Any reader who first lands on the website will find a wide array of blogs pertaining to a lot of aspects of life.

From technology to simple life lessons, the website has something for everyone. The main aim of the website is to make a huge impact, even with a small step. This has also featured in their blogs and is filled with good quality content amassing all trends in the HR sector.

#6. HR Success Talk:

Last but not least entrant into the list is HR Success Talk. The site is a platform that has around 1, 00,000 HR professionals and business leaders on it. These people converge at the online site to share and incur knowledge about business-related matters.

The website’s main objective is to make HR professionals and other leaders aware of the latest trends in the market. People who want to learn more about HR expertise, people management, and organizational development can visit the site with its vast list of blogs.

The online website also specializes in HR-related documents, letters, forums, and the best hr software, making it one of the top-rated sites in the country.

What Are The Various Benefits of Reading Following These Sites?

In this rapidly developing scenario, we sometimes fail to keep pace with the latest changes in various sectors. These above-mentioned websites fill the gap wisely by allowing you just to spend a few minutes accessing a sea of information. The right kind of information will always lead you in a path of wisdom rather than estrangement.

Blogs are more than just a piece of textual information. While gaining knowledge is a primary advantage, there is also a horde of other facts that can be learned from these blogs. As mentioned before, every blog has come with its share of literary masterpieces and thus cannot be overlooked at any cost.


There is literally no one in the world who would not like to stay updated. People who lag behind always become unaware of trends that have been dominating the world. The internet is afloat with many kinds of blogs and websites that promise to deliver promising results. But not all of them are true. Some even mislead people.

The entire list of blogs and their website names penned in this article above are reliable and thus can be followed without any hassles. By following any of these websites above, you can get hands-on a written piece of accurate and justified information.

Always remember it is who stays ahead of the curve has additional chances of scoring big with the audiences. Whether you are a candidate, employee, or employer, getting know-how on the HR sector will be only fruitful to you in every way.


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