Quick Solution to Export Gmail Emails to PDF Format on Mac OS

Export Gmail Emails to PDF Format

If we talk about the most popular email service in the world then Gmail comes first. Gmail is the Google mail service used for the transportation of email messages over the web. It is widely supported on all Mac-based OS as a default email application.

Gmail holds multiple rich and advanced features that meet the new trends and user requirements. It consists of a junk mail filter, integrated chat feature, conversation view, meetings, etc.

We can organize more than one email account on Gmail and link them with each other. With this, we can access the new emails of all the accounts concurrently. Gmail additionally offers a backup choice in which users can export Gmail emails to PDF. We can prevent our data from various online attacks by saving them into PDFs on local storage.

Users can convert Gmail to PDF on Mac with ease involving the particular mail attachments. In this blog, we will discuss the possible methods to save Gmail email as PDF on a Mac. But prior we know why it is necessary to migrate Gmail messages to PDF.

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Various Reasons Export Gmail Emails to PDF on Mac OS

There is no doubt that Gmail is the most secure and prominent email service. But what are the requirements due to which Gmail has to be converted to PDF?

If we talk about PDFs then it is a platform-independent file format and an open-source file system. It is also known as the Portable Document Format and can easily be accessed without internet connectivity.

Now see some important factors to downloading Gmail as PDF on Mac.

  • Users can free up Gmail space, and use PDF to view and share the data later anytime.
  • When we export Gmail emails to PDF files then we protect our data from various online threats.
  • It is easy to add a watermark to the PDF file and prohibit it from any copyright violation.
  • We can add passwords and encrypt the messages of Gmail when saved as a PDF.
  • For legal document purposes, we can use PDF files easily.

Above we have discussed multiple reasons to migrate your Gmail account to PDF on Mac. So, we proceed next toward the method to print Gmail to PDF on Mac OS.

How to Download Email from Gmail as PDF on Mac Manually?

Most of the users and tech experts suggest using a professional Gmail to PDF converter tool for Mac. Any incorrect manner to export Gmail emails to PDF on Mac might put your data at risk. Here, we are giving the tested manual solution through which users can perform Gmail to PDF migration on Mac.

Users are required to follow the below steps accordingly to meet the result.

  • Login to your Gmail account on any Mac device.
  • Click on Inbox then open the individual email to convert Gmail to PDF.
  • Press the vertical 3 dots positioned on the upper top side of the newly opened window.
  • Now, click on the Print option from the multiple list options to export Gmail emails to PDF.
  • Click on the Save as PDF button in the Dialog-box of the new Print tab and proceed with the save button.
  • Now, choose the destination and press save to migrate Gmail emails to PDF on Mac.

These are the manual steps using which we can save Gmail messages into PDF files on Mac OS.  Most of the users don’t know the consequences of the manual procedure print Gmail to PDF.  So we have mentioned some key limitations that are faced using the stated technique.

Manual Method Limitations to Export Gmail Emails to PDF on Mac

However, users can convert their Gmail email into PDF with the manual trick. However, it is not said to be the most optimized and near-perfect solution. Users can convert only a single thread into a PDF format using this manual technique. If any users want to save only a few or single Gmail messages to PDF then you can opt for this manual trick.

Some major limitations of manual techniques are,

  • It is not considered to be a reliable solution if you are having bulk emails.
  • When they download Gmail as PDF manually then attachments can not be saved in a separate PDF file.
  • Any variation in performing the steps will alter the results.
  • Users are required to have top technical information earlier than intended with the guide solution.
  • It is not possible to exclude email attachments when saving Gmail emails to PDF.

The manual method is not feasible to get the optimum result. To eliminate such difficulties, many professionals suggest an automated Gmail to PDF Converter Tool for Mac. As we have mentioned above the professional Gmail to PDF Converter efficiently saves Gmail emails as PDF on Mac.

It can bulk convert Gmail emails into PDFs with or without email attachments. We can also save email attachments in a separate folder without any data alteration. A professional solution enables users to risk-free remove duplicate emails from the conversion process.

Summing Up

We have discussed the manual solution that can be used to export Gmail emails to PDF format on Mac OS. But in some circumstances, it is not appraised to be the most efficient and reliable solution.

There are various limitations of the manual method and to overcome those limitations users suggest an automated professional solution. It delivers highly accurate results without any data alteration in less time and effort.

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