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Instagram Walls and Their Use in Digital Marketing

Instagram Wall

What is an Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall can be acknowledged as a digital platform that can accommodate all the relevant and compatible user-generated content posted by the Instagram followers of a brand.

It is the most contemporary method followed by almost every small or big brand to extend its social growth and to boost its marketing performance.

Digital Marketing means promoting and selling of products using digital technologies. These majorly include Internet services (social media, websites, etc. ), mobile phones or any other digital medium. And an Instagram wall fits perfectly, almost everywhere.

It can be installed during an event to attract and impress the attendees; it can be embedded on your website to increase conversion rates, and it can also be deployed during concerts, conferences, weddings, and in a store display.

An Instagram wall covers the widest range of audiences as compared to other social wall because of the widespread popularity of Instagram amongst people of all ages.

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Why Instagram Walls?

Instagram generates a plethora of user-generated content on a daily basis. This user-generated content, if utilized properly, can be very effective in multiplying the sales and customer base of a brand. Here is a list of benefits that an Instagram wall brings with it –

1. Aggregates & Displays Fresh Content

The Instagram Live Wall  acts as a magnet which automatically pulls fresh user-generated content from Instagram using a specific hashtag or username. When installed during an event, this live display holds the interest of the attendees by engaging them with relatable visual content.

And when embedded on a website, this Instagram wall attracts more visitors and prompt them to make a purchase on the basis of its appealing visual content.

2.  Boosts Your Instagram Followers

Instagram, as a social media platform, plays a significant role in digital marketing today. The sales of a brand are directly proportional to the number of its followers on Instagram.

An Instagram wall can be utilized in two major ways – either by deploying it on a big digital screen during an event or by embedding it on your website. Either way, your brand’s Instagram presence is exposed to an entirely new audience. This directs them to your Instagram profile thus expanding your reach and increasing the number of followers.

3. Increases Conversion Rates

People are more likely to invest in your brand if they see that the existing users are happy with your products and services. The easiest way of checking this out is by reading what others are saying about a brand on different social media platforms like Instagram.

An Instagram wall collects all the positive reviews and feedback posted by users and displays it on one digital screen which you can easily embed on your website. The wall is fascinating enough to hold the visitors for a longer duration thus increasing the dwell time. Also, positive reviews encourage these visitors to make a purchase and are extremely helpful in transforming your viewers into active buyers.

4. Expands Your Brand’s Reach

Instagram walls, when installed during an event or on a website, are a great source of expanding your brand’s reach. In addition to displaying visual content, these walls can also be utilized in various interactive ways to boost the participation of your event attendees or your website visitors.

You can roll out some competitions, like a quiz contest, on these walls encouraging the crowd to participate in them. And since everybody likes to win, people actively participate in such activities. When they start posting their answers using a branded hashtag provided by you, your brand is immediately exposed to their Instagram followers. Thus, your brand gains tremendous popularity in just a few hours.

5. Provides Instant Analytics

Using a reliable Instagram Photo Display Tool like Taggbox, you can easily track and analyze the performance of your Instagram Wall. Knowing the exact number of social shares during an event gives you an insight into the likes and dislikes of your audience.

This further helps you to improve your strategy for increasing participation & user engagement in your next event. An Instagram wall is a complete package which provides you with unique content, more followers, increased conversions and also a report card to enhance your future performances.

It has emerged as a ground-breaking invention in the field of digital marketing and is being utilized by millions of big & small businesses across the world.


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