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How to Utilize WhatsApp for Business: Tips and Tools

WhatsApp for Business

We all know the impacts of social media on our modern lifestyle and how it has become one of the regulating factors of our life. Social media is not only concerned with communication with our friends and families, it plays a vital role in our professional life too. Apart from chatting, and video calling, we also can utilize this platform to promote our business.

There are several social media platforms that connect people together and are loved by users for the past few years. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Besides chatting, WhatsApp has different features for updating status, sharing posts, and setting about. Even WhatsApp is associated to grow business by opening a business account. 

It is one of the effective methods to create your brand identity among people, make people aware of your products, and let people know about the discounts and offers for your customers using Whatsapp business accounts. Thus, if you are a small business owner WhatsApp can be a perfect platform for you to help you to make money. To know how to use WhatsApp for your business browse this site for business WhatsApp.

If you don’t know how WhatsApp can be beneficial for growing your business, this article is worth your reading. Here are some tips and tools that are going to be true companions of your business as soon as you will know about it.

How Can Whatsapp Be Used to Promote Your Business?

Though the WhatsApp business account was built keeping in mind the small business owners, it has immense benefits to grow the small business into large. To know how one can utilize WhatsApp for business purposes browse this site for business WhatsApp.

Therefore the users are feeling interested to download and open a business account. The users who are using this have found it profitable and are blessed with this free version. As WhatsApp does not demand charges for use, it only needs an expense for the network connection in your device. It is the greatest advantage of using this business-friendly application and making a good profit.

To learn how to open a business WhatsApp account follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the play store and search the Whatsapp business application. Get the application on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • Once it is installed, accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the agree with option.
  • Set the phone number that you want to use for your business account. Add other details including brand name, and business category profile picture.
  • Now customize your business account with advanced features.

Now you are ready to use it for business and communicate with your customers. 

Advantages of WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp is a useful tool for businesses and their customers to communicate with one another. Labels can be used to arrange your contacts or chats for quick retrieval. You may also filter your chats by unread messages, groups, or broadcast lists to make it easier to manage them.

1. Create a Catalog to Showcase Your Products

The catalog option in WhatsApp Business might be compared to a mobile storefront. It allows clients to look at your products without having to leave the app. This feature can be used to highlight new products, seasonal collections, or best-selling items.

A total of 500 products or services can be uploaded in this section. A title, price, description, product code, and link to the product on your website can all be included for each product or service. An image for each product specifies those. In WhatsApp discussions, you can exchange URLs from the catalog.

2. Make Contact With Coworkers or Employees

WhatsApp Business is more than just a way to communicate with clients. It’s also a good approach to communicating with staff. You can message up to 256 individuals at once with the group chat tool. WhatsApp Business Clone allows you to send PDFs and other documents. The file size can be considered up to 100 megabytes.

3. Make Contacts With Other Professionals

Finally, you communicate with individuals in your industry using WhatsApp. Like Zoom or Skype, the app’s video call feature can be utilized for professional networking.

WhatsApp Business can even be synced with your desktop, allowing you to make business networking calls from your office computer rather than your phone.

Whatsapp has launched several advanced features.

Most Useful Whatsapp Tools and Their Usage

1. Hootsuite’s Sparkcentral

Customer service chats are a breeze with Sparkcentral. It’s a messaging platform that’s designed to handle large volumes of communications.

Sparkcentral provides a single dashboard with chatbots and AI solutions that let organizations automate customer support across social media. It works with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, and other platforms.

2. WhatsAuto

Another tool you may use to improve your auto-replies is WhatsAuto. WhatsAuto allows you to effortlessly construct a chatbot, schedule auto-replies, and turn them on and off.

3. Status Saver

This tool makes it simple to manage your company’s WhatsApp contact list. It allows you to import WhatsApp contacts onto your iPhone, consolidate duplicate contacts, and chat with someone without adding them as an official contact.

That’s all there is to it! You now understand why WhatsApp could be a beneficial tool for your company. WhatsApp Business is a fantastic approach to increase customer service and communication.

4. Cleaning up WhatsApp for Business

If you don’t want to waste time manually deleting old files from WhatsApp, download this business tool. Cleanup makes it simple to clear up WhatsApp Business by allowing you to choose numerous files at once and erase old images, videos, audio files, notes, and profile pictures quickly. The feature is also available for offline usage.

Hope now you are familiar with the advanced features of WhatsApp and learned how to grow your business with the WhatsApp business account.

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