How to Choose the Best Video on Demand Online Fitness Platform

Online Fitness Platform

The global fitness market is ever growing and has been garnering the attention of viewers and businesses alike. With more and more people wanting to be fit and get that revenge bod, it is time that businesses joined this bandwagon too. 

In today’s digital era, working out has gone beyond gym walls and into the online realm. It has brought fitness enthusiasts closer to their goals with just a click. Imagine having your favorite workout routine available anytime, anywhere. That’s the magic of Video on Demand (VOD) Platforms. 

If you’re a business owner looking to tap into this fitness revolution, this guide is your compass. We’ll explore why bringing your workouts to the digital stage is a game-changer, and how choosing the right platform can turn your passion into a revenue-generating powerhouse. 

So, let’s lace up those sneakers and dive into the world of online fitness VOD platform! 

Reasons to Monetize Fitness Content with VOD Platform

The fitness industry is one of the largest in the world. In a world where being in shape is a universal desire, the rise in health initiatives and digital fitness devices highlights the general enthusiasm for fitness. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the necessity for interactive fitness platforms.

With the help of these interactive Video on Demand fitness (VOD) platforms. People can take fitness classes in the comfort of their own homes. Since traditional gyms are public areas, some people may find them appealing. But many people prefer the privacy of working out at home. Connecting with fitness enthusiasts through online platforms is a convenient and manageable approach for business owners. 

Some of the top reasons why you should launch your fitness VOD platform are as follows:

Digital Transformation

Businesses worldwide are going digital to reach more customers. You can follow suit by turning your fitness center into a digital platform, drawing in a larger audience. With an online fitness live streaming platform, there’s no need for a physical setup, making it a hassle-free transformation. This shift expands your reach and opens up new possibilities for engaging with fitness enthusiasts globally. Going digital with your online fitness classes offerings brings convenience and accessibility, breaking the barriers of physical infrastructure and appealing to a broader spectrum of users.

Multiple Monetization Techniques

Users pay a fee to join your fitness VOD platform. Yet, there’s more than just subscriptions to make money online. Offer paid downloads, such as meal charts, eBooks, and fitness products, expanding your income avenues. Selling additional resources and goodies enhances your platform, making it not just about workouts but a comprehensive fitness hub. This diverse approach ensures your online fitness venture is not only accessible but also a rewarding space for both you and your users.

Network and Content

In a physical fitness center, you can only train a limited number of people. But, with online fitness classes, you can create a community of many fitness enthusiasts. Using a fitness live streaming platform, you’re not just limited to one location. You can offer diverse and varied fitness content, reaching and engaging with a wider audience. The flexibility of online courses permits you to connect with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. It fosters a community that transcends geographical constraints. This approach broadens your reach and provides a dynamic and inclusive space for fitness enthusiasts to explore various workouts.

How Do You Create Live Stream Fitness Classes For Viewers?

  • When you use a fitness video on demand platform, it allows you to live-stream your fitness classes effortlessly. Live videos demand less editing compared to pre-recorded ones. Setting up for live streaming involves preparing your recording tools, such as a webcam and tripod-stand camera, in advance.
  • Before commencing your online fitness program classes, it’s vital to ensure a stable internet connection for a seamless experience. This approach not only simplifies the content creation process but also enables real-time interaction with your audience. It fosters a dynamic and engaging fitness community.
  • Several online fitness videos on demand platform providers offer support for live fitness videos. After selecting your preferred fitness live streaming platform, you can initiate a live studio to engage with your viewers in real time.
  • When you choose the right platform, it enhances your ability to connect with your audience, providing a dynamic and interactive experience. The process involves a seamless integration of technology.
  • It allows fitness enthusiasts to join you virtually and participate actively in your live sessions. This personalized and live interaction fosters a sense of community and connection. It can make your online fitness program more engaging and effective for your viewers.

Points to Remember While Choosing a Fitness VOD Platform Provider

Are you picking a fitness VOD platform provider? Well, there are key features you must have for a trustworthy fitness VOD platform. Here’s a guide to help you choose one:

Video Streaming Features

You need to select an online video platform to launch your online fitness platform via your exclusive channel. Opt for a provider that permits customization of your video streaming features to cater to your audience. You need to ensure scalability for your fitness Video on Demand (VOD) platform to develop progressive web applications.

Additionally, consider platforms that offer social media login features for seamless integration with your online fitness community. This approach not only improves the user experience but also provides flexibility and adaptability as your fitness platform grows and evolves.

Live Streaming Features

A good fitness Video on Demand (VOD) platform should be able to stream videos continuously, 24/7. This is to attract more viewers passively. It’s important to be able to re-stream live videos or broadcast pre-recorded ones. It would help if you chose a platform provider that offers features like simulcasting and webcasting.

During your live fitness video sessions, ensure you can interact with viewers through Q&A sessions, audience chat, and comments. This not only enhances viewer engagement but also contributes to building a dynamic and interactive fitness community on your platform.

Reliable Video CMS

Top-notch online fitness classes offer multilingual support for viewer convenience. When building your fitness Video on Demand (VOD) platform, ensure it allows bulk video uploads. To reach a broader audience, your fitness VOD platform should support various audio and video formats compatible with different devices.

A trustworthy Content Management System (CMS) enables seamless import or export of fitness content to/from other VOD platforms. It provides flexibility and comfort in managing your fitness content. These features collectively contribute to a user-friendly and versatile fitness platform catering to the diverse needs of your audience.

Monetization Models

Wondering how to kickstart your fitness Video on Demand (VOD) business and begin earning? Well, there are various ways to monetize fitness videos online on VOD platforms. A few of which are pay-per-view, subscription, advertisement, and more. You need to select a fitness platform provider that gives you the flexibility to choose from multiple video monetization models.

This allows you to tailor your revenue generation strategy to your business goals and audience preferences. This diverse approach ensures you have the tools to build a successful and profitable fitness VOD business.

Security and DRM

Are you curious about building a secure fitness Video on Demand (VOD) platform? Well, implementing high-security features is crucial. Essential safeguards include AES encryption, geo-blocking, paywall integration, and password protection.

These features fortify your platform against unauthorized access and ensure VOD Content is accessible only to the intended audience. A robust Data Rights Management (DRM) system is also vital to prevent piracy, safeguarding your VOD content from misuse or unauthorized copying.

Through incorporating these security measures, you can establish a reliable and protected environment for both your live fitness videos and the users on your platform.


The advent of digitization has transformed a lot of things, including fitness. With people seeking digital routes to obtain a fit body, it is only essential that businesses take complete advantage of this opportunity.

So, if you are convinced that digitization could be your route to success, use this blog as your guide. Employ the details listed in the earlier sections to initiate your Video on Demand (VOD) platform dedicated to fitness streaming. 

Sounds good? Take the plunge and launch your fitness VOD platform today!


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