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Shoppable Instagram Posts: What are They & Why Do You Need Them in 2024?

Shoppable Instagram Posts

Imagine walking down the street and getting captured by the ravishing and exquisite designs of a fashion house. There is no doubt that you will rush to the store to buy the design. But moving forward to 2024, these brick-and-mortar stores have been replaced by e-commerce stores.

With time, eCommerce stores evolved and adapted new strategies to attract more customers and influence them to make a purchase. One such marketing strategy is Shoppable Instagram posts.

What are they, and why do you need them in 2024? Let’s find out.

What are Shoppable Instagram Posts?

To unlock the shopping desires of customers, online brands and marketers have discovered new shopping trends. The main objective was to provide the customers with a comfortable and smooth shopping experience. And so, Shoppable Instagram posts were introduced.

Simply defined, shoppable Instagram posts are a form of product merchandising in a visual way that lets the users shop directly from the post without even leaving the Instagram app.

How? Adding shoppable tags to the posts displays price, product description, detailed specifications, shop now call-to-action, and simple payment options.

Denoted by a small shopping bag at the lower-left corner of the page, the Instagram Shoppable Posts lets the user shop in just one click. By tapping on this bag, all the products for sale will appear on the post along with their price tags.

Why Consider Shoppable Instagram Posts for 2024?

Shoppable Instagram posts have changed the way people shop. It has become the trending marketing strategy for all brands and has gone beyond branded promotions and compelling images.

This trend has made it easy for users to shop for their desired look right away, which has made Instagram a gem for all brands and marketers.

Here are some of the benefits of using Instagram Shoppable posts, which will justify its need in 2024.

Shoppable Instagram Posts Encourage Your Sales with Shopping Tags

The first step towards selling on Instagram that will unlock the app’s sales, Shoppable Instagram, allows the brands to add tags to the products. These product tags display product specifications and prices in a clear-cut way.

Once the customer loves your post and clicks on the tag, a simple “Shop now” interface pops up that lets them purchase the product they desire. With this click, all the items that are available for sale are displayed. These shopping tags allow the customer to shop the product while sitting in their comfort zone without even leaving the page.

Shoppable Instagram Posts Display Your Authenticity with UGC.

Adding tags to user-generated content is the best way brands can promote their products for sale. User-generated content displays the reliability of your products and adds to the credibility of your brand.

By displaying UGC, you can showcase your products’ real use infused into the lifestyle of the genuine users of your brand. This content attracts more customers as it is equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing, which helps the brands to land new customers.

Trustworthy user-generated content is, therefore, the best option to create shoppable posts on Instagram and enhance conversions and sales.

Shoppable Instagram Posts Reduce the Purchase Barriers of Your Customers

We are talking about traditional eCommerce sites, where the purchase journeys are complex and lengthy, which sometimes leads to shopping cart abandonment.

Adding shoppable tags to Instagram posts reduces these complexities and curtails the purchase path of the customers. The Instagram shoppable posts let the users shop directly from the post without even leaving the page.

While directing the customers swiftly from the point of attraction to the point of purchase, it provides the users with a smooth shopping experience and an easy checkout process.

Shoppable Instagram Posts Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers

The shoppable Instagram posts create a direct relationship between the brand and the customers without any third-party involvement. By adding shoppability to your Instagram posts, you can know what your customers like and dislike, or desires are, what attracts them the most, the products they wish to buy, and much more.

This way, you can even create a personalized feed for your customers, making their shopping journey more enjoyable and comfortable. With such posts, you can create a better connection with your customers, which will help you drive more conversions and increase sales and ROI.

Shoppable Instagram Posts Resolve the Issue of Adding Multiple Links

You might have seen brands promoting their products on Instagram with the caption saying, “Click on the link in bio to buy the product.” or “Click the link below for more details of the product.”

But, it is not an easy task to change the link in the bio every time a new product is added to the Instagram shop. Also, it gets chaotic for the customers to copy the link from the caption as these links are not clickable.

Brands can leverage Shoppable Instagram posts, which is much beyond the traditional CTA of links in bio to get over this. It allows the users to know every detail of the product by tapping on the bag icon on the post.

Closing Statement

Instagram Shoppable Post is a feature of Instagram that ensures your success on the platform and helps you boost conversion rates and sales. In this blog,

We have mentioned five major reasons why you should adapt to this market trend in 2024 and how it will benefit your brand.

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